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Long Island Family

A bucket of back-to-school tips

Make sure you get and A in your child’s organization. Comment

Disney Cruise has fun for the whole family

This year, my husband and I wanted to take our first family vacation with our 4-year-old daughter, Chase. I was concerned about finding a vacation that would suit all of our desires for eight days — entertainment for our daughter, activities for all of us to enjoy and, most of all, babysitting services. Comment

Super-sized summer

Newbie Dad: Kids today have the coolest toys for hot days! Comment

Baby Oh Baby!

New & Noteworthy: You don’t wash you child’s face and hair with just any soap or shampoo. That’s where products like Baby Oh Baby come in. Comment

Money in the bank

New & Noteworthy: Feed the pig! Comment

For budding green thumbs

New & Noteworthy: Need some “help” in the garden? Have your little one get an lesson in ecology thanks to this handy gardening tool set for children from Wrapables. Comment

The summer is ending, but there’s still time for a vacation

Letter from the Publisher: It’s August already. Isn’t it amazing how the summer weeks whizz by? July was a hot month and seemed more like August, which makes me wonder what August will be like. The days are getting shorter, although there’s still plenty of light at the end of the day to eat outdoors, have dinner on the beach, or barbeque on the grill. Comment

The girl who wouldn’t bathe

One mom’s quest for her toddler’s cleanliness Comment

Your hair color and your health

What your locks say about your life. Comment

Weighing in

Kathy makes her mark! Comment

Helping a sedentary child appreciate an active lifestyle

Parents Helping Parents: Here’s how to your couch potato up and running — without making him feel bad. Comment

Healthy hydration

During the hot months, keep your kids drinking Comment

College road trip

By the time your child is entering her junior year in high school, you should consider visiting colleges. Back in the last century, my folks never took me to visit any colleges until I was accepted, but it is a different world today. Comment

Lay, baby, lay

New & Noteworthy: Finally, Bob Zimmerman’s face can be plastered on your baby! Comment

Just in time: cool clocks

New & Noteworthy: You might be a ways away from teaching your child how to tell the difference between the minute hand and the hour hand, but it’s never too early to start. Besides, these clocks are too cute to pass up. Comment

‘Midsummer Night’s’ treat

Featured Event: A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, and with good reason: the costumes are great, the lines are funny, and the story is easy to follow. Comment

The Wiggles in 3-D

Featured Event: It’s the Wiggles live! Comment

Free online filtration system

Growing Up Online: How to make sure your kid sees only what you want him to see Comment

Say whaat?

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Keeping you cool when teens talk back Comment

Shake off the salt

Good Sense Eating: Many of us have had a long love affair with salt, but that may be about to change. Earlier this year, the Institute of Medicine urged the U.S. government to gradually reduce the maximum amount of sodium that food companies and restaurants can add to foods. Comment

It figures

School Snippets Comment

Funder the sea!

Featured Event: If “The Little Mermaid” or “Finding Nemo” leaves you aching for more underwater adventures, then the off-Broadway production of “ImaginOcean” is for you. Comment

Free rides at the Carousel

Featured Event: The best family fun ride in the heart of Brooklyn just got better: Prospect Park’s 1912 Carousel is free for kids under the age of 12 every Thursday in August. Comment