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Growing Up Online

Dealing with distraction

Growing Up Online: Many parents are conscientious about making rules for when and how kids can use technology. But what about rules for parents? Comment.

Should toys talk to kids?

Growing Up Online: Parents will want to think carefully before purchasing the holiday season’s talking toys. Are they watching and listening to your family? Comment.

Becoming mindful about photos

Growing Up Online: Parents should think seriously about what impact posting cute baby pictures on social media sites today may have on their child in the future. Comment.

Apps that connect families and nature

Growing Up Online: A study found that many parents don’t believe their children get enough time outdoors. Ironically, there are many apps and websites that support a deeper involvement with the world beyond the screen. Comment.

6 tips to help girls cultivate a positive body image

Growing Up Online: Parents may not be able to dominate the conversations about appearance that are going on in social media, but they can and should comment. Comment.

Recognizing fake news

Growing Up Online: Learning to distinguish between reliable and bogus information on the internet is a crucial skill in the 21st century. Parents can help their kids by talking about distinguishing between credible sources and satire and encouraging kids to ask the following questions. Comment.

Emojis, acronyms, and emoticons

Growing Up Online: To get a grip on what kids are saying via abbreviations and smileys, parents need to know the most common forms of code. Comment.

How old is old enough for social networking?

Growing Up Online: There are several compelling reasons — including legal ones — to think twice before allowing children under the age of 13 to sign up for any social media site designed for adults. Comment.

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