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How to ensure vegan baby gets all required nutrients

How to ensure vegan baby gets all required nutrients

Family Health: It is absolutely possible for infants (and children) to get all the nutrients they need from a vegetable-based diet, but it does take some extra thought and planning. Read more…

Pregnancy superhero: Study ties mother’s folic acid intake to lower autism risk for baby

Autism: A new study found that women taking multivitamins with folic acid before and during pregnancy may lower their baby’s risk of autism. Read more…

New app seeks to reduce infant mortality

Sleep: The SIDS Info app provides new parents with information on safe-sleep guidelines to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Read more…

Reading between the lines: Popular toddler drinks are not healthy

Nutrition: Researchers found that transition formulas and milks, often called “toddler drinks,” are touted as having health benefits but contain powdered milk, corn syrup or sweeteners, and vegetable oil. Read more…

Preparing your child for the arrival of a new baby

Family Health: It’s important to talk with your children about what to expect when you’re expecting. Read more…

Slow down and enjoy parenting

Slow down and enjoy parenting

Family Values: Enjoy each stage of your child’s life with these tips. Read more…

Forecast: Snow babies? Natural disasters to blame for an increase in baby showers

Babies: There’s some truth to the urban legend that hospitals see spikes in births during — or nine months following — a storm or natural disaster. Read more…
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