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‘Little Artists Trek’ opens young eyes to classic wonders.

Featured Event: Families can enjoy a gallery tour and art workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Comment.

Diagnosis and treatment of childhood epilepsy

Family Health: Epilepsy can begin at any age and strike at any time, but often starts in childhood. More than three million Americans have this seizure disorder, but with the right approach, the vast majority can control their seizures and have a normal and happy life. Comment.

Delicious decor

New & Noteworthy: Victorian Trading Company’s new Illuminated Gingerbread House is a scrumptious decoration without the calories of a traditional, edible spooky mansion. Comment.

Spark creativity with Ripley’s fascinating facts

The Book Worm: Kids, ages 12 and older, will love paging through “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Reality Shock!” and then showing off everything they’ve learned. Comment.

Live the history of fashion

The Book Worm: “The Fashion Book” will suit young adults interested in all things fashionable, while they study how styles of dress have evolved for men and women throughout history. Comment.

The best bullying prevention

Growing Up Online: Understanding the true definition of bullying and how to help your children handle it. Comment.

How many after-school activities are too many for your child?

Parents Helping Parents: Kids often benefit from extracurricular activities, but overscheduling or choosing the wrong activities that don’t interest your child won’t do him any good. Comment.

Fat fib?

Good Sense Eating: Parents are intrigued by Nina Teicholz’s new book, “The Big Fast Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet.” Comment.

Tornadoes and other hazards of slobby teens

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Charging in to clean it yourself or simply ignoring the mess won’t make the problem go away. Comment.

Boo at the Children’s Museum

Featured Event: Create monster masks, a creepy monster card, and march in the costume parade at the Children’s Museum of the Arts from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. Comment.

Double the impact

New & Noteworthy: New necklace from Smart Mom Jewelry is an accessory for mom and it’s a safe teether for baby — when worn by an adult. Comment.

Puppeting around

Featured Event: BAM Kids presents the Puppets on Film Festival on Oct. 25 and 26 for the fourth year in a row. Comment.

Driving Miss Aglaia

Letter from College: New York City teens don’t really have many reasons to learn how to drive. But going away to a more rural town for college made this student finally get behind the wheel. Comment.

New York State of trick-or-treating

Featured Event: Children enjoy a scavenger hunt for treats at the Museum of the City of New York on Oct. 31. Comment.

Preschool prep

Mommy 101: Olivia’s old enough for preschool, and with this major life event around the corner, her mom makes sure she’s prepared for her first day of school. Comment.

Day of the Dead and other festivals

Featured Event: Don masks, eat treats and enjoy learning about three holidays at Flushing Town Hall on Oct. 31. Comment.

Time-tested approach to learning phonics

Dear Teacher: Plus getting the most of out a routine parent-teacher conference and teaching children how to respond to bullying. Comment.

What is a QPRT?

Ask an Attorney: Understanding the name and meaning of a qualified personal residence trust. Comment.

Play outside — even when it’s cold

Downtown Mommy: Playing outside is important for kids — even in chilly weather. Comment.

‘Number the Stars’ celebrates 25th anniversary

Featured Event: Book reading and signing at the Symphony Space on Oct. 19 features author Lois Lowry and special guest actor Sean Astin. Comment.

Real page burner

New & Noteworthy: In his new book, “Belches, Burps, Farts — Oh My!” Artie Bennett answers all of your burning questions about flatus and eructation with humorous, rhyming text and colorful, comic illustrations by Pranus Naujokaitis. Comment.

‘The Snail and the Whale’

Featured Event: This production at the New Victory Theater on Oct. 18 and 19 is fun for every age. Comment.

Lumpy Bumpy is back!

Featured Event: That “gourd-geous” Lumpy Bumpy is back and better than ever. Comment.

‘Hatch’ young theater lovers

Featured Event: Toddlers will enjoy the music, movement and puppets of “Hatched,” written specifically for babies and children up to age 6. Comment.

What a waist: Lost sleep linked to weight gain in kids

Healthy Living: Lack of sleep leads to sluggishness, inattention, and it can cause kids to pack on the pounds. Comment.

Allergen-free chocolate

New & Noteworthy: Pascha’s 70 percent cacao, dark chocolate bar is delicious — and it’s organic and free from eight major allergens. Comment.

Hans Christian Andersen comes to the stage at Puppetworks

Featured Event: Children 3 years and older enjoy a double puppet production at Puppetworks on Oct. 13 and Saturdays and Sundays through Dec. 21. Comment.

Ghastly ghouls await you at the Haunted Pumpkin Walk

Featured Event: Stroll through the Haunted Pumpkin Garden, dress up in costume, and meet ghoulish zombies at the New York Botanical Garden, now through Oct. 31. Comment.

It’s pumpkin-pickin’ time!

Featured Event: Find the perfect pumpkin at the Queens County Farm Museum. Comment.

Frighteningly good time at zoo

Featured Event: Enjoy the annual Boo at the Zoo from Oct. 4 through Nov. 2 at the Bronx Zoo. Comment.

Take a hayride and pick the perfect pumpkin

Featured Event: Enjoy a day at Decker Farms on Saturdays and Sundays from Oct. 4 through Oct. 26. Comment.

Celebrate the 25th annual Autumn Crafts Festival

Featured Event: Visitors can browse more than 250 master artisans and more than 25,000 craft projects. Comment.

Harvesting a good time

Featured Event: Visitors are treated to a great treats and fun every weekend at Luna Park’s Halloween Harvest through Oct. 26. Comment.

Charmingly grotesque

New & Noteworthy: Architectural whimsy inspired the wonderfully grotesque gargoyle and girl-goyle Halloween costumes from Comment.

Take a Halloween Adventure with Hansel and Gretel

Featured Event: Children enjoy the puppet presentation of the classic fairytale with a modern twist Oct. 1 through Nov. 1 at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre. Comments (1).

It’s a Carnival of Animals at PS 166

Featured Event: Children enjoy a performance of the French classic “The Carnival of the Animals.” Comment.

Calling all speed racers

Featured Event: Get set to race in the annual Soapbox Derby at Westerleigh Park on Oct. 4. Comment.

Parenting teens

Letter from the Publisher: It’s challenging to be a parent to a teenager. Comment.

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