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Letter from the Publisher

Winners again in 2015

Letter from the Publisher: Parenting Media Association (PMA) gave out 301 Editorial and Design Competition and General Excellence awards to parenting magazines at a banquet on February 28, the climax of the three-day PMA Annual Convention, this year held in Baltimore, MD. There were 630 entries for this year’s competition. Comment.

Starting the discussion on gender

Letter from the Publisher: Fortunately, like many other topics in today’s more transparent world, the issue of a child’s gender is being addressed with greater sensitivity. Comment.

Parenting choices all month long

Letter from the Publisher: Spring is on the way and now is the time to research summer camps and look ahead to the next school year. Comment.

Desperate need of love

Letter from the Publisher: We have mused on the topic of love in many ways in this issue. Comment.

Thoughts on 2015

Letter from the Publisher: As New York parents we must provide our children with as much contact with other people as possible. Comment.

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