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Straight talk about scoliosis

Family Health: How can a parent tell the difference between a teenager’s poor posture and actual scoliosis? Comment.

How to title a home deed

Ask an Attorney: There are three ways owners can title their real property, each with its own pros and cons. Comment.

Book about trash collector is a treasure

The Book Worm: “Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans” by Phil Bildner is a great book for kids ages 3 to 5. Comment.

Goodall biography appeals to animal lovers

The Book Worm: Aspiring naturalists and pet lovers will find inspiration in Anita Silvey’s “Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall.” Comment.

Dealing with attitudes of entitlement

To many managers, teachers, and parents, members of Generation Y seem spoiled. Comment.

Missing mommy

Mommy 101: Some moms don’t call the house from their office to check in on their kids — and there’s a good reason why. Comment.

Helping teens socialize

Parents Helping Parents: Not every child is a social butterfly or at ease in large groups of people, but some viable social skills are an important part of a happy and healthy life at any age. Comment.

Help for when phonics fall short

Educators Gisler and Eberts also offer tips on how to motivate a young child to learn, finding programs for gifted students, and helping a visual learner succeed in school. Comment.

Back to school as easy as 1-2-3

With these three tips from behavioral therapist Marcie Beigel — and a bit of patience — you can help your family smoothly transition to the new school year! Comment.

Becoming mindful about photos

Growing Up Online: Parents should think seriously about what impact posting cute baby pictures on social media sites today may have on their child in the future. Comment.

Meet your meat

Good Sense Eating: A tour of chicken production facilities dispelled some myths this columnist believed about how chickens are raised and processed. Comment.

Honk those horns for the annual Bus Festival

Featured Event: Children enjoy the 22nd annual Bus Festival at the New York Transit Museum on Sept. 27. Comment.

To pay or not to pay

Divorce & Separation: A judge was tasked with deciding whether a woman could receive alimony — since she may not have been married in the first place. Comment.

Concert for Global Peace

Featured Event: Young musicians perform classical pieces in this international concert at Carnegie Hall on Sept. 27. Comment.

Employers should capitalize on mothers’ talents

Companies are missing out on unparalleled productivity by not working around mothers’ schedules. Comments (1).

Speeding up and slowing down life

There are many times in a parent’s life when a Disney Theme Park’s FastPass — or any other pass you can think up — could come in handy. Comment.

Feeling chile?

Featured Event: Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Chile Pepper Fiesta returns on Sept. 26 with a full slate of bands, circus masters and more. Comment.

It’s a Rolie Polie Guacamole fiesta!

Featured Event: The award-winning kindie rock band introduces its fifth album with a concert at ShapeShifter Lab on Sept. 26. Comment.

Make a new friend with “Sesame Street Live”

Featured Event: This interactive new musical in which Grover and friends greet a new friend comes to the Tilles Center from Sept. 25 to 27. Comment.

When it’s time to put away the pacifier

Getting a child to give up her pacifier can be extremely difficult. Here are some tips from a pediatric dentist. Comments (1).

Sleep your way to better health

Healthy Living: Sleep is perhaps the most underrated — yet powerful — component of our health regimen. Here are tips on how to grab more ZZZs. Comment.

The great vitamin debate

When it comes to deciding whether or not vitamin supplements are necessary for their children, a lot of parents are divided. First in a two-part series. Comment.

Beyond the ballot box

Letter from College: Many teenagers are in no hurry to register and vote, but learning about issues and candidates will serve themselves — and their country — well. Comment.

Queens County Farm Museum fun

Featured Event: Enjoy races, pie contests, crafts, and the opening of the Amazing Maize maze on Sept. 19 and 20. Comment.

Free wheeling!

Featured Event: Children can learn the basics of bike riding at Sunken Playground on Sept. 19. Comment.

Brushing tips from a pro

Dr. Elan Kaufman offers his advice on how to help your children select the right toothbrush and paste, so you can keep their mouths health and happy for years to come. Comment.

Busy bees at work

Featured Event: Visit the hives at the Castle Clinton on Sept. 19 and learn all about the busy insects. Comment.

Go fly a kite!

Featured Event: Watch the kites soar high above the skyline at this annual festival on Sept. 19. Comment.

The benefits of music lessons outweigh the costs

Studying music is shown to have several long-term, positive effects that outweigh the cost and inconvenience it poses to parents to provide them. Comment.

Sunny days at Sunnyside Garden

Featured Event: Families enjoy vintage cartoons and jazz music at Flicks and Jazz on Sept. 19. Comment.

10 quick tips for taming parental tardiness

Be a model of punctuality for your child. Here are 10 tips that will help you get there on time. Comment.

Walk the plank with Superbunny

Featured Event: Original musical “Superbunny’s Pirate Vacation,” based on the book series, shoves off on Sept. 18, 19, and 20. Comment.

Overcoming separation anxiety

Many children experience separation anxiety during a number of first-time experiences. This is normal, and these tips will help you and your child to get through it. Comment.

Encourage manners and safety online with a digital citizenship contract

A digital citizenship contract can help you spell out your expectations of appropriate online behavior and send a clear message about how seriously you take your child’s safety and online reputation. Comment.

Take a lilting journey with musical story time

Featured Event: Children are treated to Songs and Story on Sept. 15 and 29 at Bank Street Bookstore. Comment.

Get smart about art

Thanks to a new push to put the arts in New York City schools, museums, philanthropists, and private businesses have joined together to provide money for materials to be used in the classroom or to increase educational space in arts institutions. Comment.

Drop in at the Open Studio

Featured Event: Explore the Whitney Museum and then make an art project throughout September. Comment.

Author helps fathers stay close to their kids

How can dads maintain strong relationships with their children and family members if they are no longer in the home? Comment.

Drop in for Art fun

Featured Event: Families with children 3 years and older drop in for a day of art and exploration at the Jewish Museum on Sept. 13, 20, and 27. Comment.

Hungry for a healthy lifestyle

Dietitian Jenna Hollenstein offers sage advice on how can parents help children who are overeaters to develop healthy relationships with food. Comment.

Connecting generations

Through Skype, texting, Instagram, FaceTime, and more, children have a variety of options to stay connected to their grandparents, regardless of where they live. Comment.

Walk for the cure

Featured Event: Walk to raise awareness and funds for the cure of ovarian cancer on Sept. 12. Children can enjoy face painting and stage performances. Comment.

For the very first day of school

New & Noteworthy: Your kindergartener can wear this shirt from Pocketbaby from their first day of school till their stepping up ceremony! Comment.

Explore the fun of friendship

Featured Event: See your favorite muppets in this brand-new show, “Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend” at the Kings Theater from Sept. 11 to 13. Comment.

Get a big lesson on nano technology

Featured Event: Explore the wonderful world of nanotechnology at Sony Wonder Lab on Sept. 12, 29, 30, and Oct. 1. Comment.

Back-to-school snacks made easy

Making snacks ahead of time ensures that kids have a variety of healthy choices. Comment.

Thanks for spotlighting ‘Modern Families’

Letter to the Editor: Lesley Friedland, executive director of FamilyKind, responds to Allison Plitt’s review of Susan Golombok’s book “Modern Families: Parents and Children in New Family Forms.” Comment.
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Preparing for the first day of school

Getting ready for school takes a fair bit of preparation. Follow these tips to make the first day run smoothly! Comment.

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