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Letter from the Publisher

School’s open

Letter from the Publisher: This month features stories on after-school activities, sleep routines, shopping savings, and treating athlete head injuries. Comment.

Mid-summer musings

Letter from the Publisher: Talking about Back to School at the end of July is getting on my nerves. I’m not the only one. Our social media guru and columnist Danielle Sullivan and I had the same thought going. Comment.

Summer fun in the city

Letter from the Publisher: There’s so much for families to do in the city during summer. Comment.

Being responsible

Letter from the Publisher: We have to trust and want the best for our kids. It is important, however, to do the homework and not put forth blind trust. Comment.

Mother’s Day musings

Letter from the Publisher: Looking back on the maternal experience and wishing all moms a happy Mother’s Day. Comment.

Loving the Earth

Letter from the Publisher: Our April issue has plenty of tips and ideas to get your family saving the earth. Comments (1).

What a winter!

Letter from the Publisher: We’re all ready for an end to snow and ice. Comments (1).

Thinking of love

Letter from the Publisher: Love is in the air. Comments (2).

One-Year Later: Newtown

Letter from the Publisher: The publisher revisits the Newtown tragedy a year later. Comment.

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