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Death by Children archive

Death by Children

Cave diving with the insane

Death by Children: A vacation to Mexico introduced this family to what cave bats smell like. Read more…

Cooking for the family, or, the special dietary needs of the palate-deficient

Death by Children: It’s tough living with kids, because they just can’t appreciate their dad’s confit de canard and braised escarole. Read more…

Into the jaws of a family vacation

Death by Children: An outing with the kids transforms into terrifying wreck-creation. Read more…

Hand-me-up shoes

Death by Children: Our columnist likes his son’s high-top Converse sneakers so much — and has such small feet — that he likes to wear them more than sometimes. Read more…

The family that texts together

Death by Children: Our columnist and his family have found the laziest form of communication. Read more…