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Letter from the Publisher

Cherishing peace and freedom

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I was reading an article the other day that I found very interesting, if not upsetting. How to discuss the news with your children, rather, how and when to talk to them about the violence happening around the world. I’m sure there was a time when one could perhaps escape from the barbarisms if one was lucky enough to live in a peaceful place, but these days, with the barrage of media blitz, it’s almost impossible not to be caught up in it.

I used to be employed by a man who read the tabloids every day and was constantly trying to discuss with me the horror story of the moment. When I tried to escape, he accused me of hiding from the realities of the world. I believed I was protecting my sanity.

With our children it is recommended that we let them be innocent as long as possible. It is highly recommended that the local news not be our dinner table background music. It is also recommended that we don’t bring up the massacres and tragedies until we absolutely have to because they are old enough to be aware of it themselves.

In this issue we touch on some very serious topics in, I trust, an intelligent way. We have an article by Tammy Scileppi about a young 8-year-old writer who has written a book about child refugees from Syria. We have a passionate but intelligent essay from our resident attorney, Alison Arden Besunder, about GUNS and their legal and constitutional right in New York State. Carolyn Waterbury-Tieman talks about parallels between child rearing and governing. All interesting and important conversations.

The Fourth of July is Independence Day, as we all know. It is also a time to celebrate the freedoms we have and the relative peace we enjoy here in our nation. So much of the planet remains in turmoil. The conversation will go on and on about immigrants and immigration. Personally, I am the product of four grandparents from four different countries who all found freedom in this nation. I also married a foreign national and I have lived in other places and visit other countries often. In my opinion, we must protect our own freedom by cherishing it for all and offering it to all comers.

Have a Happy Fourth! Be safe. Courage.

Susan Weiss-Voskidis, Publisher

Updated 5:00 pm, July 9, 2018
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