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Long Island Family

My daughter is gaining weight

Twice the Advice: A dad looks for a tactful way to address his teenage daughter’s caloric intake. Comments (1)

Finance vs. romance

When moms go to the office, will the dads keep the home fires burning? Comment

The joy of picture books

Your child isn’t worrying about getting into an Ivy League college while she reads picture books — and neither should you. Comment

Caveman cometh

How our ancient past defines our actions. Comment

Food labels: A good read

Good Sense Eating: How to educate yourself — and you kids about decoding package labels. Comment

Defeat battle fatigue

Put these strategies for being a better parent to an ADHD kid to the test. Comment

The difference between life and death

The recent suicides of several gay teens may have been prevented with acceptance and love from their family. Comment

Hard habit to break

Parents Helping Parents: After a teacher comments on a child’s nervous tic, how can this parent help his kid kick his nosepickin’ ways? Comment

If you give a kid a cookie

Growing Up Online: Making sense of online privacy Comment

Give winter doldrums a karate chop 

Help your kids stay active this winter with martial arts classes. Comment

Ten reasons to encourage goofing off

Studying and structured activities are important, but overlooking playtime could have negative consequences for your child. Comment

Have a ‘Despicable’ movie night

Cinematters: Watch new DVD with the whole family and add to the fun with our Play Together activity. Comment

Eat a frog for breakfast

Here are four quick tips to ensure there’s more time for you in 2011. Comments (1)

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Tips from the experts on how to keep your kids toasty — and safe — when winter winds howl. Comment

No jacket required

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Teens hate wearing jackets, so what’s a good parent to do? Comment

The story of science is ever-changing

Your child can learn something new at the New York Hall of Science. Comment

Turning the page

Newbie Dad: This author passes down the joys of collecting to his sons, who soon develop a passion for a series of books. Comments (1)

Understand math angst

Improving your child’s math skills begins with understanding why he doesn’t like the subject. Comment

January it figures

Check out these facts and figures for the month of January. Comment

‘Pop-Up’ to it

New & Noteworthy: ‘Outside Voices’ is a must-have new album. Comment

Constipation in children happens

Good Sense Eating: Keep it from being chronic with these easy diet tips. Comment

Letter from the publisher

Letter from the Publisher: As of this writing, we have been lucky and haven’t had any blizzards or massive rains like the West Coast or Western Europe. My college-age daughter was one of those travelers who flew into the craziness of the European airports in mid-December for winter college break and to travel with her big brother. What a mess! Comment

Say Ohmies

Featured Event: Dance along with The Ohmies at this interactive musical. Comment

Leave no wall bare

New & Noteworthy: Here’s a simple and fun way to decorate your child’s bedroom! Comment

Giddy up!

New & Noteworthy: Check out the perfect pair of ‘boots’ for your newborn. Comment

The look of Lazoo

New & Noteworthy: Dress up your kid this winter in these fun matching sets Comment