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Itch to scratch

Family Health: Lice thrive in warmer weather, and have ample opportunity to spread from one child to another during playtime, camp activities, and the many other chances children will have to come into contact during the summer. Comment.

40 great escapes

New & Noteworthy: Prevent summer brain drain by challenging your little scholar to disentangle Houdini from dozens of traps with this new, portable game from ThinkFun. Comment.

A story with an important message

The Book Worm: “A Sky of Diamonds: A Story for Children about Loss, Grief, and Hope” by Camille Gibbs explains basic grieving for 5-to-10 year olds who have suffered a loss, and parents and caregivers trying to help. Comment.

Got a young ‘Pig Kahuna’ on your hands?

The Book Worm: Children 3 to 5 will learn that sometimes, everyone feels outshined, in “Pig Kahuna: Who’s That Pig?” by Jennifer Sattler. Comment.

Healthy summer eating tips

Visit farmers’ markets, fill your plate with fruits and veggies, and switch up ingredients in your favorite seasonal dishes to keep up good eating habits. Comment.

Dad’s eating for two

Good Sense Eating: Research suggests a father’s diet and weight before conception can have lifelong consequences for his children. Comment.

No vacations for parents

If you don’t keep up with improving your child’s negative behavior during the summer, by August you’ll be begging for school to start. Comments (1).

Making art accessible

Special Child: Picture This! is a family program for blind or partially sighted kids and teens (ages 5-17) and their famillies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Discoveries workshops offers many ways of interacting with art for children with developmental and learning disabilities, as well as those on the autism spectrum. Comment.

The icing on the cake

For this dad, having to celebrate his birthday a day late didn’t matter to him, because his family made it just as sweet. Comment.

Crying over shipped milk

Because pasteurized donor milk from non-profit milk banks is often available only by prescription and it’s expensive, some moms are courting danger by turning to the internet for human milk from anonymous sources. Other parents say friend-to-friend sharing can be a safer alternative if precautions are taken. Comment.

The Whitney Museum

The American art museum offers tours, workshops, and events for families, teens, and children with special needs. Comment.

Stepping out on the stepmother journey

Five pieces of advice that can help stepmoms thrive and gain confidence in meeting the expectations of others and themselves. Comment.

Seven tips for dealing with your children’s allergies

Children with frequent seasonal allergy symptoms have difficulty concentrating, focusing, and even socializing, so here are tips to help your child cope. Comment.

Fighting to reform child sex abuse laws

Important new legislation would give childhood sexual abuse victims a voice. Comments (1).

Moving forward

Special Child: Strategies to enhance speech and language development with infants and toddlers. Comment.

Young bookmakers shine in annual contest

Brooklyn and Queens students took home the top awards at the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation’s Bookmaking Competition for third through 12th grades. Comment.

Underprivileged children can go to school prepared and confident — thanks to Operation Backpack

Donate a book bag filled with school supplies at your local Duane Reade or Walgreens — and put a smile on the face of a child in need. Comment.

Serving up summer tennis

Featured Event: Children get helpful tips from the pros as part of CityParks Foundations Tennis program. Comment.

Slide into fun on Family Day

Featured Event: Enjoy summer fun at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Comment.

Queens ProjectArt is expanding

Featured Event: Children can explore their artistic abilities with these free library classes throughout the month. Comment.

Dust off the rackets for Tennis in the Parks

Featured Event: The city’s children get tennis tips from the pros in the Summer Sports Program hosted by the CityParks Foundation. Comment.

Manhattan ProjectArt program expands

Featured Event: Children can explore their artistic talents with these free library classes throughout the month. Comment.

And then there was Hayley

Adopting a dog proved to be the best way for the author’s sick child — and the once-abused dog — to heal. Comment.

Welcome back

Featured Event: The newly renovated Children’s Zoo is back at the Bronx Zoo, where children can experience a variety of species. Comment.

Brier Rabbit popping up in Sunset Park

Featured Event: The notorious trickster is up to his usual no-good ways in this retelling of the classic tale on July 15. Comment.

Build suspension

New & Noteworthy: The GoldieBlox action figure set encourages kids ages 4 and older to explore engineering concepts like pulleys and suspension. And she has amazing hair. Comment.

Beep beep for safety

Featured Event: Learn all about steet safety at the Jewish Children’s Museum. Comment.

Bronx ProejctArt program expands

Featured Event: Children can explore their artistic talents with these free library classes throughout the month. Comment.

The circus is in town

Featured Event: Delight in the acts at “Fun2C, A Circus Fantasy,” by Big Apple Circus at the Tilles Center. Comment.

Autism in pediatric dentistry

Special Child: Pediatric dentists see patients with all kinds of health challenges and know how to work with children with special needs. Comment.

Play Streets is back for the summer

Featured Event: Children have a safe place to play in the summer program presented by the Police Athletic League. Comment.

ProjectArt is in session

Featured Event: Children can explore their artistic talents with these free classes at several of Brooklyn’s library branches throughout the month. Comment.

Sunscreen allergies burn patients

Healthy Living: Doctors are seeing a rise in allergic reactions — such as skin rashes, swelling, hives, and blisters — to some sunscreen ingredients. Comment.

‘Max’ heartwarming story about man’s best friend

New “Max” film is an original story that will pull on the heartstrings of any animal lover. Comment.

Play Streets is back!

Featured Event: Thanks to the Police Athletic League, children have a safe place to play in the summer. Comment.

Geography rocks

New & Noteworthy: Rocknoceros’s latest album features over a dozen original songs celebrating America’s states — just in time for the fourth of July! Comment.

For the love of lemonade!

Here are some easy lemonade recipes for your summertime soirees and picnics. Comment.

A fabuLyss Fourth of July

The city has great happenings going on to help you celebrate America’s Independence Day with the people you love most. Comment.

For the love of lemons

Lemon juice has long been rumored to help alleviate a plethora of ailments. Comment.

Ahoy mates

Featured Event: Explore this beautiful 16th-century galleon at South Street Seaport for one special week. Comment.

Summer science activities for your children

Here are a few activities to hook your children on science this summer. Comment.

It’s a Yankee Doodle Dandy Day!

Featured Event: Celebrate the Fourth of July with fun activities at the New York Historical Society. Comment.

Summer in the city

Letter from the Publisher: Summer is truly here and there are great events all over the city. Comment.

The illusion of independence

We are social beings, incapable of surviving independently from one another in the world around us. So why do we continue to set this unattainable goal for ourselves and our children? Comment.

Rock out with Rolie Polie Guacamole

Featured Event: Tiny tots can enjoy a kindie rock performance at Fort Greene Park on July 1. Comment.

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