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Divorce & Separation

‘Best interest’ of the child is a vague notion

Divorce & Separation: In New York, there is no standard definition of the often-heard term. Comment.

To pay or not to pay

Divorce & Separation: A judge was tasked with deciding whether a woman could receive alimony — since she may not have been married in the first place. Comment.

Child support and poor families

Divorce & Separation: How can children still be provided for without further hurting poor families? Comment.

I saw it on Facebook

Divorce & Separation: A wife proved to the court that the only successful way of notifying her husband of divorce filings was on the social media site. Comment.

‘Gray’ divorce

Divorce & Separation: The number of couples who split after age 50 is growing. Comment.

When friends badmouth your partner

Divorce & Separation: Listening to friends or family badmouth a partner during a divorce can worsen problems rather than solve them. Comment.

Information clients should have regarding mediation

Divorce & Separation: Should divorce lawyers tell clients about mediation, when doing so might cost them? Comment.

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