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Is it sore or strep?

Family Health: Strep throat often has similar onset symptoms to the common cold or the flu. Telling the difference between the two isn’t always easy. Comment.

Dabney and Dad

Dabney and Dad: How do you get a good spot in the drive-thru? Comment.

What being the best really means

The Book Worm: In “The Quickest Kid in Clarksville” by Pat Zietlow Miller, readers 5 to 8 years old will see that, sometimes, losing means winning. Comment.

A boy and his raccoon

The Book Worm: Author Sheila Terman Cohen gives kids ages 8 to 12 a peek into Sterling North’s life and adventures with his beloved raccoon in “Sterling North and the Story of Rascal.” Comment.

Executive functions

How to help your child learn important skills like problem solving and planning. Comment.

Are you laughing enough?

Three reasons why it’s essential to chuckle at home and at work. Comment.

Straight talk about online harassment

Growing Up Online: The best way to fortify kids is to talk — in advance — about what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it, and what can be done when it happens. Comment.

Skills needed for kindergarten

Plus handing kids’ complaints about teachers, science standards, and curbing disruptive behavior in class. Comment.

What’s an executor?

Ask an Attorney: What does an executor do, and can you decline when someone names you executor in their will? Comment.

A healthy diet for healthy teeth

A poor diet loaded with sugar and carbohydrates will contribute to developing cavities. Comment.

Save the vitamins!

Good Sense Eating: The methods used to store, prepare, and cook can all impact a food’s nutrient profile. Here are some ways to maximize the nutritional quality of your family’s food. Comment.

Dabney and Dad

Dabney and Dad: Dabney loves the coffee shop. Comment.

Run for the Wild

Featured Event: Enjoy a fun day at the Bronx Zoo during the annual run and walk to benefit animals. Comment.

Family Festival fun

Featured Event: Meet your neighbors, celebrate spring, and have a blast at the annual Family Festival in Park Slope. Comment.

Cherry blossom time

Featured Event: Enjoy the annual event that celebrates Japanese cutlure and cherry blossoms. Comment.

Tears to cheers

Sometimes we need to get past the tears of pain or embarrassment before we can revel in the victory cheers. Comment.

Un-boying boys

Boys and girls benefit from different styles of education, but all children benefit from play. Comment.

A certified divorce financial analyst

Divorce & Separation: Different professionals may be needed while a couple goes through the divorce process. Comment.

Globally inspired breakfast spread

Reinvent breakfast with globally inspired, healthy, and delicious dishes, such as congee. Comment.

Dabney and Dad

Dabney and Dad: Dabney’s not a fan of his order at the coffee shop. Comment.

Sounds like fun

New & Noteworthy: A new science kit from Science Wiz has everything a child ages 8 and older needs to assemble a Thomas Edison-style phonograph and 19 other activities. Comment.

Skincare musts for moms

Healthy Living: As a new mom, you are lucky to enter the bathroom alone or grab a three-minute shower. Here’s how to find the time to institute a skincare regime. Comment.

Matzo Madness

Featured Event: Children search for clues, win prizes, and learn about the holiday on April 17. Comment.

Siblings in the city

New & Noteworthy: A French bulldog shares the joys in a typical day in the city with its human “sister” in the new children’s picture book “The Best Days Are Dog Days” by Aaron Meshon. Comment.

Freedom Art Jam

Featured Event: Celebrate Passover with loads of fun activities and a concert. Comment.

Teaching emotional intelligence

Pixar’s animated film “Inside Out” and Denise Daniels’s The Moodsters toys and books are striving to show that kids’ feelings are important — and universal. Comment.

Embark on a great live-action adventure

Featured Event: The new musical “Clifford the Big Red Dog” bounds onto the stage on April 17. Comment.

“It’s Up to You”

Featured Event: This off-Broadway original musical tackles the tough subjects of teens. Comment.

Earth Day is everyday

Students and teachers in New York are reducing waste, encouraging recycling, saving energy, and conserving resources. Comment.

Becoming yourself

How do we help our children discover the power to become themselves and guide them to exercise it conscientiously? Comment.

Tech-free at camp

Kids get more out of their camp experience when technology is left at home, but it can be hard for parents to adjust to snail mail. Comment.

Wrap stars

New & Noteworthy: This seeded gift wrap is a welcome present for butterflies, because after it’s used, it can be planted in a pot or garden, where it will erupt with a variety of wildflowers. Comment.

It’s fun being green

Featured Event: Find out how to live a better, greener life with family-friendly activities at the Green Festival Expo on April 16 and 17. Comment.

Wishing for an old-school education

This writer is thrilled that her daughter is part of a science, technology, engineering, and math class, but wishes some of the subjects she was taught as a child was still part of a public school education. Comment.

Jump and jam with Miss Nina

Featured Event: Don’t miss this ineractive, high-energy show with Miss Nina. Comment.

Practice, practice, practice

Twenty middle school student musicians have won the opportunity to study under New York Pops teaching artists and perform on stage at Carnegie Hall. Comment.

A musical history book

Featured Event: Theater-goers take a musical journey back in time when swing was king in Queens. Comment.

Time-outs vs. time-ins

Twenty-one tips for fostering effective and connective discipline. Comment.

Acculturating to Holland

Special Child: Having a child diagnosed with a special need can feel like arriving in a different country, and you are not prepared. Comment.

Little Red rides again

Featured Event: Children 3 to 9 years old will enjoy this retelliing of the clasic tale with a modern twist. Comment.

Journey through Latin-American dance

Featured Event: Enjoy a special family matinee performance of Ballet Hispanico’s 45th anniversary opening season. Comment.

Blast off!

Featured Event: Enjoy a minature nine-hole course that teaches all about motion and gravity. Comment.

Bring on the muddy puddles

New & Noteworthy: Waterproof coveralls from Tuffo allow kids to enjoy April showers. Comment.

Gilbert & Sullivan come to El Teatro of El Museo de Barrio

Featured Event: Older teens will enjoy this version of operetta “Iolanthe.” Comment.

Spring ahead

There’s so much to do in the city this season — from enjoying the great outdoors, to meeting a few “Sh*tty” moms, to dining out, and enjoying matzo at home. Comment.

An old-fashioned quilting bee

Featured Event: The Quilt Show is back with raffles, demonstrations, and games for children. Comment.

Learn all about the gas we pass

Featured Event: Take an informative and fun-filled trip with Artie Bennett on April 2. Comment.

Dabney and Dad

Dabney and Dad: Dabney wants to know more about gray hair. Comment.

It’s for the birds!

Featured Event: Learn interesting facts about birds and then make a bird feeder on April 2 at King Manor Museum. Comment.

Spring is here

Letter from the Publisher: Celebrate the warm weather and Earth this month. Comment.

Up and down and ‘round and ‘round

Featured Event: Take a ride on a horse, lion, or bear at the opening of the Prospect Park Carousel. Comment.