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Out of the lecture hall and into the Oxford-style tutorial

Letter from College: Turning to an out-of-the-box class, such as an Oxford-style tutorial, proves successful for this shy college student. Comment.

Be a snack-time hero

New & Noteworthy: No beach bag would be complete without crispy, flavorful My Super Cookies — a remarkably nutritious and tasty snack that had our reviewers asking for more! Comment.

Helmets and concussions: myths vs. reality

Family Health: Do helmets really protect against concussions? Comment.

Weathering the sibling storm

Parents Helping Parents: Almost all siblings provoke each other and it’s rarely easy for parents to resolve ensuing conflicts. Comment.

Five benefits of camp

Ask Dr. Karyn: Camp can be a life-changing experience for kids that sets them on the path to being responsible, self-confident adults. Comment.

Not your typical coming-of-age summer story

The Book Worm: For fourth-through-seventh-grade readers and adults, alike, “The Trap” is a book to get caught in. Comment.

Fast-paced, fantastical fairy tale

The Book Worm: Not too hard and not too soft, madcap fantasy “Spelled” by Betsy Schow is just right for 12 to 17 year olds. Comment.

Autism-friendly travel

Special Child: There are a number of organizations that aid families traveling with children on the autism spectrum or with other special needs. Comment.

Your issues, their issues?

Good Sense Eating: A mom’s past experience with weight and self-image certainly influences how she feeds her children. Comment.

6 tips to help girls cultivate a positive body image

Growing Up Online: Parents may not be able to dominate the conversations about appearance that are going on in social media, but they can and should comment. Comment.

6 More reasons why dads are great

Fathers’ ways of parenting often remind us that we’re blessed by our children — and their dads — in big and small ways every day. Comment.

Mom moguls breakfast

Fabulyss Finds: A celebrity panel of hardworking moms shared tips to other hardworking moms. Comment.

The circus is coming to town

Featured Event: Delight in the thrills and chills of the Magmanus Circus performance on June 27 and 28. Comment.

What’s normal?

How to tell the difference between normal and problem behaviors in your child. Comment.

Tuffy Tiger time

Featured Event: Enjoy a day of song, dance, and crafting with Puppetry Arts at JJ Byrne Park on June 27. Comment.

The right number

We live in a world of numbers, some that we wish we could change and some that are just right. Comment.

Notable success in music therapy

Special Child: Music therapists share their observations of how music can facilitate social interaction. Also, playing an instrument can develop coordination and motor skills as well as listening skills. And simple musical activities can create positive experiences that build self esteem. Comment.

Learning the ABCs of speech and language development

As parents, we wonder if our child is developing as expected. Comment.

Notable pastime

New & Noteworthy: Composer Philip Sheppard has developed a new game — Compose Yourself — that will have kids writing and recording classical music in minutes, even if they don’t know how to read a note. Comment.

Laurie Berkner solo

Featured Event: Grab a blanket and enjoy a special Father’s Day concert with the queen of children’s music. Comment.

Taking a closer look at ‘modern families’

Professor Susan Golombok has penned “Modern Families,” about 40-years of research on today’s many different family models. Comment.

Peace offering

Adhering to the “don’t compete, collaborate” cause, city charter schools show district schools how they can adapt some practices of charters that help students bring home some of the best test scores, state-wide. Comment.

Alaistair Moock and Friends

Featured Event: Rock out and learn at the same time in this fun pre-release record concert. Comment.

For him and his Mini Me

New & Noteworthy: These casual father-and-son shirt sets will be the talk of the Father’s Day barbecue. Comments (1).

Brier Rabbit and pals hop into Queens

Featured Event: Enjoy this re-telling of the classic story with a modern twist on June 19 at Rufus King Park. Comment.

Child support and poor families

Divorce & Separation: How can children still be provided for without further hurting poor families? Comment.

Simple tips for a happy, healthy summer

Don’t forget these important safety tips. Comment.

Dear old dad

Featured Event: Celebrate Dad all month long at the Children’s Museum of Arts. Comment.

From feuds to fun: Five tips for turning spoiled dreams into a blissful summer

Special Child: With enthusiasm, patience, and humor, plan outings that include all of your kids’ interests to strengthen bonds with each other and with you. Remember that kids need daily exercise and quiet time for reading, too. Comment.

It’s a hip-hopping Family Day

Featured Event: Hip Tot presents Father Goose at LeFrak Center Lakeside Rink on June 14. Comment.

Beyond paternity to parenting

Why the notion that when fathers take care of children they are doing moms a favor has to change. Comment.

Learning disabilities and school

Special Child: New York Parenting spoke with Dr. Odey Raviv, a learning specialist, about the recent changes and challenges in the field of special education. Dr. Raviv speaks candidly about ADHD, the Common Core Standards Exam, the importance of arts and enrichment in schools, boosting self-esteem, and strategies for success in college. Comment.

‘Maya’ is a sweet adventure film for younger kids

Three kids critique “Maya the Bee Movie” — a fun-filled, family-friendly adventure with great messages for younger kids. Comment.

‘Mermaids on Parade’

Featured Event: Air out those flippers and get ready to hear the latest book from author Melanie Hope Greenberg about the Brooklyn Mermaid Parade. Comment.

It’s a wonderful world of puppetry

Featured Event: Learn about the Yiddish traditions and then design your own puppet. Comment.

How to streamline a healthy meal

Preparing breakfast and lunch for kids can be tricky, not to mention time consuming. Chef Jenny Gensterblum offers her tips for making the process faster without skimping on nutrition. Comment.

Brier Rabbit is up to his old tricks

Featured Event: Enjoy the re-telling of this classic tale with a modern twist at St. Catherine’s Park on June 14. Comment.

Five ways to thank your child’s teacher

Teachers help children in countless ways each day, and it’s important that parents and students recognize that and show our gratitude in a meaningful way. Comment.

Out of this world

Featured Event: Don’t miss this multi-media concert at the Vanderbilt Planetarium on June 14. Comment.

Don’t miss ‘Mermaids on Parade’

Featured Event: Author Melanie Hope Greenberg reads from her latest children’s book on June 13. Comment.

Do you typecast your kids?

Special Child: Our society’s attitudes toward gender have undergone a major shift in the past 50 years, but do we still inherently treat our sons and daughters differently? Comment.

Historical fun facts

Special Child: Fun facts about the evolution of American gender stereotypes. Comment.

Ripple effects of stress ruffle the family pet

Healthy Living: We now have scientific proof that dogs read our emotions based on our vocal cues. Comment.

Humor is the best medicine

Comedy duo — and moms — poke fun at parenting. Comment.

Let’s be friends

Mommy 101: What to do when you’re young parents who still want to hang out with people who understand when you sometimes want to bring your kids? Comment.

Frolic in the Garden

Featured Event: Celebrate the opening of the new Discovery Garden and enjoy a family festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Comment.

Follow ‘The Infinity Wings’

Featured Event: Take a magical journey into parallel universes and adventure. Comment.

Luna Park rewarding studious students with ride credits

Featured Event: Students with good report cards can receive ride credit points through the month. Comment.

Join the ‘Carnival of the Animals’

Featured Event: Children will be enthralled by this ballet that features a fantasy journey into a magical forest at the Florence Gould Hall. Comment.

Happy 800th birthday, MC

New & Noteworthy: Publication of new historical fiction picture book, “Rupert’s Parchment: Story of Magna Carta” by Eileen Cameron, coincides with the 800th anniversary of the signing of this important document. Comment.

Graduations, birthdays and Father’s Day

Letter from the Publisher: The best graduation I ever went to was my daughter’s from Kindergarten. It was so particularly moving on some wonderful level. Our family was supposed to sing a song together and I became such an emotional mess that I couldn’t sing. I was weeping and as hard as I tried to control it, I couldn’t. I’ve never been able to explain it to anyone very well, but I was peculiarly aware of the passage of time and I sensed that my little baby was moving on to being a child and that the film was about to speed up. I was right and it did and has. Comments (2).

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