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Egg-ceptionaly fun, funky, and festive egg decorating ideas

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Decorating eggs may be an Easter tradition, but eggs can start to look the same year after year.

This month, combine cute ideas with earth-saving decorating techniques and create these simple egg-decorating effects that kids of all ages can have fun with. Gather scraps, old magazines and foil wrappers from around the house and prepare to bedazzle your family’s Easter eggs with a little clever craftiness!

You’ll need:

• At least two dozen hard-boiled eggs, cooled and dried

• Glue sticks

• Old magazines

• Yarn scraps — preferably fuzzy, bumpy or hairy pieces

• Candy foil wrappers

• Colored glitter

• Scissors

Sparkly, personalized collage egg

Use magazines, newspapers or school worksheets to cut out cute colorful letters and graphics. Spell out your name or create a collage of favorite colors, animals or cartoon characters.

Apply the glue stick to the egg’s surface, then place cutouts on the egg and hold in place until they stick. Pour glitter into a small bowl, run the glue stick over the egg’s surface again, and roll in glitter.

Great as a table place card, these eggs can be part of the decor — and the Easter brunch!

Fuzzy eggs

Use fuzzy, hairy or bumpy yarn scraps to create these wrapped yarn eggs.

Starting at one end of the egg, apply a heavy application of the glue from the glue stick, and begin wrapping the yarn long-ways around the egg. Add extra glue to both ends to secure yarn.

Cut the scrap when finished and let dry for several hours.

Recycled foil fabulous

Collect foil wrappings from chocolate candies in festive spring colors (yes, eat extra chocolate if necessary).

Flatten the foil scraps.

Cover the eggshell with the glue stick and carefully apply the flattened foil layer.

Use scissors to cut small patterns, stripes or zigzags.

Apply extra glue to foil edges to keep them down.

Updated 11:55 am, December 12, 2016
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