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The ballet of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Featured Event: A timeless tale of romance and tragedy. Comment.

Olive oil: A new rush for liquid gold

Olive oil’s history, health benefits, and many uses. Comment.

Celebrate Black Hisotry Month

Featured Event: Enjoy learning how African cuisine affected colonial cooking with tastings. Comment.

Simple ways to show your kids love

Try some new ways to say “I love you.” Comment.

A princely tale

Featured Event: Discover the vibrant culture of China with a reading from the author and illustrator of “Adventures of Ru-Lan: A Prince is Born” at BookCourt. Comment.

‘Tiger Tales’

Featured Event: A shadow puppet show weaves puppets, Chinese music, and a big screen. Comment.

Pop in to ‘Pop-Pop Popcorn!’

Featured Event: Enjoy the newest works of the Paper Bag Players at the Kumble Theatre. Comment.

Celebrate Black History Month with art

Featured Event: Learn all about early African-American artists impacted the artists of today. Comment.

It’s a winter wonderland

Featured Event: Enjoy the frosty weather during a jam-packed weekend of dancing, ice skating, and more at Winter Carnival in Bryant Park. Comment.

‘Little Red’s Hood’

Featured Event: She’s hip and cool and coming to the Swedish Marionette Theatre. Comment.

It’s Groundhog Day!

Featured Event: Make a prognasticating Groundhog puppet and check on the weather at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Comment.

Ru’ the day!

New & Noteworthy: Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a reading of Larry Bennett’s new children’s book, “Ru-lan: The Prince is Born,” the first in a new series of beautifully illustrated stories about a brave little boy. Comment.

February thoughts

Letter from the Publisher: This is Chldren’s Dental Health Month, and we have several stories to help you ensure your child’s oral health early on. Comment.

Safety on the ice

Family Health: A tween may worry about looking “uncool” while wearing safety gear while ice skating with friends, but this doc says the alternative could result in brain damage from head trauma. Comment.

British invasion! “Fab Four Friends” tells tale of The Beatles

The Book Worm: As you’ll see in “Fab Four Friends” by Susanna Reich, illustrated by Adam Gustavson, dreams can come true! Comment.

Discover the wonders of science

The Book Worm: “The Storm,” by Virginia Bergin, is a screaming ride filled with loops and turns that make your stomach do flip-flops and your heart pound! Comment.