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A Teen’s Take

Freshman year jitters

A Teen’s Take: College is an exciting time for teenagers, but the changes that come with it can make it a seemingly daunting experience. Comment

Newsflash: Teens need to read newspapers, too

A Teen’s Take: Our teen columnist encourages peers to stay up-to-date on events around the world. Comments (1)

Teens are in a pickle over drinking

A Teen’s Take: In today’s society, teenagers seem in a rush to grow up, using fake IDs and drinking alcohol. Comment

Teens keep learning during summer break

A Teen’s Take: This teen encourages her peers to take up a new skill, sport, or hobby during their vacation. Also, use the free time to get tutoring in a tough subject. Comment

Counting her blessings: Teen shares story of rejection and acceptance

A Teen’s Take: A college rejection or wait list can feel like the end of the world for teen scholars. But our columnist has words of encouragement and resilience for all college hopefuls. Comments (2)

History of New York offers new thrills

A Teen’s Take: Living in New York City gives teenagers opportunities to explore their hobbies and interests, and pursue possible career paths. This teen columnist shares what she learned while interning at the New-York Historical Society. Comment

Sleep no more

A Teen’s Take: Being a high school student these days often means giving up valuable sleep to fit in more homework or activities. Comment

How teens can combat bullying

A Teen’s Take: Our teen columnist writes about her personal experiences with bullies, and how she got help. Comments (1)

Being an only child

A Teen’s Take: Our teen columnist reflects on growing up as an only child. Comment