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How to communicate with all generations

Ask Dr. Karyn: How to effectively communicate with people of all ages is about understanding what their age means. Comment.

Reversing numbers and letters not necessarily sign of a problem

Dear Teacher: Learn ways to help a child overcome shyness, and whether eliminating recess for behavior issues is a wise punishment. Comment.

Curl up with Nadine

The Book Worm: Young readers ages 3 to 6 will love this story about “Nadine, My Funny and Trusty Guide Dog.” Comment.

‘The Imaginary’ is a great read

The Book Worm: Nine- to 12-year-old readers with a strong imagination — and adults, too — will love “The Imaginary.” Comment.

Time to visit Toronto

Ontario’s capital city is the place to be whether your family enjoys great theater, history, sports, or stunning natural wonders. Comment.
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Important questions to ask the camp director

Trying to find the right summer camp? Here are some great questions to ask the camp director. Comment.

The forbidden fruit

Good Sense Eating: Food restriction is counterproductive, makes forbidden foods all the more appealing, and makes your child want to eat them more. Comment.

Saying ‘goodbye’ to a beloved pet

Our columnist gets support from her Marine Park veterinarian and eldest daughter when confronted with her pet’s incurable cancer diagnosis. Comment.

Young anglers cast their lines

Featured Event: Learn how to fish, bait a hook, and cast a rod on April 26. Comment.

‘The Earth and Me’

Featured Event: A celebration of Mother Nature presented by the Shadow Box Theater on April 27 and 28. Comment.

Learn how to protect the Earth

Featured Event: Celebrate Mother Nature with “The Earth and Me” on April 29 and 30. Comment.

Emojis, acronyms, and emoticons

Growing Up Online: To get a grip on what kids are saying via abbreviations and smileys, parents need to know the most common forms of code. Comment.

Whistle a happy tune with Emily Eagen

Featured Event: The two-time whistling champ performs with her band The Whistling Wolves as part of the Carnegie Kids series on April 26. Comment.

Tiny Terrariums

Featured Event: Celebrate Earth Day in the workshop at the Sony Lab on April 26. Comment.

All attention is good attention

To children, any attention is good attention. It’s up to parents to teach them the difference between good and bad attention. Comment.

There’s no place like home

Featured Event: Take the journey of a lifetime with Dorothy, Toto, and all the gang on April 26. Comment.

It’s cherry blossom time

Featured Event: Sakura Matsuri, a traditional celebration of Japanese culture, comes to Brooklyn Botanic Garden April 25 and 26. Comment.

‘The Earth and Me’

Featured Event: Celebrate Mother Nature with this production by the Shadow Box Theater on April 22, 23, and 24. Comment.

Fitness is the order of the day

Featured Event: A fun-filled open house at Dodge YMCA on April 25 promotes healthy lifestyles and exercises. Comment.

Trending now

A sneak peak at Kids Fashion Week. Comment.
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Six useful things to pack for camp

Getting ready for camp? Here are a few things worth packing. Comment.

Celebrate Mother Earth and Earth Day

Featured Event: Experience nature on all levels with Prospect Park Alliance’s celebration on April 19. Comment.

‘The Trials of Alice in Wonderland’

Featured Event: The production from April 25 to May 17 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Lewis Carroll tale. Comment.

Self-determination at summer camp

Kids crave a sense of accomplishment, thrive on connections, and feelings of belongingness boost their self-worth. Summer camp offers loads of opportunities to meet all of these needs. Comment.

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Featured Event: Children of all ages enjoy this production of Eric Carle’s wonderful tales at Brooklyn College on April 19. Comment.

‘En Familia’

Featured Event: Ballet Hispanico presents a fun-filled journey through Latin American dance and culture on April 18. Comment.

Sunny skies

At best, airplane travel with children can be educational and exciting. At worst, it’s an all-out nightmare. Here’s how to plan for a memorable (in a good way) trip. Comment.

Emotional docu-drama about bullying

“A Girl Like Her” shows how bullying between two girls can affect them and so many others. Comment.

Whistling a happy tune

Featured Event: Emily Eagen and the Whistling Wolves performs as part of the Carnegie Kids program on April 16. Comment.

New York’s complicated and sticky charter school debate

This article is the first of a three-part series about the city’s controversial charter school movement. Comment.

‘Face the Music’

Featured Event: Kaufman Music Center’ presents teen musicians performing the works by Carlos Carrillo and Asha Srinivasan on April 15. Comment.

‘Belches, Burps and Farts — Oh My!’

Featured Event: Artie Bennett reads from his latest book in Bay Ridge on April 12. Comment.

Park or garden celebrations

Plant seeds for a memorable birthday bash or just celebrate spring with these fabulous, outdoor party ideas. Comment.

Quintet of the Americas in concert

Featured Event: A multi-media concert focusing on matters of the heart on April 12. Comment.

Young actress puts spotlight on hungry kids

Academy Award-winning actress Quvenzhane Wallis partnered with Kellogg’s to bring awareness to childhood hunger and help millions of kids get a healthy breakfast. Comment.

Get glowing

Healthy Living: Expert advice on how to regain healthy, vibrant skin after a harsh winter. Comment.

A wagon filled with a story

A garage clean-up was like an Easter egg hunt, revealing items that evoked wonderful memories, laughter, and love. Comments (1).

The best gift for new moms

Mommy 101: When it comes to new moms, they need — and should accept — all the help they can get. Comment.

Spring fever

Fabulyss Finds: Spring is in the air and Passover and Easter are here. Comment.

‘Yippy Skippy Puppets’

Featured Event: Children 3 to 8 years old choose a fable to be performed by the puppeteers. Comment.

Butterfly exploration

Featured Event: Explore the Blue Heron Nature Center and search for beautiful butterflies on April 4. Comment.

It’s electrifying!

Featured Event: Learn all about electricity and its role in the subway system at Electricity Live! this month at New York Transit Museum. Comment.

Drop right in at the Guggenheim

Featured Event: Enjoy an interactive Sunday at the museum. Comment.

Starting the discussion on gender

Letter from the Publisher: Fortunately, like many other topics in today’s more transparent world, the issue of a child’s gender is being addressed with greater sensitivity. Comment.

The Nanny Tax

Protect yourself and your nanny by legally with the “Nanny Tax.” Comment.

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