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Estate Planning

Ditch the excuses and start the estate-planning process

Ask an Attorney: Here are some reasons to push through those objections and get this item off your to-do list. Read more…

Succession planning: What happens to your business when you die?

Ask an Attorney: Business owners need to ask and answer the question to ensure the fate of their company is what they would have wanted if they become disabled or die. Read more…

Estate planning hot topics: What cryonics and Bitcoin mean for your future

Ask an Attorney: This month our legal eagle addressing these two hot topics in estate planning. Read more…

What is a blind trust — and who should have one?

Ask an Attorney: Employees who work in the financial sector — and their spouses — are sometimes subject to investment restrictions because of their access to confidential information. Some companies allow these employees and family members to place their assets in a blind trust. Read more…

Understanding the 2017 tax reform

Ask an Attorney: Here is an overview of the new changes, with some recommended things to consider and potential steps to take if they make sense for your family’s situation. Read more…

Student loans: Until death do us part?

Student loans: Until death do us part?

Ask an Attorney: College students in the United States have amassed a record amount of loan debt, that can be forgiven only in death — and only under certain circumstances. Read more…

Resolve to do better financially in the new year

Family Issues: To make the most of your money and finances, make some concrete, achievable resolutions as soon as 2018 begins — and stick to them. Read more…
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