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Crib notes: All about babies

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Crib Notes

Maximum number of hours doctors told Doris and Jean Clarke’s parents their scrawny, newborn, identical twins would live: 24

Birthday the twins celebrated in 2010 at their Australia home: 100

Odds of identical twins living 100 years: 700 million to one

Birthdates of Michigan parents Chad and Barbara Soper’s three children: Aug. 8, 2008; Sept. 9, 2009; Oct. 10, 2010

Number of languages available for BabyFirst Mobile, a video-on-demand iPhone and iPad app with content for babies: 7

Number of words more toddlers who watched educational videos several times a week knew, compared to toddlers who didn’t watch: 0

Cost of Ritmo, a pregnancy belt with built-in speakers for junior’s listening pleasure in the womb: $129.99

Number of American-born babies in 2009 named Barack: 69

Number named Bo, the name of the Obamas’ dog: 782

Number of calories an 150-pound person burns running 15 minutes at a seven-mile-per-hour pace: 196

Number of calories she burns running the same time and pace while pushing a stroller: 250

Price of a 100 percent cashmere baby blanket from Red Envelope: $219.95

Price for one serving of homemade, organic baby food at GustOrganics, a New York City restaurant catering to parents and their toothless charges: $8.95

Sources: Woman’s Day (Australia), USA Today, Professional Services Close-Up, Education Week, Drug Store News, Socialsecurity.gov, My-calorie-counter.com, Livestrong.com, RedEnvelope.com, NYDailyNews.com

Updated 4:31 pm, July 9, 2018
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