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Articles archive

Substance abuse: A growing concern in teens

Teens: The epidemic of children and teens using alcohol and drugs is getting worse and worse. Here’s how you can help your children understand the danger of substance abuse. Comments (1)

America’s over-medicated children

Is feeding prescribed medications to children with mood disorders really the best method of treatment? Comment

Travel trivia: Fun facts about family vacations

It Figures: Statistics about family vacations, amusement parks, icy treats and more. Comments (2)

Activity schedule makes transition to vacation mode easier for all

Autism: If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder, you can help him ease into changes in his routine with a detailed itinerary that includes pictures and social prompts. Comment

Camp insectasaurus

Death by Children: Our columnist survives camping in the woods with his son — barely. Comment

Fly away with me

Letter from College: Raising butterflies from caterpillars exposes teens to entomology, how to take care of a pet, and how to say goodbye. Comment

Do you know about vitamin D?

Raising Girls: Vitamin D may do more than you think, especially for young girls who participate in high-impact sports. Comment

Sock hop at Brooklyn Children’s Museum

You can rock it, you can roll it, and you can have some summer fun at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s beach party on July 27 from 6:30 to 7:15 pm. Comment

Budget cuts bleeding the judicial system

Divorce & Separation: Budget cuts to the state’s courts mean more headaches, missed days of work, and money spent for couples in litigation. Comment

Is mom to thank for your dieting woes?

Body Image: The way you think about weight may have come from your mother — and you may be passing it on to your kids. Comment

Give your preschooler an edge

Pre-Schoolers: Here are some ways in which you can help you teach your preschooler achieve greater academic success. Comment

Can our 8-year-old handle a cellphone?

Parents Helping Parents: The “other kids have them” argument is easier to have when parents know that their child is not the only one with restrictions. Comment

Looking back and looking forward

Our Relationships: Our columnist looks back on her columns over the years and speculates on what is next for her as she says so long — for now. Comments (1)

A penny earned is a penny...spent

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Parents can help their teens learn to wisely manage money by examing their own relationship with their finances. Comment

The right time to have children

Mommy 101: With her first birthday as a mother approaching, our columnist reflects back on at what age she thought she’d be a first-time mother, and if she would have been ready for it. Comment

It’s a matter of trusts

Ask an Attorney: When writing your will, how do you determine the age you should allow your child to inherit your money? Comment

The real way to protect kids from the impact of pornography

Growing Up Online: Despite your best efforts to block it on your computer, kids are still going to have questions about pornography and sex. How do you talk to them about it? Comment

Don’t let kids’ healthy eating habits take a vacation

Good Sense Eating: Families often experience a more relaxed way of eating over the school break, but there’s no reason why your meals and snacks have to be less healthy. Comment

It’s lots of thrills with Mil’s Trills

Mil’s Trills makes a stop at Littlefield in Gowanus on July 22 at 3 pm. Comment

Five tips to get kids to open up

Raising Boys: Most parents who ask their kids questions get the dreaded one-word answers. Here are some ways to get your kids to share what’s on their mind. Comment


The Book Worm: Children interested in golf should read “Twice as Good” by Richard Michelson. This book is an inspiring story about overcoming adversity. Comment

Get the scoop on poop

The Book Worm: Kids, ages 5 to 7, who want to learn about what animals big and small leave behind, will enjoy “Poopendous!” by Artie Bennett. Comment

“Cinderella” at Alley Pond Park

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo its “Cinderella” at Alley Pond Park on July 20. Comment

10 tips to prevent food poisoning this summer

Healthy Living: Summer comes with barbecues and its own set of safety concerns, including food poisoning. Here are some ways to keep your family safe. Comment

Activity fun every Sunday

Little ones get creative with finger paints, crafts, and other fun activities at the Children’s Activity Table at the Queens Botanical Gardens on Sundays through September 2 from 1 to 4 pm. Comment

America’s pastime is alive and well in my present

Queens: For a father who loved playing baseball and bonding over it with his dad, watching his own son play now is a thrilling experience. Comment

Eat fat to be healthier?

Body Image: Here are some misconceptions you might have about fat and calories. Comment

Health is the buzz

Letter from the Publisher: Talk of health is everywhere, and as parents, it is our job to maintain good health for our families. Comment

Time to eat — safely

Allergies: Having a food allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance can be hard on a young person, as it often leads to bullying and being ostracized. Here are some ways you can help her feel better and make safe food choices. Comments (1)

Better diet, better behavior

Synthetic food dyes, artificial additives, and pesticides can all have an unintended impact on your child’s health and behavior. Comment

A treasure in Carroll Park

Brooklyn: Families who flock to Carroll Park are fortunate to know Kathleen Henderson, who has worked to make the park a safe, fun, and welcoming place for children. Comment

Talking with Rain Pryor

Rain Pryor — hands-on mom, entertainer, author, and daughter of comedian Richard Pryor — sits down with us to talk about her childhood, her daughter, and hew new Off-Broadway show. Comment

Howdy, pardner!

New & Noteworthy: The Old West-themed teepee by TeePee for Me doesn’t have batteries, instructions or require assembly. But the fun can’t begin without your child’s imagination. Comment

Best in the galaxy

New & Noteworthy: For cheaper and more nutritious alternatives to store-bought freezer pops, try out the sturdy Rocket Pop Molds by Tovolo. Comment

Up to the tusk

New & Noteworthy: Whether you just like the original HBO “Babar” series the best, or you are looking for something that won’t drive you nuts on that long road trip with the kids, this set will provide hours of elephant-size fun and important lessons. Comment

Game, set, fun

Game, set, fun at New York City parks. Thanks to CityParks Foundation, children 5 to 16 years old can receive free tennis lessons. Classes run now through August 8 at various parks throughout the city. Comment

French Creole celebration

New & Noteworthy: “Songs in the Shade of the Flamboyant Tree: French Creole Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes” is a book of colorful pictures by Laurent Corvaisier that accompany a CD of 30 songs collected by Chantal Grosleziat. Comment

Parenting information overload

Babies: There is advice for new parents coming from doctors, friends, books, etc. But what does a new parent do when the information isn’t complete, and he’s in danger of getting sucked down the wormhole? Improvise. Comment

Wayward seafarer

New & Noteworthy: In Carrie Clickard’s delightful new book, “Victricia Malicia: Book-Loving Buccaneer,” Victricia abandons her life of seafaring life to become the proprietor of Landlubber Bookstore. Comment

Avoiding Lyme disease

Family Health: If your child is attending sleep-away camp outside of the city, chances are he will be exposed to deer ticks, which carry Lyme disease. Some simple precautions can make sure he can enjoy his time in the great outdoors. Comment

Kids events at the Scholastic store

What better way to spend a Saturday in the Big Apple than reading, learning, and crafting? Now you can at The Scholastic Store, the coolest place to enjoy a good book, meet new friends, and make unique craft projects. Comment

“Pinkalicioius” at Broadhollow Theater

Broadhollow Theater is feeling rosy on July 9 and 12, Aug. 1, 7, 9, and 14 when “Pinkalicious” comes to town. Comment

All aboard for adventure

Take a ride back to the future on a nostalgia ride aboard one of New York Transit Museum’s vintage fleet of trains on July 1, 29, and Aug. 12. Comment