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Divorce & Separation

Listening in

Divorce & Separation: Is it okay to record a conversation without a person’s consent for the sake of a child? Comment

A certified divorce financial analyst

Divorce & Separation: Different professionals may be needed while a couple goes through the divorce process. Comment

Is mandatory mediation a good idea?

Divorce & Separation: Should mediation be mandatory in New York? Or should clients have all the necessary information to make their own informed decisions about mediation versus litigation? Comment

A question of marital fault

Divorce & Separation: A recent case brought up the question of whether a husband who had been found guily of raping his wife could be entitled to money in their divorce case. Comment

Do we need a parenting schedule?

Divorce & Separation: For most families, a schedule detailing when a child will visit with each parent is of great value — for every member of the family. Comment

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