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Family Health archive

Family Health

Caring for a colicky baby

Family Health: How can you know for sure if your baby’s crying is due to colic, and what can you do about it? Comment

A healthy start to the school year ahead

Family Health: Make sure your children’s transition from the pool to the classroom is as smooth and healthy as possible. Comment

Taking the teeth out of dog bite fears

Family Health: Children can easily get carried away when playing with a dog, so it’s important to teach them the correct way to interact with a canine and recognize cues that the pooch has had enough. Comment

Proper first aid for minor injuries

Family Health: Tips to treat bumps and scrapes that don’t require an emergency room visit. Comment

Is it sore or strep?

Family Health: Strep throat often has similar onset symptoms to the common cold or the flu. Telling the difference between the two isn’t always easy. Comment

Hit me with your best shot

Family Health: You’ll ensure your child has the best shot at a healthy life if you don’t fall prey to the latest rumors about the dangers of vaccinations. Comment

Lead poisoning: signs and prevention tips

Family Health: Lead poisoning is easy to prevent, and with proper precaution you can minimize your child’s risk of exposure. Comment

Safety on the ice

Family Health: A tween may worry about looking “uncool” while wearing safety gear while ice skating with friends, but this doc says the alternative could result in brain damage from head trauma. Comment