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Growing Up Online

Reading fast and reading slow

Growing Up Online: Studies show that children need to learn how to both quickly scan online articles and deeply digest physical books. Comment.

The best bullying prevention

Growing Up Online: Understanding the true definition of bullying and how to help your children handle it. Comment.

Helping kids get enough sleep in a 24-7 world

Growing Up Online: Help kids develop a genuine appreciation for the benefits of sleep so they will make healthy decisions even when you aren’t around. Comment.

Locking up your family’s online assets

Growing Up Online: Unfortunately, parents who are very conscientious about other forms of family security often do the virtual equivalent of leaving the key under the doormat. Comment.

The new peer pressure

Growing Up Online: Peer pressure is nothing new, but research finds that social media can exacerbate the problem. Comment.

Nine apps that keep kids moving

Growing Up Online: Some kids need a little encouragement to step away from their gadgets so they can get active. Now, that encouragement comes from the devices themselves. Comment.

Is social media making your family miserable?

Growing Up Online: Much of the early research on how social media impacts mental health was contradictory. Most recent research indicates that what really matters is how people use social media. Here are some guidelines to consider. Comment.

Common sense about selfies

Growing Up Online: People, especially kids, are taking a lot of pictures of themselves and posting them on social media sites. Here are some topics to discuss with your kids about images they are putting out there. Comment.

How texting can strengthen relationships

Growing Up Online: A few studies suggest that, like other forms of communication, texting has the power to bring people closer. Depending on how it is used, it can also create conflict. Help your teen understand this distinction, and how texting etiquette can help. Comment.

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