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Ask an Attorney

How to be a good witness

Ask an Attorney: Here are some tips on how to be a good witness, just in case you’re called to testify and all you know about court proceedings is from watching episodes of “Law and Order.” Comment.

What is a QPRT?

Ask an Attorney: Understanding the name and meaning of a qualified personal residence trust. Comment.

Understanding rent-stabilized apartments

Ask an Attorney: Stating who can live in your rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartment after you die requires documentation. Comment.

Helping a parent ‘age in place’

Ask an Attorney: New York State residents can take advantage of options that let the elderly obtain living assistance without emptying their or their childrens’ pocketbooks. Comment.

What are the rules for inherited IRAs?

Ask an Attorney: Is money inherited in a non-spouse’s IRA protected from claims of bankruptcy? Comment.

Understanding irrevocable trusts

Ask an Attorney: Not all trusts are the same, and there is no “one size fits all” for every situation. Here is a brief explanation of some types of trusts that are commonly used. Comment.

How the new state budget affects you

Ask an Attorney: The state examined the impact of taxes on New Yorkers and passed a budget that will exempt almost 90 percent of all New York estates from estate tax. Comment.

Designating care for your children

Ask an Attorney: Examining another tool in the estate planning toolbox: the designation of a “person in parental relation.” Comment.

What happens when my aging dad can’t care for himself?

Ask an Attorney: Many people never sign a health care proxy or power of attorney until they are well-beyond their ability to care for themselves. Here’s what may happen at that point. Comment.

Prepare for an estate planning meeting

Ask an Attorney: Here are a few issues you — and, if you’re in a relationship, you and your spouse — should discuss before meeting with an estate planning attorney. Comment.

New Year’s resolutions

Ask an Attorney: Here’s a breakdown of what to do in each month of 2014. Comment.

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