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Celebrating love and loving

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Kids are starting to date in fifth and sixth grades, I’m told. The crushes of my youth were so innocent, compared to the “stirrings and behavior” of today’s preteens. Watching my daughter and her friends when she was in middle school was a real eye-opener for me, as I’m sure it is for many parents. Dating at that age is a hard one to get a handle on, and control over youngsters is often nonexistent. This month we feature an interesting and informative article about the need for parents to take the lead in discussions and be consistent with their children, in spite of other influences.

Personally, I have spent the last 10 years reeling sometimes as my tween and then teen daughter dealt with the variety of growth spurts — both emotionally and psychologically — that often daunted both of us. During those years there were issues of bullying from other girls, claiming of friends and former boyfriends, and competition in so many ways that presented both of us with a series of complexities.

How to help our children with all they will encounter and need to deal with is an ongoing education. We need all the expert advice we can get, and here within our magazines we attempt to provide as much good advice as possible in every issue. Love is an important topic. Learning to love and be loved with ease and delight, and recognizing real love, is what we’re all after in life, and what we certainly want for our children.

In February we celebrate love with candy, flowers, cards and other romantic notions and displays.

Personally, I’m for love all the time, every day, in every way and I don’t think this planet could possibly have enough of it. There is no possible overdose of true love or true devotion. Real love is displayed in many ways and sometimes it is even disguised behind impatience, arguing, jealousy and other feelings. Nothing in life is constantly showing its good side, not even love.

Winter is a special time to extend love to the friends, neighbors and family around you who may need your help, assistance or just a good hug, and this year, here in New York, there is no doubt that we are experiencing winter. Bundle up, hug each other, and let’s all hug our children in every way, every day.

Here’s to love. Thanks for reading!

Susan Weiss-Voskidis, Publisher

Updated 4:29 pm, July 9, 2018
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