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Butterfly exploration

Featured Event: Explore the Blue Heron Nature Center and search for beautiful butterflies on April 4. Comment.

It’s electrifying!

Featured Event: Learn all about electricity and its role in the subway system at Electricity Live! this month at New York Transit Museum. Comment.

Drop right in at the Guggenheim

Featured Event: Enjoy an interactive Sunday at the museum. Comment.

Starting the discussion on gender

Letter from the Publisher: Fortunately, like many other topics in today’s more transparent world, the issue of a child’s gender is being addressed with greater sensitivity. Comment.

The Nanny Tax

Protect yourself and your nanny by legally with the “Nanny Tax.” Comment.

Family-friendly Boston

One of the oldest cities in our country, Boston, MA, is a destination for arts, sports, and American culture, with attractions suited for all ages. Comment.

Doctor’s office dos and don’ts for your children

Children spend a lot of time at the doctor’s office. And with all of the information out there and different options for different tests, a visit can quickly become confusing. Here’s what to stick to and what to avoid. Comment.

What happens to stored sperm or eggs after the donor dies?

Ask an Attorney: Many states have struggled with the complex legal issues presented when children are conceived before a parent’s death, but are born after the death. Comment.

Actions speak louder than words

Our expert says that when it comes to good communication with your spouse and kids, model the communication you want them to have with you. Start by being an active listener, and communicate clearly, consistently, honestly, and respectfully with them. Comment.

‘Gray’ divorce

Divorce & Separation: The number of couples who split after age 50 is growing. Comment.

Very special delivery

New & Noteworthy: Magnote’s Play-Deco wooden birthday cards are transformed by the recipient into 3-D robots. Comment.

Baby teeth, big problems

Family Health: Why prioritize oral health until children’s permanent teeth come in? Comment.

Hand and foot and mouth! Oh my!

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a highly contagious viral illness most prevalent during early childhood. Read on for symptoms to watch for and ways to soothe your child if they contract it. Comment.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Parents Helping Parents: Tips to help when a strong-willed 3 year old makes toilet training challenging. Comment.

Common Core tips from a teacher

Advice for students taking the Common Core English Language Arts exam in third through eighth grades. Comment.

Fifty ways to rekindle your relationship

How can we move from a “surviving” relationship to a thriving one? Here are 50 ideas. Comment.

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