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Divorce & Separation

Mediation vs. the truly uncompromising party

Divorce & Separation: “My way or the highway”-type people are usually poor candidates for mediation. They won’t get anywhere because they are unwilling or unable to make compromises. Comment.

Working together to secure financial aid for college

Divorce & Separation: As divorced parents, we need to learn how the financial aid process works and communicate with the other parent to make it possible for a child to accumulate the least amount of debt in pursuit of higher education. Comments (2).

Social networks and divorce

Divorce & Separation: An article found that social networking sites — and Facebook in particular — may lead to or speed up a dissolving marriage. Comment.

The importance of being a proactive father

Divorce & Separation: Mets player Daniel Murphy was recently criticized for taking some time off to be with his wife and child after his son’s birth. But by being an involved parent right from the start, our columnist developed a better sense of how to care for his daughter. Comment.

Mutual and other mistakes can stall a divorce

Divorce & Separation: The Hacketts were divorced: on January 12, 2006, the parties settled their divorce action and executed a written settlement agreement. Comment.

Financial infidelity can lead to marital strife

Divorce & Separation: As couples, we argue about money. Or avoid the subject. When there is financial infidelity, relationships suffer even greater strains. Comment.

Divorce and domestic violence

Divorce & Separation: A look at whether mediation should be completely ruled out for a couple with a history of domestic violence. Comments (1).

Low-cost divorce services

Divorce & Separation: Many couples find answers to their separation and divorce concerns at Community Dispute Resolution Centers throughout the state. Comment.

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