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College application time!

College applications are stressful for students — and parents! Here are a few things to keep in mind. Comment.

The Brooklyn Hall of Fame, on the stairs

A group’s used art to encourage kids to take the stairs. Comment.

Safety for latchkey kids

Family Health: Tips to make sure your child is safe at home while you’re at work. Comment.

Book of shadows

New & Noteworthy: Author Adam-Troy Castro has just penned the first book in a series about the enigmatic Gustav Gloom, geared toward tween readers. Comments (1).

She won’t let me brush her hair

If your daughter winces when she sees a hairbrush, it might be because of painful-to-remove knots. Here are some tips that can help. Comment.

Fostering twins’ individuality

Parents Helping Parents: Strong, close relationships that twins often form are great, but it can help your child in the long run if you encourage individual friendships and interests now. Comment.

Reinventing a classic toy

New & Noteworthy: The folks at brinca dada have created an all new dollhouse design featuring a muted palette of colors and eco-friendly woods for a thoroughly modern design that lends itself to hours of fun. Comment.

It’s the fantastic Atlantic Antic

Featured Event: Celebrate the end of summer, Brooklyn style, at the annual street festival. Comment.

Spinach + sports = six pack?

Good Sense Eating: What are you to do when your tween or teen is involved in sports and wants to build muscle and strength? Here are some tips. Comment.

Plant a ‘Little Seed’

New & Noteworthy: As the nation celebrates the centennial of the birth of folk hero Woody Guthrie, Elizabeth Mitchell joins with Smithsonian Folkways to remember a baker’s dozen of his child-friendly classics. Comment.

Feeding time is all the time

Death by Children: Our columnist is constantly feeding his growing son. Comment.

Thirteen going on 50

Featured Event: Kids are invited to drop in on art art workshop and create a poster depicting their favorite Channel Thirteen children’s show in honor of the channel’s 50th anniversary. Comment.

Food and family facts: Fun tidbits about cuisine and relatives

It Figures: Statistics about stepfamilies, grandparents, and fast food. Comment.

Night and day: Issues change as teens mature

Lions and Tigers and Teens: There are different problems for young teens and older teens. Here’s how to deal with both. Comment.

Adventures in the kitchen

Letter from College: Our columnist explains the lessons young kids can learn by helping their parents in the kitchen. Comments (1).

How to make digital grounding work

Growing Up Online: Taking away a child’s digital privileges in response to bad behavior has become increasingly popular among parents. But is it the right way to discipline all children? Comments (2).

A mom on cloud nine

An interview with Melissa Lawrence, a mom who created a vlog to give other moms tips she’s learned taking care of her five children. Comment.

Rev your engine for Motori D’Italia

Featured Event: Festival features Italian-made automobiles, food, and rides for children. Comment.

To gift or not to gift?

Ask an Attorney: The country’s tax rate on transfers of large amounts is at a historic low this year, but people should weigh the pros and cons before they make substantial gifts. Comment.

Suzi strums at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Featured Event: Your family won’t want to miss children’s songstress Suzi Shelton this month. Comment.

Keep your cool with school lunches

Research shows that if parents don’t take certain precautions, they could make their kids sick by improperly packing lunch bags. Comment.

Babies: Mixed reviews

Our writer and his new daughter have gotten mixed reactions from strangers when they are out in their neighborhood. Comment.

Queens Zoo is the place to be

Featured Event: There’s plenty to do at the zoo all month long. Comment.

Raising politically savvy kids

Here are some ways in which you can teach your children about politics. Comment.

Quick tips on raising politically savvy kids

• Ignite their interest. Most children have an interest in politics but it must be consistently nurtured through family dialogue and various resources. Comment.

Resources to for your children

Here’s a list of subject-related juvenile resources. Comment.

Awe-some show

Featured Event: Jacob Stein and his puppets perform to bring in the New Year at Museum of Jewish Heritage. Comment.

Elephants, blind men, and lessons in perception

An Indian parable, “The Blind Men Describing the Elephant,” serves as a great lesson for teaching children about perception. Comments (1).

Overly perfectionistic parents do more harm than good

Putting too much pressure on your child to get all “As” in school can harm the way he approaches school and life in the long run. Comment.

Wellness in schools

Two city parents took charge to change the unhealthy food served in their children’s schools. Comment.

What the Obamas eat at school, and Chef Bills vision for the future

What does the lunch menu look like at the Obama girls’ private school, Sidwell Friends? Comment.

Don’t leave me alone!

Divorce & Separation: When you and your spouse are preparing for divorce, it’s best not to keep your children in the dark about how it will affect them. Comments (1).

Cholesterol check for children

Healthy Living: Some doctors want to start testing children’s cholesterol levels at age 9 because of our country’s high obesity rates. Comment.

How to teach kids gratitude and empathy

How can parents teach their kids these essential skills? Here are a few tips. Comment.

A hero for my son

Queens: Our writer made sure his son shared a name with a hero. Comment.

Modern-day mystery teens will love

Teens looking for a sleuth read will enjoy Kimberly Reid’s “Creeping with the Enemy.” Comment.

How to prepare for the new school year

From how concerns about cursive handwriting to how to help a child who’s afraid of bullies, teachers answer parents’ questions. Comment.

Two new books so fun, kids won’t know they’re learning

Give your 7- to 12-year-olds a jump-start on the new school year with “Time for Kids Big Book of What?” and “Sports Illustrated Big Book of Why.” Comment.

Help your child do well in school

Here’s our guide to helping your child make the most of every age and developmental stage from kindergarten through high school Comment.

Young People’s Chorus spreads peace around the world

The Young People’s Chorus of New York City had the opportunity to perform with other choruses from around the globe in China. Comment.

Launching in Manhattan

Letter from the Publisher: We hope you’ll enjoy our new magazine, Manhattan Family. Comments (1).

Don’t miss your child’s back-to-school physical

Here’s a primer so you and your child know exactly what to expect in a back-to-school physical. Comment.

Rescue mission

New & Noteworthy: In “Mia and the Migoo,” an animated film directed by Jacques-Remy Girerd, Mia goes in search of her father and along the way meets a sorceress (Whoopi Goldberg) and the planet-protecting Migoo (Wallace Shawn). Comment.

Ready or not, it’s back to school time!

Here are some tips to keeping your youngster interested in school-related activities and learning in general. Comment.

Exhibit at the Newhouse Center

Featured Event: Don’t miss the works of Mitsuko Brooks and Heidi Lau at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Comment.

Open house not to miss

Featured Event: The 92nd Street Y invites families to its open house on Sept. 9. Comment.

Buzzing good time

Featured Event: There’s plenty for your family to do during Honey Weekend at Wave Hill. Comment.

Chorus marks 9-11 tragedies with concerts

Featured Event: Young People’s Chorus of New York City performs at Ground Zero and St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sept. 11. Comment.

Celebrate grandma and grandpa

Featured Event: Kids can spend quality time with their grandparents while making arts and crafts at the New York Historical Society. Comment.

Off to college

Here are some ways to help your student and your family cope with the emotions of the first year of college. Comment.

Stepping up

Tips to make sure the shoes fit so your child can put his best foot forward in the new school year. Comment.

Thinking backpack safety

Make sure your child’s backpack doesn’t cause injury. Comment.

Bento box for back to school lunch

New & Noteworthy: This stackable lunch container brings some old school Japanese fashion flair to the cafeteria. Comment.

Little Gym steps up for Big Hearts, Little Shoes campaign

Featured Event: Help make sure people around the world have shoes by donating your gently used ones to The Little Gym. Comment.

Shade and shadow

Your family can learn about silhouette portraits at this exhibit. Comment.

Another school year

Letter from the Publisher: September is the month of new beginnings. New temperatures, new clothes and shoes, new books for our kids, new teachers, new schools sometimes, new friends and new lessons to be learned. Comment.

Explore technology

Featured Event: Sony Wonder Technology Lab has plenty of fun and educational events for children headed back to school. Comment.

Follow the bread crumbs to Puppetworks

Your family will enjoy the journey with the brother and sister in this marionette production. Comment.

Hop aboard for transit fun

Featured Event: The month is jam-packed with fun family events at the New York Transit Museum, building up to the annual Bus Festival. Comments (1).

Get ready to rhumba!

Featured Event: The Limon Dance Company offers free children’s dance lessons at Bryant Park on Sept. 1 and 8. Comment.