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A visit from Sinterklass

Featured Event: Meet the man-of-the-hour at the 13th annual St. Nicholas Day celebration at Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum on Dec. 5. Comment.

Light the night with the largest menorah

Featured Event: Families celebrate eight days of Hanukkah with a special lighting of the menorah. Comment.

The end of another year approaches

Letter from the Publisher: Our December articles approach all angles regarding the parenting experience in New York. Comment.

Long winter’s night

Family Health: Your child’s change of behavior at the beginning of the school year, combined with sleepiness, lack of interest, and isolation may be symptoms of something more than typical teenage moodiness. Comment.

How long would mediation take?

Divorce & Separation: Where would you and your spouse land on the length of mediation spectrum? Comment.

Protecting your online legacy

Ask an Attorney: Taking the time to organize passwords and log in information for all your digital accounts will, in the long run, assure your documents and memories end up in the right hands after your death. Comment.

‘M is for Money’ is a good deal

The Book Worm: “M is for Money: An Economics Alphabet” gives 8- to 11-year-old kids a thorough lesson in supply and demand, taxes, and other facets of economics in terms that they’ll understand. Comment.

A lesson in sportsmanship

The Book Worm: Young athletes will enjoy hearing a tale of working together in “Little Shaq,” inspired by actual events in the childhood of legendary ball player and author Shaquille O’Neal. Comment.

Having ‘the talk’

Parents Helping Parents: Advice on how to broach sexual topics with preteens. Comment.

Dealing with distraction

Growing Up Online: Many parents are conscientious about making rules for when and how kids can use technology. But what about rules for parents? Comment.

Channel their energy

Tips on how to help your child maintain positive behaviors while adjusting to long school days and less time to play outside. Comment.

Signs of hearing loss in children

Plus a few games to enhance children’s math skills, and questioning whether teacher bonuses really do improve students’ achievement. Comments (1).

Labor of love

Letter from College: Take time to give thanks to the everyday heroes who work hard to support their families in more ways than one. Comments (1).

The humbling workout

A daddy-daughter workout to lose a few pounds is much more than what this dad had in mind. Comment.

Hostess with the mostest memories

When she invites family and friends to join her around her table, this mom reaps priceless anecdotes. Comment.

Nano demos at Sony

Featured Event: It’s hands-on nanoscience to learn just HOW small is small. Comment.

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