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Parents Helping Parents

How many after-school activities are too many for your child?

Parents Helping Parents: Kids often benefit from extracurricular activities, but overscheduling or choosing the wrong activities that don’t interest your child won’t do him any good. Comment.

Fostering individuality in twins

Parents Helping Parents: Help your twins develop their own personality. Comment.

Special-needs teens and dating

Parents Helping Parents: There is often more parental involvement, patience, and care needed with a special-needs child who is navigating her first potential boyfriend. Comment.

Meeting other parents in the big city

Parents Helping Parents: Being new to New York City can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to create a network of friends for both you and baby. Comment.

Pumping difficulty for working new mom

Parents Helping Parents: Pumping while juggling the demands of a job, home, and new infant is a tremendous accomplishment and simply may not be possible for all moms. Comment.

What to do when our child’s friends steal?

Parents Helping Parents: What adults can do when some children are caught up in troublesome behavior. Comment.

Advice for a new mom

Parents Helping Parents: Support for a new mother who is struggling with pumping while working. Comment.

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