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Good Sense Eating

Keep it or toss it?

Good Sense Eating: What do sell-by, best-by, and use-by really mean? Comment.

Save more green by discarding less greens

Good Sense Eating: We’re sensitive to price while grocery shopping, but we throw out much of our hard-earned money when food goes to waste. Here are some tips to get the most from your fridge. Comment.

Meet your meat

Good Sense Eating: A tour of chicken production facilities dispelled some myths this columnist believed about how chickens are raised and processed. Comment.

Food safety at the farmers’ market

Good Sense Eating: Most markets have their own food safety rules, as well as related government regulations. But there are basic guidelines you should follow, too. Comment.

Dad’s eating for two

Good Sense Eating: Research suggests a father’s diet and weight before conception can have lifelong consequences for his children. Comment.

Your issues, their issues?

Good Sense Eating: A mom’s past experience with weight and self-image certainly influences how she feeds her children. Comment.

Kids going raw

Good Sense Eating: Some adults swear by the Raw Food Diet, arguing that once food is cooked, enzymes essential for digestion are gone. But what impact does the diet have on a child’s developing body, and what nutrients should be closely monitored? Comment.

The forbidden fruit

Good Sense Eating: Food restriction is counterproductive, makes forbidden foods all the more appealing, and makes your child want to eat them more. Comment.

Boning up on kids’ health

Good Sense Eating: According to a recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, osteoporosis may have its roots in the bone mass acquired as kids. Consuming enough calcium and vitamin D and practicing weight-bearing activity are important for healthy bones. Comment.

Go ahead, play with your food

Good Sense Eating: The next time your little one smears mashed peas all over, you may want to reframe it as a “learning experience.” Also, a recipe for the Swedish comfort food, pea soup. Comment.

Fight colds and flu with foods

Good Sense Eating: One of the most important things you can do is to consume foods rich in probiotics. Comment.

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