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Dishes give second helping of multiplication

New & Noteworthy: Keep math on their minds with The Multiples, melamine place settings decorated with illustrations of animal faces and multiplication equations. Comment.

Get up and go at ‘Family Adventure’ race

Featured Event: The Great Family Adventure Race is taking place on Aug. 9 at Inwood Hill Park . Comment.

Daddy knows best

Mommy 101: Our writer says that with two small children who are bound to get sick from time to time, it’s nice that her husband is good under pressure. Comment.

World-famous unicyclers show off their stuff

Featured Event: Families can enjoy this two-day festival of unique stunts, and death-defying demonstrations by famous unicyclers on Aug. 30 and 31 on Governor’s Island. Comment.

Getting teens interested in politics

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Hosw to encourage teen interest iand involvement in government. Comment.

Hi, Mom, I’m vegetarian now!

Good Sense Eating: How to survive this change at the kitchen table without the muss and fuss of preparing two separate meals. Comment.

Come on down to Pier 1 for a day of fun

Featured Event: Families can enjoy workshops for kids, fitness sessions, and so much more at the Sweet Spot Festival on Aug. 30. Comment.

Informative books that aren’t boring

The Book Worm: “Poo! What Is That Smell?” by Glenn Murphy, and “Why Spacemen Can’t Burp” by Mitchell Symons are two books that will keep summer vacation going strong, and give kids some new facts they can share when they get back to class. Comment.

Twenty things teen guys want their moms to know

Ask Dr. Karyn: Plus advice on connecting to an introverted child. Comments (1).

Helping a parent ‘age in place’

Ask an Attorney: New York State residents can take advantage of options that let the elderly obtain living assistance without emptying their or their childrens’ pocketbooks. Comment.

Pop Ups release new album

New & Noteworthy: New CD from Jason Rabinowitz and Jacob Stein features songs that celebrate the childhood joys of creating art, stacking blocks, playing dress-up, and, most importantly, dancing with abandon. Comment.

Children enjoy bowling, face painting, and games at the annual Bowlopolis Blastoff

Featured Event: Rab’s Country Lanes strikes the right note with a day of fun for children 16 and under. Comment.

My teacher won’t let me use the bathroom!

Just Write Mom: Is it really fair to deny young children a lavatory pass? Comments (1).

Preventing bites in the dog days

Healthy Living: In addition to the pool and beach, summertime can also be the time for hot and tired pooches to get easily annoyed, and nip. Comment.

Step right up to the Big Apple Circus

Featured Event: Children enjoy the thrills and spills of acrobats, and circus perfomers on Aug. 19-21 at Marcus Garvey Park. Comment.

Five tips to a successful school year

Dear Teacher: Experts offer five tips that will put your child in a class of his own. Comments (1).

Children discover the wonders of our world.

Featured Event: Poe Park hosts the Wildlife Theater from Central Park Zoo on Aug. 15. Comment.

Governor’s Island swings with jazz

Featured Event: Visitors enjoy dance, music, and carnival games on Aug. 16 and 17. Comment.

Wrap up summer reading with these local authors

The Book Worm: Why not check out these books for their bit of local flair? Comment.

Don’t let the dog days of summer get the best of you

Fabulyss Finds: August in the city tends to slow down, but luckily there are still lots of fun family-friendly activities going on. Comment.

Can’t beet the flavors

New & Noteworthy: Beech-Nut’s new line of jarred baby foods — such as its beets, pear, and pomegranate blend — are full of flavor and nutrients, not preservatives. Comment.

Keep your little fish free of swimmer’s ear

Family Health: Ear-clogging pool water can lead to more serious aural complications. Comment.

New beach accessory makes waves

New & Noteworthy: Australia’s Mahina MerFins have finally washed up on our shores, and we are delighted by the coloring and craftsmanship of these fintastic beach accessories. Comment.

‘And Then Came Tango’

Featured Event: Children 6 to 12 years old enjoy this play based on a true story on Aug. 13, 15, 19 and 21 at the theater at the 14th Street Y. Comment.

Children enjoy this new musical about a princess that doesn’t want to be a princess

Featured Event: “Princess Particular” is at the Secret Theater on Aug. 9 and 23. Comment.

Children learn about our environment and ecology

Featured Event: Wildlife Theater from Central Park Zoo entertains and enlightens children on Aug. 12 Comment.

Learn about nature and our environment

Featured Event: The Wildlife Theater from the Central Park Zoo entertains and educates at City Parks in Staten Island Aug. 1 and 11. Comment.

Children learn sewing crafts.

Featured Event: The Demenna Children’s History Museum hosts a cross-stitch circle for children, through August. Comment.

The streets of Harlem come alive with dance and song

Featured Event: The Dance Theatre of Harlem performs at the festival along with vendors and so much more on Aug. 9 Comment.

Children learn all about road safety at the Summer Safety exhibit

Featured Event: The Jewish Children’s Museum hosts the interactive exhibit, Summer Safety, through August. Comment.

Families have a day of fun and compete in the Adventure Race

Featured Event: Take the great Family Adventure Race on Aug. 2, 10 and 11 at the Fountain of the Planets in Flushing Meadows. Comment.

Fore! Children learn to tee-off

Featured Event: Learn how to tee-off, putt, and other basics of golfing this summer at Pelham Bay and Haffen parks. Comment.

Children cool off at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Featured Event: The Kid’s Discovery Station is open for fun at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens through August. Comment.

Children groove to the sound of soulful jazz

Featured Event: Shine & the Moonbeams perform at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Aug. 3 Comment.

Take a trip back in time

Featured Event: Go to the beach in style aboard a vintage train on Aug. 3. Comment.

Mid-summer musings

Letter from the Publisher: Talking about Back to School at the end of July is getting on my nerves. I’m not the only one. Our social media guru and columnist Danielle Sullivan and I had the same thought going. Comment.

‘None’ better than Jeffers

New & Noteworthy: Jeffers follows up his success with “The Day the Crayons Quit,” “Stuck,” and “This Moose Belongs to Me,” with “None the Number: A Counting Adventure” starring his beloved oval characters, The Hueys, contemplating the number that comes before one. Comment.