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Family Health

Halloween candy: Tricks for their treats

Family Health: How can parents let their kids enjoy their trick-or-treat candy haul, but still keep them healthy? Comment.

Straight talk about scoliosis

Family Health: How can a parent tell the difference between a teenager’s poor posture and actual scoliosis? Comment.

Be smart about screen usage

Family Health: Too much screen time can have negative health impacts for children and teens, but how can parents balance screen usage when many academic tasks require a computer? Comment.

Itch to scratch

Family Health: Lice thrive in warmer weather, and have ample opportunity to spread from one child to another during playtime, camp activities, and the many other chances children will have to come into contact during the summer. Comment.

Helmets and concussions: myths vs. reality

Family Health: Do helmets really protect against concussions? Comment.

Immunotherapy for allergies

Family Health: immunotherapy remains the only treatment that can alter the natural course of an allergic disease. Comment.

Hit me with your best shot

Family Health: As a parent, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of things to worry about when it comes to your child, but vaccines shouldn’t be among them. Comment.

Baby teeth, big problems

Family Health: Why prioritize oral health until children’s permanent teeth come in? Comment.

Keep an eye out for conjunctivitis

Family Health: The causes, symptoms, and treatment for conjunctivitis, commonly called pinkeye. Comment.

Treating pediatric acid reflux

Family Health: Diagnosing your child’s acid reflux begins with a visit to the pediatrician. Comment.

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