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Family Health

Heat of the moment

Family Health: By following these safety precautions, you will have a better understanding of the dos and don’ts of burn care. Comment.

Diagnosis and treatment of childhood epilepsy

Family Health: Epilepsy can begin at any age and strike at any time, but often starts in childhood. More than three million Americans have this seizure disorder, but with the right approach, the vast majority can control their seizures and have a normal and happy life. Comment.

Pertussis can be a big whoop

Family Health: Pertussis — or whooping cough — can be prevented by immunizations, but it is still a serious and highly contagious disease. Comment.

Keep your little fish free of swimmer’s ear

Family Health: Ear-clogging pool water can lead to more serious aural complications. Comment.

A nose for trouble: Addressing adenoiditis

Family Health: Adenoiditis can be a serious condition, but the array of options available to effectively address it means that your child can be breathing easily before you know it. Comment.

What is a neonatal intensive care unit?

Family Health: What can a parent with an infant staying in a neonatal intensive care unit expect? Comment.

Take the sun, but avoid the burn

Family Health: Tips for avoiding the unwanted effects of sunburn. Comment.

You be the judge

Family Health: Here are some basic first aid tips for cuts and bruises, and knowing when it’s time to visit the emergency room. Comment.

iPacify: Docs concerned over electronics use by toddlers

Family Health: Does allowing your child to be mollified by “smart” devices during such important years of development have bad effects? Comments (1).

Helping newborns have a healthy smile

Family Health: Parents should take steps to provide good oral care for their newborn from day one. Comment.

The value of vitamins

Family Health: Do children really need multivitamins? Comment.

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