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Why consider charter schools?

Education: For families in the midst of school-search season, the city’s charter schools are another option you can consider. Published Mar 10, 2019

NYC Winter Outing program helps families take in city attractions — and stay within budget

Restaurant Week, Broadway Week, and Must-See Week come together for three weeks of family fun in the city. Published Jan 30, 2019

Teach kids to give back to New Yorkers in need this holiday season

Feeding Your Family: Donate to or organize your own food drive to help families struggling to put food on the table. Published Dec 11, 2018

Coding for all: Mom’s All Star coding class opens doors in tech for young men of color

Raising Boys: This Manhattan mom, daughter of the business wunderkind Reginald F. Lewis, started the program to teach black and Latino young men coding and technology. Published Sep 5, 2018

Dove Self-Esteem Project helping girls embrace their own beauty

Raising Girls: With the help of Debbie Allen and Shonda Rhimes, the company’s initiative is encouraging girls to have confidence in themselves. Published Aug 19, 2018

Reading between the lines: Popular toddler drinks are not healthy

Nutrition: Researchers found that transition formulas and milks, often called “toddler drinks,” are touted as having health benefits but contain powdered milk, corn syrup or sweeteners, and vegetable oil. Published Jun 7, 2018

Junot Diaz debuts first children’s book, ‘Islandborn’

The New York Times best-seller’s new picture book explores diversity and imagination through the eyes of a young girl. Published Jun 6, 2018

Choosing charters: Many New York parents find charter schools to be best fit for their kids

Education: Many New Yorkers are choosing charter schools over traditional public schools for their children — and it’s leading to a charter school expansion. Published Mar 6, 2018

Forecast: Snow babies? Natural disasters to blame for an increase in baby showers

Babies: There’s some truth to the urban legend that hospitals see spikes in births during — or nine months following — a storm or natural disaster. Published Feb 25, 2018

Reach out a helping hand to the hurricane stricken

Safety: There are a variety of ways you and your familiy can donate relief to those still suffering in the wake of devastating storms. Published Nov 10, 2017

Year-round family-friendly activities in New York City

Show your kids what all the fuss is about and show them their city on a year-round basis, not just when relatives are visiting. Published Oct 22, 2017

Good government: Brooklyn Tech High School student government wins the gold

Education: The National Association of Student Councils awarded this specialized high school the 2017 National Gold Council of Excellence Award. Published Oct 12, 2017

End of summer and beginning of the new school year

Letter from the Publisher: Wishing families all the best as the kids head back to the classroom. Published Sep 1, 2017

Considering after-school programs? Choose wisely

Child Development: From sports to academic tutoring, there’s a wide range of extracurricular options for school-age children. Published Sep 7, 2017

Year-round family-friendly activities in New York City

Show your kids what all the fuss is about and show them their city on a year-round basis, not just when relatives are visiting. Published Jul 22, 2017

Family-friendly summer activities in New York City

Vacations: Here are 10 terrific activities for enjoying time with the family around the five boroughs. Published Jul 10, 2017

Double duty: Bilingual children’s books entertain and teach valuable skills

Education: For bilingual children, language skills are stronger, and early reading skills tend to come more easily. Published Jun 15, 2017

Ending Wiliams Syndrome: Family Fun Day and Carnival raise funds to fight rare disorder

Health: A New York mom’s passion for helping her daughter — who was diagnosed with a rare disorder, and others like her, has created an event that has grown from a modest walk to a full-blown carnival at the 79th Street Boat Basin. Published May 2, 2017

Bronx students give back: Kids helping Flint’s water crisis and their local community

Tweens: Young philanthropists from the Walter Damrosch School are benefiting from hand-on learning opportunities and coming to the aid of others at the same time. Published Apr 11, 2017

Small museums and short trips: Discover lesser-known gems just outside of NYC spring

Travel: Exploring lesser-known cultural institutions while in a familiar city makes the destination feel fresh again. Published Mar 24, 2017

Health coverage

Letter from the Publisher: This month we are packed with stories about health — from achieving your weight-loss goals to the dangers of mercury poisoning to exploring the city’s museums for your intellectual well-being. Published Feb 1, 2017

Museum family programs for winter break

Holidays: Exhibits and museums to check out with your children during February vacation. Published Feb 13, 2017

Talking food: Cooking prodigy Jesse Gunn tells us about his prize-winning dish

Raising Boys: This talented young chef won $30,000 for a lunchroom makeover for the East Side Community School in a contest held by the Uncle Ben’s rice brand. Published Jan 13, 2017

How to handle election discussion with your children

Raising Girls: Tips for how parents — some still struggling with the 2016 election results — can talk about what it means for 2017 with their children. Published Jan 6, 2017

Giving back: Opportunities for kids to volunteer in New York City

Raising Girls: Here are a few ideas for what your family can do to help others around the holidays. Published Dec 6, 2016

A changing table in every restroom: A dad’s take on Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act

Single Parenting: A new law signed by President Obama mandates that all restrooms in public buildings include baby-changing stations. Published Dec 8, 2016

Uniquely Rosie

Special Needs: A mother of a special-needs son uses their experiences to pen a series of thoughtful and creative books starring a pink hippo. Published Nov 12, 2016

Painting a brighter future

Teens: Several city museums offer programs to help young artists hone their talents and expose them to great works of art. Published Oct 5, 2016

Getting every kid in the parks

Fourth graders and their families can take advantage of free admission to connect with nature, learn about our nation’s history, and get active by visiting the country’s national parks through the Every Kid in a Park program. Published Sep 17, 2016

Philanthropy in 3D

Teens: A Manhattan teen is passionate about changing kids’ lives with 3D printing. Published Aug 16, 2016

Results 1–30 of 71.

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