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Butterfly exploration

Featured Event: Explore the Blue Heron Nature Center and search for beautiful butterflies on April 4. Comment.

It’s electrifying!

Featured Event: Learn all about electricity and its role in the subway system at Electricity Live! this month at New York Transit Museum. Comment.

Drop right in at the Guggenheim

Featured Event: Enjoy an interactive Sunday at the museum. Comment.

Starting the discussion on gender

Letter from the Publisher: Fortunately, like many other topics in today’s more transparent world, the issue of a child’s gender is being addressed with greater sensitivity. Comment.

What happens to stored sperm or eggs after the donor dies?

Ask an Attorney: Many states have struggled with the complex legal issues presented when children are conceived before a parent’s death, but are born after the death. Comment.

‘Gray’ divorce

Divorce & Separation: The number of couples who split after age 50 is growing. Comment.

Very special delivery

New & Noteworthy: Magnote’s Play-Deco wooden birthday cards are transformed by the recipient into 3-D robots. Comment.

Baby teeth, big problems

Family Health: Why prioritize oral health until children’s permanent teeth come in? Comment.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Parents Helping Parents: Tips to help when a strong-willed 3 year old makes toilet training challenging. Comment.

Prisoners of love

The Book Worm: For kids — and any young adults — who have never known a world in which marriage can get you arrested, “The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial Marriage” by Selina Alko is an eye-opener. Comment.

‘Dead or Alive?’ is pure fun

The Book Worm: If you’ve got a young biologist or animal lover around, getting him to read “Dead or Alive?” shouldn’t be a battle. Comment.

Boning up on kids’ health

Good Sense Eating: According to a recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, osteoporosis may have its roots in the bone mass acquired as kids. Consuming enough calcium and vitamin D and practicing weight-bearing activity are important for healthy bones. Comment.

Admit fun

New & Noteworthy: Movie night will be even more enriching when the kids are selling tickets, running the projector, and narrating the show with Moulin Roty’s new Cinema Box (Au Cinema Ce Soir). Comment.

Grab your crayon and imagination

Featured Event: Take a journey of the imagination with “The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon” at the Brooklyn Center of the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College. Comment.

Art in the Garden

Featured Event: Enjoy a workshop led by artist Paul Lin at the Queens Botanical Garden. Comment.

Yellow Sneaker in concert

Featured Event: Enjoy a special concert and puppet show by the band at Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park. Comment.

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