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Extinct possibility

New & Noteworthy: Imagine your little omnivore’s surprise when he opens his lunch box to find two dinosaur-shaped sandwiches inside! Comment

‘Hero’ worship

New & Noteworthy: “Rockabye Baby” CD transforms the music of the Foo Fighters into dulcet lullabyes that parents will adore. Comment

School fun facts

It Figures: Information about school, children, and team sports. Comment

Feeling left behind

Death by Children: Our columnist ponders why the sight of brand-new dads with their baby boys has him sobbing. Comment

Preparing your special needs child for a new school year

Transitioning to a new school year can be difficult for all children. But for a child with special needs, the idea of anything new can be daunting. Here are some ways to help. Comment

A happy farewell

Lions and Tigers and Teens: A teen leaving for college for the first time can be very emotional for everyone in the family. Here’s how to prepare your teen — and yourself — for the next stage of your relationship. Comment

Tasty tidbits about foods from around the world

The Book Worm: Budding young foodies, ages 7 to 12 — and adults who love to eat, should read “The World in Your Lunch Box” by Claire Eamer. Comment

Your child’s climate questions answered

The Book Worm: Children ages 8 to 13 with questions about the Earth’s climate should read “50 Climate Questions” by Peter Christie. Comment

Helping your teen overcome an eating disorder

Parents Helping Parents: If you suspect your child has an eating disorder, the first step to help is to provide quick, calm and nonjudgemental support. Comment

‘Call’ on Carly

Featured Event: This adorable Canadian will sing her hit “Call Me Maybe” as part of a day-long festival, Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day, in Queens. Comment

It’s Wilde fun at Carroll Park

Featured Event: Your family will want to see what all the fuss is about! Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke have been enjoying lots of air time on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Kids Place Live show and won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award for ”Rise and Shine,” their book-CD set. Comment

How to have a virtual garage sale

Growing Up Online: Your unused electronics don’t belong in the back of your closet. You can make a surprising amount of cash by selling them online. It’s good for your wallet — and the planet. Comments (1)

The case for fun

New & Noteworthy: Arcadia, Michigan-based artist Sally Manke has created a set of cotton, vintage-inspired “paper” dolls and their wardrobes and paired them with a convenient carrying case. Comment

So much to love about kids

Children need unconditional love, and we should love them simply because they are our children. Comment

What you didn’t know about packing for college

There are many aspects of college life that parents and students don’t consider when packing for their freshman year. Comment

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What to pack

Plan now to save your loved ones heartache later

Ask an Attorney: If you are remarried and both you and your new spouse have children from other marriages, how can you make sure your children will be provided for if something happens to you? Comments (1)

Those are the breaks

Family Health: What is the difference between a bone fracture and a sprain, and what should you do if you suspect your child has either injury? Comment

Nesting: A living arrangement with advantages for kids

Divorce & Separation: To make the divorce easier on children, some couples choose to nest, or take turns living in the house with the kids during or after the divorce. Is it right for your family? Comments (5)

High school 101

Letter from College: High school can be intimidating, but it can also be four of the best years of your life. Here’s what our columnist has learned so far. Comment

Smart goodbye rituals

How you say “goodbye” to your child can affect how he feels about going to school each day. Comments (1)

Promising ‘Enterprise’

Featured Event: Bring your budding space explorer to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum to view the space shuttle Enterprise up close. Comment

Brace yourself

Featured Event: Rev. Charles Loring Brace’s orphan trains are remembered in a new production by the Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn. Comment

Cute as a bottom

New & Noteworthy: Ruffle utts offers an extensive line of ridiculously adorable ruffled bloomers and leggings. Comment

The big 1

Mommy 101: As our columnist begins preparations for her daughter’s first birthday party, she looks back on a year of precious moments. Comment

Shopping for back-to-school clothes

You and your child don’t have to dread back-to-school clothes shopping if you plan ahead, establish a budget, and keep an open line of communication. Comment

Drawn to art

Featured Event: The 6,000-square-foot exhibit features characters from the Cartoon Network and allows children to explore the wonders of animation from concept to finished product. Comment

Culture club

For families, a positive culture is the glue that keeps everyone close and is the motivator for kids to want to spend time at home and invite friends over. Here’s how to improve your family culture. Comment

Park it at a park

Featured Event: This August, head to a park in the Bronx for a free show! Comment

Famous violinist sets ‘Fiddles on Fire’ with PS 58 students

Lucky music students at PS 58 were thrilled when virtuoso David Garrett stopped by to meet — and even perform — with them. Comment

Cool idea

Featured Event: Assemble the whole clan for an afternoon of ice skating fun — in August! Comment

Baby’s first vacation

Trying to relive your wonderful childhood vacation moments with your own young child can be great — but it can also present some difficulties. And not just the ones you anticipate. Comment

Yoga 101

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise these days, but without the proper knowledge of basic poses, effective warm-ups, and an experienced instructor, it can lead to some serious injuries. Comment

Kids bowl free

Featured Event: At Rab’s Country Lanes in Staten Island, kids 16 years old and younger can bowl for free, up to two games, between 1 and 6 pm. Comment

Picky eater or feeding disorder?

Good Sense Eating: Picky eating is commonplace among young children. But if your child is not eating entire food groups, it can impede healthy growth and development — or be a sign of a developmental delay. Comment

Science says you can help kids roll with the punches

According to researchers, parenting style does matter, and an authoritative parenting style can help children to rise above difficult circumstances while moving forward with optimism and confidence. Comment

Healthy snacks for summer’s big appetites

Healthy Living: Busy kids home on summer break can seem to be constantly hungry. Here are healthy alternatives to the typical summer snacks. Comment

Summer ending and a new launch

August always seems to come so quickly and once that happens we all know there are only a few weeks left of the long days, and that soon vacations will be over and the kids will be back in school. Comment

Infant care borrowed from marsupial a boone to baby

Family Health: Kangaroo mother care is a modern twist on cuddling that offers benefits to premature and low-weight infants. Comment

Flipping out: Flip-flops may be comfortable, but they have their limitations

Your children may think flip-flops are a summer staple, but research shows that wearing flip-flops as a primary footwear choice could trigger pain in the lower leg. Comment

‘Golden’ opportunity

Featured Event: Golden Dragon Acrobats show features traditional dance, acrobatics, and ancient and contemporary music in latest production. Comment

Get ready to party

New & Noteworthy: Amy Atlas is the “Sweet Stylist” to the stars, but in her new book “Sweet Designs” she gives away all of her secrets on how to bake, craft and style your next party’s dessert table to perfection. Comment

‘Sit Down’ at BroadHollow

Featured Event: “Guys and Dolls,” featuring Frank Loesser’s music and lyrics, is brought to the stage by the BroadHollow Theatre company. Comment

ARTiculate the fun!

Featured Event: Farm and Garden Camp teaches kids, ages 7–11, how to grow a garden, while ARTiculate offers children a chance to explore history through art. Comment

Celebrate ‘Silly’

Featured Event: Patrick & The Rock-A-Silly Band play concerts in South Beach, Snug Harbor and more. Comment

Summer safety slip-ups

Summer is a wonderful time to embrace outdoor pleasures, but it can also be the prime time for accidents to occur. Here’s how to make minimize injuries. Comment

Basketball diary

Special Child: Coach shares joys of team sports with special needs adults Comments (3)