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Reading fast and reading slow

Growing Up Online: Studies show that children need to learn how to both quickly scan online articles and deeply digest physical books. Comment.

Time to dance

New & Noteworthy: In the Nick of Time’s latest album, “Fun O’Clock,” is a wonderful mix of musical styles ranging from hip-hop to an Irish stepdancing reel to a madrigal/rock ballad, that parents and children can enjoy and learn from. Comment.

How to be a good witness

Ask an Attorney: Here are some tips on how to be a good witness, just in case you’re called to testify and all you know about court proceedings is from watching episodes of “Law and Order.” Comment.

How I got my babies to sleep through the night

Mommy 101: Getting a baby to sleep through the night isn’t impossible when you have practice the following strategies. Comment.

Heat of the moment

Family Health: By following these safety precautions, you will have a better understanding of the dos and don’ts of burn care. Comment.

Why teens should consider liberal arts colleges

Letter from College: Liberal arts colleges champion their rigorous curriculum, small class size, and accessibility of professors. Comment.

Learn A-B-Cs with animals from A to Z

The Book Worm: Kids 2 to 4 — and even 5 to 6 — will love meeting all the animals of Kenya with “Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari” from Dana Sullivan. Comment.

‘World’ of inspiring kids

The Book Worm: Hand ecology-minded 10 to 15 year olds “Kids Who are Changing the World” by Anne Jankeliowitch, and see how they change, too. Comment.

Whoo goes there?

Featured Event: Join the Urban Rangers and explore the abundant wildlife and birds at the Orchard Beach Nature Center. Comment.

Life after playdates

Lions and Tigers and Teens: What does one do when one is not exactly thrilled with a teen’s new friend? Comment.

Get a taste of Native American culture

Featured Event: Thunderbird American Indian Dancers thrill with songs and dances of the tribes of the Northwest Coast, Woodlands, Plains, and the Southwest. Comment.

Actor’s life for me

Featured Event: Young thespians can improvise alongside professional actors in this workshop on Nov. 23. Comment.

Mummenshanz is back!

Featured Event: The troupe brings its unique and creative “The Musicians of Silence” to the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts from Nov. 20 to 30. Comment.

Pilgrims need sleep, too

New & Noteworthy: The festivities don’t have to end after the last bite of pumpkin pie, especially if you’re hosting a sleepover! You’ll be thankful for these pilgrim pajamas and nightgown which will have you counting your blessings right up till the dawn of Black Friday. Comment.

Working together to secure financial aid for college

Divorce & Separation: As divorced parents, we need to learn how the financial aid process works and communicate with the other parent to make it possible for a child to accumulate the least amount of debt in pursuit of higher education. Comments (2).

Pint-sized comedians take to the stage at Gotham Comedy Club.

Featured Event: Young comedians strut their stuff at the venerable laughter loft. Comment.

Music workshop with Martha Redbone

Featured Event: Learn traditional Cherokee and Choctaw rhythms and sounds in an interactive workshop on Nov. 22. Comment.

Theatreworks USA’s ‘Christmas Carol’ will spellbind and educate young audiences

Featured Event: Families enjoy this timeless Dickens classic about the spirit of Christmas. Comment.

Children’s funny band comes to the Jewish Museum

Featured Event: Families enjoy this fun concert for children 2 to 6 years old. Comment.

‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’

Featured Event: The childhood staple comes to the Kupferberg Center for the Arts on Nov. 19. Comment.

‘He For She’ and she for him

Just Write Mom: The campaign “HeForShe” is working to end gender stereotypes that hurt both women and men. Comment.

Rock out with the Not Ready for Naptime Players

Featured Event: Justin Roberts brings down the house for the toddler set. Comment.

Think pink

Featured Event: “Pinkalicious” at the St. George Theatre on Nov. 16 is fun for all ages. Comment.

Cell phones and brain cells

New & Noteworthy: New documentary, “Mobilize,” illustrates links between improper use of cell phones and increased risk of brain cancer in children and adults, decreased fertility, and permanant, negative biological effects on mice exposed to cell phone radiation in utero. Comment.

Crack ‘em up

New & Noteworthy: Make this Thanksgiving dinner extra special with party crackers, a British Christmas tradition repackaged for this distinctly American celebration. Comment.

Turkey talk

Fabulyss Finds: Express your thanks this holiday season by involving the whole family in volunteering, donating, and spreading kindness. Comment.

Ole!: ‘The Soul of Flamenco’

Featured Event: Flamenco Vivo Carlotta Santana opens the 60th season at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts with a production of “The Soul of Flamenco,” celebrating the classical dance form of flamenco, on Nov. 14. Comment.

Five facts you need to know about the Ebola virus

Healthy Living: The fact remains that the likelihood of any of us contracting the virus here in the New York City area remains exceedingly small. Comment.

Ride through miniature New York City

Featured Event: Take the ride and view miniature landmarks at the New York Botanic Garden’s annual Holiday Train Show. Comment.

Fly by to ‘Fly Guy and Other Stories’

Featured Event: A fun, interactive musical revue based on children’s classic books. Comment.

Case of the disappearing candy

Good Sense Eating: What happens when one mom decides to let her children eat as much Halloween candy as they want? Should kids be allowed to eat candy at all, and if so, how much is too much? Comment.

Celebrate kindness at the Voelker Orth Museum

Featured Event: Listen to a professional storyteller reading tales of kindness on Nov. 8. Comment.

Arty Facts is back!

Featured Event: Enjoy a day at the museum exploring the galleries at the Brooklyn Museum and then make a fun art project. Comment.

All fur ‘Love’

New & Noteworthy: In the latest installment of Elizabeth Frogel’s Charlie Girl series, “A Story of Love and Instinct” the most adorable poodle on the Upper West Side gets a new (human) baby sister. Comment.

A musical journey through time

Featured Event: Inbal Hever and Friends will entertain with a special concert on Nov. 2 at Temple Beth Emeth. Comment.

The spirit of the holiday

Letter from the Publisher: November is an important time to be thankful for your family and health and to reach out to others who may not be so lucky. Comment.

Don’t miss ‘The Magic Flute’

Featured Event: A familiy-friendly version of the Mozart classic with English and Spanish subtitles at the New Victory Theater. Comment.

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