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Protect your daughter in hazardous digital world

Mental Health: Author Laurie Wolk shares advice on how parents and their daughters can avoid the emotional distress of bad digital encounters. Read more…
Hot Topics: Bullying is still rampant in our schools and communities. So, where are we going wrong? Read more…

Parents should be vigilant about their children’s smartphone use

Sleep: Experts say smartphone abuse can have a negative impact on school performance. Read more…

Life-saving self-defense tips for children

As children get older and parental supervision is decreased, parents need to make sure their children are physically prepared for their new-found independence. Read more…

Coping with bullying: A new book that can help parents and kids

Raising Girls: A Brooklyn author and educator is addressing bullying within high school in her new young adult fiction book, “Englisha and Laurenthina: Best Friends Forever?” Read more…

Holding schools accountable for bullying

Mental Health: Here’s what parents should know about schools’ accountability in cases of bullying and when parents can take legal action. Read more…
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