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Ask an Attorney

Protecting your online legacy

Ask an Attorney: Taking the time to organize passwords and log in information for all your digital accounts will, in the long run, assure your documents and memories end up in the right hands after your death. Comment.

A life ends and a college education begins

Ask an Attorney: How will a mother’s inheritance impact her child’s ability to maximize financial aid for college tuition? Comment.

How to title a home deed

Ask an Attorney: There are three ways owners can title their real property, each with its own pros and cons. Comment.

Marriage and citizenship

Ask an Attorney: When one spouse is not a U.S. citizen, what special requirements must be incorporated into your will? Comment.

Last will and testament

Ask an Attorney: You should revise your will periodically, espcecially if you have children.. Comment.

Taking care of older parents

Ask an Attorney: Starting the conversation of how you’ll take care of your parents when they’re older is tricky. Here’s are some examples of how to broach the subject. Comment.

What happens to stored sperm or eggs after the donor dies?

Ask an Attorney: Many states have struggled with the complex legal issues presented when children are conceived before a parent’s death, but are born after the death. Comment.

Is life insurance necessary?

Ask an Attorney: Why a person would need life insurance and how to structure it. Comment.