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Grand Procession highlights anniversary

Featured Event: Families explore the cemetary and learn all about the ending of the Civil War. Comment.

A stitch in time

Featured Event: Children learn the sewing arts at the Dimenna Children’s History Museum. Comment.

Last will and testament

Ask an Attorney: You should revise your will periodically, espcecially if you have children.. Comment.

Kids going raw

Good Sense Eating: Some adults swear by the Raw Food Diet, arguing that once food is cooked, enzymes essential for digestion are gone. But what impact does the diet have on a child’s developing body, and what nutrients should be closely monitored? Comment.

Immunotherapy for allergies

Family Health: immunotherapy remains the only treatment that can alter the natural course of an allergic disease. Comment.

It’s My Park Day at the Old Stone House

Featured Event: Families celebrate the rites of spring with a pageant and more. Comment.

A concert for freedom

Featured Event: Families can enjoy this concert performed by the world renowned Quintet of the Americas. Comment.

Recognizing fake news

Growing Up Online: Learning to distinguish between reliable and bogus information on the internet is a crucial skill in the 21st century. Parents can help their kids by talking about distinguishing between credible sources and satire and encouraging kids to ask the following questions. Comment.

Miller’s ‘Glory’ days

New & Noteworthy: Lloyd H. Miller’s new CD, “Sing-a-long History Vol. 1: Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!,” brings American history to life for kids with a collection of compelling songs from the 1800s and his original tunes, inspired by events and people of the period. Comment.

Get your Hands on History

Featured Event: Children can learn about Rufus King and his books. Comment.

Walk for Autism

Featured Event: Families join together to march for Autims awareness Comment.

DanceAfrica celebrates Brazilian Rhythms

Featured Event: Families enjoy a dance performance that celebrates African culture. Comment.

A family fun day

Featured Event: Take a walk to help save lives! Comment.

Spilled milk

Letter from College: This teen columnist applies an invaluable lesson she learned from her father to help cope with social and academic mistakes she has made in college. Comment.

Make tracks for ‘Chuggington’

Featured Event: Families enjoy this two act, live musical production based on the popular TV show. Comment.

Far, Far Away

Featured Event: Children explore brave new worlds in this new exhibit Comment.

Im-press them

New & Noteworthy: For a gift that could last a lifetime, look no further than Moulin Roty’s exquisite Botanist Case, which encourages kids to not only stop and smell the roses — but to snip off a bloom, closely examine it, then preserve it in the included flower press. Comment.

Treehouse Shakers’ ‘Hatched’

Featured Event: Little ones learn all about life on a farm in this inter-active story. Comment.

Celebrate Mom with a special gift

Featured Event: Drop in to the Art Studio at the Staten Island Children’s Museum and make a special gift for mom. Comment.

I saw it on Facebook

Divorce & Separation: A wife proved to the court that the only successful way of notifying her husband of divorce filings was on the social media site. Comment.

Celebrate mom all weekend

Featured Event: Treat mom with fun activities and entertainment at the New York Botanical Garden. Comment.

It’s a Fleece of a good time

Featured Event: Families learn how wool was used and then learn how to card and spin using a drop spindle. Comment.

New book depicts journeys of two raindrops

New & Noteworthy: Biodiversity and conservation buff Martha Sullivan has just published a picture book, “Pitter and Patter,” that brings the water cycle to life for kids ages 4 to 10. In her story, two raindrops meet lots of insects and animals on land and sea — all beautifully illustrated by Cathy Morrison. Comment.

Sheep get a haircut

Featured Event: Children learn all about shearing sheep and how to spin wool Comment.

A Whitney block party!

Featured Event: Families can enjoy a ton of fun at the celebration of the museum’s new location! Comment.

Winners again in 2015

Letter from the Publisher: Parenting Media Association (PMA) gave out 301 Editorial and Design Competition and General Excellence awards to parenting magazines at a banquet on February 28, the climax of the three-day PMA Annual Convention, this year held in Baltimore, MD. There were 630 entries for this year’s competition. Comment.

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