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Sports: Simple preparations parents can make for the unexpected and keep young athletes focused on enjoying the game. Read more…

Basketball safety: Preventing injuries on and off the court

Basketball safety: Preventing injuries on and off the court

Family Health: Basketball can be fun to play and great exercise, but the game is also a contact sport, and injuries frequently occur. Many injuries can be prevented if players follow the rules of the game, train correctly, and play in safe environments. Read more…

Are kids overdoing sports? How much is too much?

Safety: Kids are participating in organized and recreational athletics at a younger age and competing more than they were two decades ago. So it’s no surprise that sports injuries have become more common. Read more…
Featured Event: Pause/Play plays host to a day of enercise, swimming, yoga and a disco dance party on Family Fit Day at the 14th Street Y—Downtown Jewish Life on Jan. 6. Read more…
Featured Event: Parents and kids of all ages can marvel at hard-charging, high-flying top bullriders compete for thousands in prize money at Madison Square Garden. Read more…
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