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Discipline: Try a token system for encouraging behavioral change in a child struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read more…

Discussion vs. discipline: Five practical parenting tips about setting limits

Discipline: A parent’s job is to teach children through limits while modeling healthy ways to deal with any frustrations that come up in response. Read more…

Ditch punishment for praise

Ditch punishment for praise

Discipline: Punishment does NOT need to be part of a successful parenting equation. Read more…

Problems with misbehavior? Dr. Marcie Beigel’s ‘Love Your Family Again’ could be the solution

Discipline: Dr. Beigel’s new book is a reference guide for families whenever misbehavior arises. Read more…
Schooling: Good homework habits should be fostered early, with parents setting a productive study environment and monitoring their children’s work — but never stepping in and doing it themselves. Read more…
Behavior Strategies: Focusing on what your child does right, behavior-wise, is preferable to critiquing what he does wrong. Read more…
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