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Dealing with distraction

Growing Up Online: Many parents are conscientious about making rules for when and how kids can use technology. But what about rules for parents? Comment.

Channel their energy

Tips on how to help your child maintain positive behaviors while adjusting to long school days and less time to play outside. Comment.

Signs of hearing loss in children

Plus a few games to enhance children’s math skills, and questioning whether teacher bonuses really do improve students’ achievement. Comment.

Labor of love

Letter from College: Take time to give thanks to the everyday heroes who work hard to support their families in more ways than one. Comments (1).

The humbling workout

A daddy-daughter workout to lose a few pounds is much more than what this dad had in mind. Comment.

Hostess with the mostest memories

When she invites family and friends to join her around her table, this mom reaps priceless anecdotes. Comment.

Nano demos at Sony

Featured Event: It’s hands-on nanoscience to learn just HOW small is small. Comment.

These ‘Ends’ are up

New & Noteworthy: The new CD from Andrew & Polly, “Odds & Ends,” is packed with silliness, delicious word play, and countless deftly played instruments. Comment.

Creating a seasonal meal to share

A few tips on updating classic fall recipes and how to get everyone in the kitchen. Comment.

It’s the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Featured Event: Take in all the sights of this grand tradition featuring with balloons, entertainers, and and a special guest. Comment.

Let the help come in

Letter from the Publisher: It’s impossible to do without help and support from a wide array of knowledgeable trained professionals. Comment.

Keep it or toss it?

Good Sense Eating: What do sell-by, best-by, and use-by really mean? Comment.

The misdiagnosed ‘impossible child’

Parents, teachers, and doctors are pressed to find answers for children diagnosed with behavioral disorders and to medicate them. But what if there is another disorder no one is considering? Comment.

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all you have and spend quality time with family in New York City. Comment.

Divorce: How to tell the kids

How should you break the news to your children that your marriage is ending? Comment.

Boys, guns, and violence

As yet another mass shooting is carried out by a man, it’s time to take a look at what we as a society teach boys about managing their emotions. Comment.

Understanding premature births

Learn about premature births and organizations that strive to help families of babies born “too soon.” Comment.

Beam me up, Smartie!

New & Noteworthy: The new board game from Think Fun, Laser Maze Jr., blows traditional ones away with its working laser beam and 40 logic challenges. Comment.

To vitamin or not to vitamin — that is the question

When it comes to deciding whether or not vitamin supplements are necessary for their children, parents are divided. Comment.

Pushing past disabilities

Special Child: Four young people talk candidly about battling their disabilities and the deficiencies of the special education system and the program that helped them to enroll — and shine — in college. Comment.

Ready for another?

Healthy Living: Five questions to ask yourself before adding another child to your family. Comment.

Stroll through Gingerbread Lane

Featured Event: Marvel at the creative confections of Chef John Lovitz at the New York Hall of Science. Comment.

Does your child require special services in school?

Special Child: If your child is living with a diagnosed disability, she is entitled to receive help at school. Here is some information as to how you can get the assistance your child deserves. Comment.

Put a stop to procrastination

Thirteen tips to help parents help their children end their proscrastinating ways. Comment.

After a miscarriage: How to provide support

Advice from the perspective of a woman who has miscarried, to help you support a family member or friend who has lost a child. Comment.

Embrace Autism special circus performance

Featured Event: Families with special-needs children are invited to enjoy this specially adapted performance of “The Grand Tour” on Nov. 17. Comment.

Big message for little kids

Featured Event: Children in Pre-K through second grade learn about bullying in “Little is Big,” an undersea puppet musical adventure from Nov. 12 to Dec. 23. Comment.

Hit the holidays with the Laurie Berkner Band

Featured Event: Enjoy an early seasonal concert at Theatre at Westbury on Nov. 15. Comment.

Love should always be safe

The second in our two-part series about young people and dating violence. Comment.

Calling all book lovers

Featured Event: The annual Children’s Book Fair on Nov. 14 features author readings and art activities. Comment.

Play ball!

New & Noteworthy: Eeboo has improved upon the classic design of a toy ball to make it irresistable to baby’s little hands. Comment.

A brave new world

Laws are gradually changing in favor of the same-sex community, and the conversation is expanding toward a more complex topic: same-sex couples and adoption. Part I in a two-part series. Comment.

The world of ‘Strega Nona’ comes to life

Featured Event: Enjoy a special reading of the classic book by the legendary author Tomie dePaola at BBAM cafe. Comment.

Positive memories about a childhood captured on negatives

This writer waxes nostalgic about the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, which taught her some valuable lessons about patience, responsibility, and more. Comment.

Start a new tradition

Featured Event: Enjoy a learning concert with puppets featuring teaching artists Ora and Yoshie Fruchter. Comment.

The pleasures of returning to work

After 14 years as a stay-at-home mom, this writer returns to a full-time office job. Comment.

Hop aboard the Holiday Express

Featured Event: Take a tour of the Toys and Trains exhibit and learn interesting facts about the transportation on Nov. 7 and 22. Comment.

Ride through miniature New York City

Featured Event: Take the ride and view miniature landmarks at the New York Botanic Garden’s annual Holiday Train Show. Comment.

The magic of ‘Disney on Ice’

Featured Event: Enjoy all the Disney favorites singing and skating at the Barclays Center. Comment.

Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band

Featured Event: Children of all ages will enjoy this colorful, musical adventure on Nov. 7. Comment.

Help Jasper get his ball back

Featured Event: Enjoy this brand-new puppet musical at Symphony Space. Comment.

Neighborhood Concert series

Featured Event: A free concert from Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman on Nov. 6. Comment.

Spoiler alert!

New & Noteworthy: New secret agent gift set helps parents ease a child’s transition into being a Seasonal Secretkeeper after the “mysterious, maybe awful truth” of magical beings such as the Easter Bunny have been revealed. Comments (1).

Explaining menstruation to a special-needs daughter

Special Child: Explaining periods to a daughter with special needs is much the same as preparing a daughter without special needs. Parents should initiate the conversation when their daughters turn 10. Comment.

An extra Halloween treat

Featured Event: Catch Rolie Polie Guacamole at Jalopy Theatre on Nov. 1. Comment.

Giving thanks every day

Letter from the Publisher: Each day is reason to be thankful. Comments (1).

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