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Looking for answers to icky questions?

The Book Worm: “In One End and Out the Other” by Dr. Mike Goldsmith gives kids answers to questions about the digestive system. Comment.

A hair-raising true story

The Book Worm: “Big Top Burning” by Laura A. Woollett resonates well with readers 10 and up. Comment.

Be smart about screen usage

Family Health: Too much screen time can have negative health impacts for children and teens, but how can parents balance screen usage when many academic tasks require a computer? Comment.

Marriage and citizenship

Ask an Attorney: When one spouse is not a U.S. citizen, what special requirements must be incorporated into your will? Comment.

Five tips to reduce performance anxiety

Ask Dr. Karyn: Many high-performing people have a fear of adversity, failure, and rejection. Comment.

Food safety at the farmers’ market

Good Sense Eating: Most markets have their own food safety rules, as well as related government regulations. But there are basic guidelines you should follow, too. Comment.

A simple summer

Mommy 101: The girls are having a great summer. Comment.
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Top five back-to-school products

Getting ready for the back-to-school season? Check out these product picks for a smoother start. Comment.

Establishing a school routine

Dear Teacher: Plus the effects of parents checking cellphones in front of children, choosing the perfect planner, and school records parents should be saving. Comment.

Let’s celebrate Family Day

Featured Event: Kid-friendly tours of the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum, hands-on activities and fun family games. Comment.

Apps that connect families and nature

Growing Up Online: A study found that many parents don’t believe their children get enough time outdoors. Ironically, there are many apps and websites that support a deeper involvement with the world beyond the screen. Comment.

Summer’s blooming

New & Noteworthy: Celebrate summer’s last hurrah with a new, organic cotton dress with a watercolor-style illustration of a sunflower from Burt’s Bees Baby. Comment.

Summer grilling tips

Everyone has a favorite grilling recipe, which usually involve meats and marinades. Don’t skimp on the veggies with these tips and recipes. Comment.

The truth is out — you’re an amazing parent

Celebrate yourself and your parenting. Comment.

Game, set, match

Featured Event: Tennis and music collide at the annual Kids’ Day at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Aug. 29. Comment.

A too connected society?

How sexting, nonstop texting, and the social media frenzy are affecting and shaping our adolescents. Comment.

10 tips to help you set fitness goals for your family

More and more parents are making fitness a priority for every family member. It’s important for children to see their parents modeling healthy behaviors and routines. Comment.

Whirligig good time at Kings Manor Museum

Featured Event: Learn about old-fashioned games on Aug. 22 and make a cool toy to take home. Comment.

Take a ride under the sea

Featured Event: Go on an aquatic journey and view the beautiful Tiffany Gardens at the SeaGlass Carousel. Comment.

Issues facing the older mom

Due to advanced technology, older women are able to have children well after the age of 35. But what about the mental challenges facing mothers giving birth at older ages? Comment.

Rock out with the Ebony Hillbillies

Featured Event: Children and adults alike will swing to the tunes of the Ebony Hillbillies at the Charles A Dana Discovery Center in Central Park. Comment.

Mil’s Trills thrills

Featured Event: Rock out with the unique sounds of Amelia Robinson, of Mil’s Trills, on Aug. 21. Comment.

Keeping kids with food allergies safe

Food allergies in kids and trips to the emergency room for severe reactions are on the rise. Many of these life-threatening reactions could have been prevented in the first place. Here’s how parents can keep kids safe. Comment.

Put it online

Letter from College: The internet is a wonderful place for aspiring photographers, filmmakers, writers, and activists to post their work and gain an audience. Comment.

Learning to speak with others

Preschool students are at the perfect age to learn pragmatics, the social aspect of language. Comment.

Recipe for healthy living

Fabulyss Finds: Looking to feel your best by eating healthy and exercising? Here are two ways to get started. Comment.

From itchy and perplexing to kind of creepy

This basic guide to common childhood rashes touches on everything from ringworm to insect bites. Comment.

All aboard for Fantastic Tunnels

Featured Event: Learn about the miles of underground subway tunnesl and what engineers do. Comment.

Explore the Finger Lakes

With museums, hiking trails, lakes, cultural institutions and an amusement park, there’s something everyone in your family will love about the central New York region. Comment.

Get sculpting

Featured Event: The Aug. 15 family-friendly event is open to amateurs and semi-professional sand artists of all ages. Comment.

Under the table and dreaming

Just Write Mom: Remembering the moment this mom knew she was pregnant with a boy. Comment.

10 reasons to visit Montreal

Montreal — the kid-friendly city located in Quebec, Canada — offers the opportunity to have a European-esque vacation without the lengthy flight abroad. Comment.

Brier Rabbit is hopping into town

Featured Event: Grab a blanket and settle in for an evening of puppets and fairy tales. Comment.

Fight summer learning loss

To help prevent seasonal grade-level backsliding, here’s a list of five things that New York City kids should pick up this summer. Comment.

Understanding postpartum mood disturbances

Most women experience some form of postpartum mood disturbance following the birth of their child. A small percentage go on to develop one or more mood disorders, but there is help out there for women who have the courage to ask for it. Comment.

More on postpartum mood disorders

If any of these symptoms persist two weeks after delivery, women should get an evaluation by their physician or mental health professional. Comment.

Rock and roll under the stars

Featured Event: Grab a blanket and rock out with New York Skyscrapers and Friends. Comment.

POTS: The teen disease you’ve probably never heard of

Healthy Living: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome affects a large portion of teens. Comments (32).

Tips for parents protecting their child’s eyesight

August is Child Eye Health and Safety Month. Start your child off to a lifetime of good eye health. Comment.

Hilarious ‘Pixels’ now in theaters

Gerry and Mia recommend the new Adam Sandler film for families looking for summer entertainment. Comment.

Library has a friend in group members

Queens: Volunteer group Friends of the Library hosts events that give back to the community. Comment.

Put the focus on bike riding

Studies show riding a bicycle to school may help kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to feel better and concentrate on their work. Comment.

Banding together over pool safety

New & Noteworthy: iSwimband is a drowning detection device that alerts parents on their compatible Bluetooth device when a toddler falls into the water or an older child has been under for too long. Comment.

Too-sweet Sugar Free Allstars in Concert

Featured Event: Enjoy this high-energy show full of finger-snapping, head-bopping tunes. Comment.

Cracking the ‘Code’

New & Noteworthy: This month, ThinkFun releases a new board game that teaches kids (ages 8 and up) the fundamentals of writing computer code. Comment.

Sunday fun at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Featured Event: Enjoy a visit with wildlife and the Dirty Socks Fun Time Band. Comment.

Slip and slide the day away

Featured Event: Get your inner tubes for a ride down a water slide right here in New York. Comment.

August already?

Letter from the Publisher: Dive into our annual Fall School Guide for all the education opportunities in your community. Comment.

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