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Celebrating in Queens

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Ten years ago we began Queens Family. It was shaky at first and we weren’t so certain we were going to make it, but we persevered and here we are. We formed important relationships and became a part of the landscape. Many of our best writers over the years have made their home in Queens, as does my sidekick in this engaging publishing enterprise, Sharon Noble.

Me, I live in Brooklyn, but I spend a lot of time in Queens. Why? It happens to be quite close to where I live in Brooklyn, but also because it’s one of the most interesting parts of New York and is perhaps the most diverse place on earth. I go to Queens to eat the best ethnic foods in town, and whether it’s Asian in Flushing or Indian in Jackson Heights, or Latin in Corona, or the great Greek Tavernas and Middle Eastern Restaurants in Astoria, I find myself spending a lot of time in Queens, and not just at the airports. Although, speaking of the airports, that’s undoubtedly why Queens is so remarkable and rich with possibilities; new arrivals coming in at JFK or LGA settled in Queens and have helped to make it a place where hundreds of additional languages are spoken along with English.

I used to get largely lost in Queens, but now with GPS devices, I don’t anymore. I liked being lost in Queens some of the time. It helped me explore new territory and discover fantastic neighborhoods I didn’t know were out there. Those discoveries culminated in our recent addition of 50 new street boxes across Queens and a deeper penetration into the communities.

On one of my lost forays, I discovered the dual jewels of Forest Hills Gardens and Jamaica Estates. Another time I got lost in Rego Park and ended up in Elmhurst. I’ve never figured out where Flushing begins and ends although I found out there is something for everyone in Queens. There are wonderful urban areas as well as beaches and shore. There’s the fascination of Steinway Street and Main Street and the beauty of The Rockaways and Sandy Point. They say that Queens isn’t a city, but to me it is, and it’s personified by its wonderful museums like the Museum of the Moving Image, PS 1 MOMA, The New York Hall of Science, as well as the National Tennis Center, the Queens Botanical Gardens and the Stadiums.

We made it through the difficult beginning and we’re still growing and flourishing. We want to thank the parents in Queens for their support and their loyalty as readers and contributors, and we want to thank our many advertisers for their business and for trusting that we could help make them grow. We want to thank the many teachers/educators who have helped us over the years to distribute and who have praised our editorial.

We’re proud to celebrate this Anniversary.

Thanks for reading!

Susan Weiss-Voskidis, Publisher

Updated 4:31 pm, July 9, 2018
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