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Articles archive

Five reasons to Ritz it

Teens: When planning your vacation, what’s better than a luxury hotel that offers kid-friendly programs? Comments (3)

We’re all unique champions!

Natural order dictates before birth that no one is like their brothers or sisters — or like anyone else on earth. Comment

Is your child’s classroom upside down?

Growing Up Online: More and more teachers are flipping their classrooms, using technology to help students through difficult subjects. Comment

Roadster is a stunning toy

New & Noteworthy: Dexton’s blue roadster pedal car is the kind of gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. Comment

Reaching out to an unfriendly neighbor

Parents Helping Parents: What do you do when you’re living next to an un-neighborly neighbor? Comment

Food to keep the doctor away

Good Sense Eating: There are several foods that can treat — and even prevent — illness in these cold winter months. Comment

‘Pinned’ a good teen read

The Book Worm: Teenage girls who love a good story — without teen-queen drama — will find “Pinned” by Sharon G. Flake a refreshing read. Comment

The greatest gifts can’t be wrapped

The Book Worm: Kids between the ages of 2 and 7 will love this tale of friendship in a book by Tracey Corderoy and Sophie Allsopp. Comment

Reclaiming my sex life

Death by Children: Our columnist explains how he and his wife rescued their sex life after years of children sabotaging their efforts. Comments (1)

How to encourage children to persevere

Teachers answer parents’ and grandparents’ questions about students failing math, overcrowding in schools, and more. Comment

Holidays and the spirit of giving, according to dad!

Babies: The new dad wonders when we all became so greedy for stuff. Comment

New year, new you, new mom

Make the new year truly fabulous by taking care of yourself and respecting your own wishes. Comment

They don’t call it fabulous for nothing

Our columnist reflects on her impending milestone birthday. Comment

Being an only child

Letter from College: Our teen columnist reflects on growing up as an only child. Comment

The world at their fingertips

New & Noteworthy: Set of six science books is brought to life with lavish photos, illustrations and the SD-X reader pen. Comment

Tips on helping kids make friends

Teens: Dr. Karyn answers your questions about how to help kids make friends — and as they get older, how to encourage them to have healthy friendships. Comment

Navigating the stages of remarrying with children

When two people with children marry and create a stepfamily, it can take quite a few steps — and possibly years — before the new family can reach the “reward stage.” Comment

Staying married for the children

Divorce & Separation: Is staying in an unhappy marriage really best for the children? Comments (6)

Why is autism on the rise?

Autism: More children are diagnosed with autism today than ever before. Comment

Incorporating technology into the life of a person with special needs

Special Needs: iPads and other tablets can be a great tool for children with special needs, if you find the right apps. Comment

Volunteering with your preschooler

Pre-Schoolers: Here are six tips to inspire the spirit of giving in your young child. Comment

Storage for loot from Santa

New & Noteworthy: Pirate-styled toy chest makes it easy to stow their clutter, so you can swab the decks. Comments (1)

Letter from a reader

Manhattan: A reader shares her thoughts about homework in response to our November article. Comment

A letter from a reader

Teens: A reader responds to our article about teenage smoking from the October issue. Comment

When morning sickness deserves the royal treatment

Healthy Living: Kate Middleton’s severe morning sickness has shed light on a serious condition that affects certain pregnant women. Comments (1)

Nurses, docs evacuate babies during Sandy power outage

Babies: Staff at New York University had to do the unexpected when the super storm cut the power: move babies in intensive care to other hospitals. Comment

Educators, parents, and students in pursuit of better homework

Mental Health: Battling the effects of damaging homework practices which can lead to sleep deprivation, stress, and compromised mental health, healthy homework advocates are campaigning for assignments that are meaningful, appropriate and necessary. Comments (2)

How teens can beat Old Man Winter at his game

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Here are some ways to get antsy teens from being bored to active this winter. Comment

Oliver Jeffers’ new book is a ‘Moose’ read

New & Noteworthy: Comic and poignant, “This Moose Belongs to Me” is Oliver Jeffers’ latest, charming children’s book. Comment

Toward a more perfect union

As hard as it is, the only way for me to sort through what happened in Newtown, Conn., is to put myself in the middle of the tragedy. Comment

Learning from the past

At the Anne Frank Center USA children can learn about tolerance, courage, hope, strength of spirit, and history while learning about the life of the remarkable young woman. Comment

Dropping off the children

Letter from the Publisher: In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, we need to act to keep children safe. Comment

When tragedy strikes: How to help your children

Loss & Grieving: In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, how can you help your child deal with fear and sadness he may be feeling? Comment

53 chances to stay true to your New Year’s resolutions

The Healthy Monday campaign might be the answer to finally keeping that promise for the new year. Comment

Intro to classical music for kids

New & Noteworthy: Maestro Classics presents the London Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Camille Saint-Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals,” with narration penned by Ogden Nash. Comment

When parents aren’t watching, kids play rough

Mommy 101: Our columnist is shocked by by the behavior of “big” kids — and their parents — on the playground in Central Park. Comments (2)