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Summer doldrums: How to turn spoiled dreams into sweet memories

Kids without routines can easily become restless and edgy, which can lead to them tormenting each other. Here are several ideas to address the key reasons why summer dreams sour. Comment.

The value of money

Letter from College: This first-year college student, who is helping pay for her education, is learning that it’s a lot easier to spend money than it is to save it. Comment.

Five benefits of spacing out your kids

Healthy Living: Research finds that spacing siblings more than two years apart results in better test scores for the older children. But there are other reasons to wait years between deliveries. Comment.

Nurture, don’t push, your child’s musical talents

If your little one is showing an early appreciation of music, it’s best to refrain from teaching her to read music before formal reading instruction is well underway. Comment.

Now hear this

New & Noteworthy: Safe-listening earphones for kids from Etymonic are a godsend for parents looking to protect their children’s hearing while they play with gaming systems or watch videos. Comment.

Street fair is full of fun activities

Featured Event: Families enjoy music, stortytelling, and screenings. Comment.

Off the books

The father of a now 2-year-old tells first-time parents what to expect, and when it’s time to do some research. Comment.

Families enjoy a day of song, spoken word, and a parade

Featured Event: A giant dragon puppet parade highlights eighth annual festival on April 26. Comment.

Nine apps that keep kids moving

Growing Up Online: Some kids need a little encouragement to step away from their gadgets so they can get active. Now, that encouragement comes from the devices themselves. Comment.

Cooking for the family, or, the special dietary needs of the palate-deficient

Death by Children: It’s tough living with kids, because they just can’t appreciate their dad’s confit de canard and braised escarole. Comment.

You be the judge

Family Health: Here are some basic first aid tips for cuts and bruises, and knowing when it’s time to visit the emergency room. Comment.

First, there was Jada

Mommy 101: With two small children, our writer’s dog has experienced a demotion in her household status. Comment.

Italytheater offers children a unique opportunity to interact on stage

Featured Event: Families share in the theater experience by performing with the actors on stage. Comment.

‘Butt Book’ and ‘Poopendous’ author reads from his latest book, ‘Peter Panda Melts Down!’

Featured Event: Children’s author Artie Bennett will read from his new book — aimed at diffusing wee ones’ temper tantrums — at Barnes and Noble on April 19. Comment.

Doktor Kaboom is back and booming

Featured Event: Children enjoy learning about science in this interactive stage production. Comment.

The power of play dates

Manhattan: Play dates are not just another “thing to do” for moms, but rather a vital lifeline for new mothers, stay-at-home moms, and pretty much every type of mom. Comment.

Rock climbing, tigers, and clowns at annual festival

Featured Event: Puppetry Arts presents its annual fund-raising Family Festival in Park Slope on April 26. Comment.

Financial infidelity can lead to marital strife

Divorce & Separation: As couples, we argue about money. Or avoid the subject. When there is financial infidelity, relationships suffer even greater strains. Comment.

‘Bee’ prepared for Earth Day

New & Noteworthy: A great idea for an Earth Day celebration, Raymond Huber’s new book chronicles the thrilling journey of a honey bee named Scout as she overcomes obstacles to return to her hive with needed pollen and nectar. Comment.

Young entrepreneurs

A budding entrepreneur from Ridgewood, Queens is having fun making a name for herself, and learning important life lessons, by selling her handmade loom jewelry creations online. And she’s not the only kid with a great product idea. Comment.

Kid to kid: Advice from seasoned campers

Here’s what camp veterans had to say to children who are going off to camp for the first time. Comment.

Why the College Board is making changes to the SATs

A personal essay about the reasoning behind recently announced changes to the 81-year-old College Aptitude Test. Comment.

Shrinking obesity in America’s children

Awareness about childhood obesity is spreading, and parents and teachers are taking a more active role in guiding children to make healthier lifestyle choices. Comment.

Online safety and incompatible discipline styles

How to set up family rules for computer use and the importance of parents agreeing upon one discipline style. Comment.

Children enjoy this one-of-a-kind Passover concert

Featured Event: Energetic songs, crafts, and more await families at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Comment.

Celebrate Mother Earth at Wave Hill

Featured Event: Recycle and make beautiful projects to take home at Wave Hill’s Eco Fair. Comment.

View more than 200 eggs on display

Featured Event: Eggs will be hidden all over the boroughs and the public can go on a hunt to find them. Comment.

How rude!

There are a lot of inappropriate questions going around these days. Here are some that top the list. Comment.

Take a ride on a horse, lion, or bear

Featured Event: Ride the Prospect Park Carousel and have fun in the park during spring break hours, from April 14 to 22. Comment.

Dinos roaming Bronx Zoo in Dinosaur Safari

Featured Event: Children get the total experience of the safari and fossil dig at Mysteries Revealed at the Bronx Zoo April 12 through Nov. 2. Comment.

Designating care for your children

Ask an Attorney: Examining another tool in the estate planning toolbox: the designation of a “person in parental relation.” Comment.

City kids lighten up and eat their veggies

For decades, there’s been an increasing obesity rate in children, but in 2011, there was a reported decline in obesity in New York City schoolchildren spanning kindergarten through eighth grade. An expert weighs in on how to get kids to continue making healthy food choices. Comment.

Egg-citing idea for baskets

New & Noteworthy: Fan-A-Peel offers a gift idea to sweeten an Easter basket, without the sugar. Comment.

Raising global citizens

Here’s how you can slow down, pay attention to the miracle that is our life on earth, and raise your family’s consciousness about our humble place in the vast scheme of things. Comment.

‘Stone Soup & Other Stories’

Featured Event: Queensborough Performing Arts comes alive with the Pushcart Players. Comment.

A fairy tale with a modern twist

Featured Event: “SPARKLE the Fairy Princess” is not your ordinary damsel in distress, she saves the prince in this charming educational musical. Comment.

Party for the planet: Five Earth Day parties that pay it forward

Why not throw a celebration in honor of Earth Day (April 22), and help your kids learn the importance of going green? Comment.

Get your baskets ready for the hunt

Featured Event: Children search to find the Easter goodies at Belmont Lake State Park. Comment.

This is National Childhood Abuse Prevention Month

Three reasons you should care that April is National Childhood Abuse Prevention Month. Comment.

Upcycled Easter activities to enjoy with your kids

Celebrate Easter and Earth Day by finding fresh uses for old things. Comment.

Share a ride at the Transit Museum

Featured Event: Catch the new production “Sharin’ A Ride” at the New York City Transit Museum this month. Comment.

That zany clown is back again and taking center stage

Featured Event: Children enjoy the antics of the genius Bello the Clown. Comment.

Tidying up your childcare taxes before the deadline

If you’re a family in New York with in-home childcare expenses, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of filing the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. Comment.

Winners of ‘Meet and Greet the Characters’ of Disney on Ice announced

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. And when you enter a New York Parenting contest, your dreams can also come true! Comment.

A clutch that pops: Posh’s diaper mat combo has style

New & Noteworthy: Posh Play’s new faux reptile and croc skin-textured diaper clutches and coordinating diaper mats combine bulk-free style with function. Comment.

April showers bring in the spring flowers

There are so many ways to celebrate spring in the city. Lyss Stern lists April Fool’s pranks, her favorite places to stalk blooms, and where to go to hunt for eggs and the Easter Bunny! Comment.

Rock out with locally based kindie rock sensations Astrograss

Featured Event: Dance, sing, and enjoy bluegrass, old-time and folk music at this fun interactive concert. Comment.

Loving the Earth

Letter from the Publisher: Our April issue has plenty of tips and ideas to get your family saving the earth. Comments (1).

New York Parenting comes back with nine awards

Our magazines received Awards for Excellence from the Parenting Media Association in 2014. Comment.

Children learn all about Passover in this fun musical

Featured Event: The Poppy Seed Players present “Shlemiel Crooks: A Passover Musical” based on the children’s book series. Comment.

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