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You CAN save money as a stay-at-home mom

Just Write Mom: Deciding to stay at home as a mom is a huge undertaking, and not one taken lightly. Here are some tips to help you save money. Comment.

Surviving the sophomore slump

Letter from College: The sophomore slump is a common case of the blues that plagues some second-year college students when their experience fails to live up to their expectations. Comment.

Historical fiction that’s perfect for kids

The Book Worm: “Stella by Starlight” by Sharon M. Draper is perfect historical-fiction novel a 7- to 12-year-old reader will eat up. Comment.

Keep an eye out for conjunctivitis

Family Health: The causes, symptoms, and treatment for conjunctivitis, commonly called pinkeye. Comment.

Take a hot step over to On Stage at Kinsborough for ‘Hot Feet’

Featured Event: Families will be dancing in the aisles in this new production by the Paper Bag Players at On Stage At Kingsborough on Feb. 28. Comment.

When a step-parent steps into children’s lives

Parents Helping Parents: It can be difficult for divorced parents when their ex introduces a new love into their children’s lives. Comment.

Action, adventure, history, and pooches

The Book Worm: “Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail” by Kate Messner about a golden retriever traveling through time will have adults and kids hooked. Comment.

Float on

Featured Event: You’ll be floating on air after seeing this production of “Floating Around Like a Princess” at the New Victory Theater. Comment.

Ten vital cold-weather tips for pet owners

Healthy Living: The winter season is full of health hazards for your furry friends. Comment.

Engage and motivate all generations at home and work

Ask Dr. Karyn: Five tips to better engage with all generations, in all parts of life. Comment.

Ready to order?

New & Noteworthy: Kids love playing restaurant, and with this new set, they’ll have everything they need — from order pads to credit cards — to open their pretend Sweetheart Cafe. Comment.

Is life insurance necessary?

Ask an Attorney: Why a person would need life insurance and how to structure it. Comment.

A stroll through the park

Featured Event: Explore nature with a hike through the park and a stroll through history. Comment.

Sister love

Mommy 101: Making the bond between sisters strong. Comment.

Hit by Cupid’s arrow

Fabulyss Finds: Valentine’s date night ideas, February family fun tips, and more! Comment.

‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’

Featured Event: Young and old will enjoy an updated version of the fairy tale. Comment.

Just a walk on the beach

Featured Event: Explore the coastline with a Winter Beach Walk at the Conference House. Comment.

When friends badmouth your partner

Divorce & Separation: Listening to friends or family badmouth a partner during a divorce can worsen problems rather than solve them. Comment.

George Washington’s Birthday Ball

Featured Event: Celebrate the first president’s birthday the way they did in the 19th century at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden. Comment.

The greatest love of all

New & Noteworthy: Suz Slezak’s latest album is a series of quiet, soothing original and classic songs that pay tribute to the love-filled bond between parent and child — and will help them on their way to sleep. Comment.

Celebrate and decorate for Valentine’s Day

Featured Event: Create a fun project for that special someone on Feb. 14 at King Manor Museum. Comment.

Create your own Winter Wonderland

Featured Event: Spend Winter Break making a winter wonderland collage at the Museum of the City of New York. Comment.

A little drop of sunshine

Featured Event: Kindie rocker Morgan Taylor and friends introduce new DVD-CD on Valentine’s Day at Symphony Space. Comment.

Celebrate with your little valentine

Featured Event: This Feb. 14 listen to a story and make a valentine craft at Voelker Orth Museum. Comment.

A lovely idea

New & Noteworthy: This Rubik’s Cube-esque puzzle is the perfect solution to the problem of what to get that child for Valentine’s Day. Comment.

‘The African Drum’

Featured Event: Go on a wondrous journey through the grasslands with talking animals and drums in “The African Drum.” Comment.

Travel From Here to There

Featured Event: Explore travel and transportation through air, sea, and land at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Comment.

Go ahead, play with your food

Good Sense Eating: The next time your little one smears mashed peas all over, you may want to reframe it as a “learning experience.” Also, a recipe for the Swedish comfort food, pea soup. Comment.

Have fun with Folk Art

Featured Event: Learn about folk art with a hands-on, art-making class inspired by objects in the Amerian Folk Art Museum on Feb. 8. Comment.

Six strings attached

New & Noteworthy: Encourage your kids’ love of music this Valentine’s Day with a pink, child-size guitar. Comment.

‘The African Drum’ is back again

Featured Event: Go on a wondrous journey through the grasslands with talking animals and drums in “The African Drum.” Comment.

Bippity, boppity, boop!

Featured Event: The New York Theatre Ballet presents the classic “Cinderella” on Feb. 7 and 8. Comment.

Some pig: ‘Charlotte’s Web’ at Queens Theatre

Featured Event: “Charlotte’s Web” comes to life at the Queens Theatre on Feb. 8. Comment.

There’s Nothing Like Family

Featured Event: The musical revue “There’s Nothing Like Family” teaches children just how special family is at TADA Youth Theatre. Comment.

Africa comes to the Bedford Village School

Featured Event: Go on a wonderous adventure with talking animals, drums, and a trip through the grasslands in “The African Drum.” Comment.

February is a fun month at the New York Transit Museum

Featured Event: Learn all about the greatest transit system in the world at the New York Transit Museum this month. Comment.

Desperate need of love

Letter from the Publisher: We have mused on the topic of love in many ways in this issue. Comment.

Simply stated

New & Noteworthy: When you’re at a loss for words, this necklace — for a daughter, mother, grandmother, or aunt — says, “You are loved.” Comment.

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