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Ask an Attorney archive

Ask an Attorney

Choose a guardian for your children

Ask an Attorney: Preparing and executing a Last Will and Testament and Designation of Standby Guardian now can save your family time and expense in emergency situations. Comment

A closer look at our gun laws

Ask an Attorney: The massacre at in an Orlando club has prompted this attorney to take a closer look at the gun laws of New York State. Comment

What happens to my apartment if my spouse dies?

Ask an Attorney: What happens to property ownership if a couple splits or one person dies? Comment

What’s an executor?

Ask an Attorney: What does an executor do, and can you decline when someone names you executor in their will? Comment

Can student loan debt outlive you?

Ask an Attorney: The crushing amount of student loan debt raises questions about if and when these debts are forgiven, and what happens to them when a borrower dies. Comment

Leaving a retirement account to a minor

Ask an Attorney: How should grandparents handle accounts they would like to leave to grandchildren who are under 18? Comments (1)