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Articles archive

Say cheese

New & Noteworthy: Just when you think there is nothing they could do to possibly improve a pacifier, this artist has gone and made it a hilarious prop that will have the whole family grinning. Comment

Being a great kid’s baseball coach

Here are some ways in which you can have a great impact on Little Leaguers. Comment

Be crowned Miss Staten Island

Raising Girls: It’s that time of the year again — time to enter the Miss Staten Island and the Outstanding Teen scholarship pageants. Comments (1)

Creature comforts

New & Noteworthy: These shoes by Lemon Loves Lime are embellished with just enough beads and sequins to catch the eye of the most discriminating mermaid. Comment

Commons cafe — where charity is on the menu

Staten Island: Staten Island entrepreneurs Richard and Lois Nicotra are warming hearts with its unusual business model. Comment

‘Wilder’ designs for walls

New & Noteworthy: Your kid will be saying “Domo arigato, Mr. Robot-o,” when he sees this talented designer’s new Big Robots print. Comment

Streaking in his birthday suit

The Book Worm: Children who have a hard time keeping their clothes on should read “Birthday Suit,” by Olive Senior. Comment

A smart, fun read about friends

The Book Worm: Teen girls will want to share “Boyfriend Season: Cali Boys,” by Kelli London, with their friends. Comment

How to choose a pediatrician

Family Health: Our expert offers valuable advice to help you make the right decision when selecting your child’s doctor. Comment

Carnival of sound

New & Noteworthy: Get ready to dance with the kids when you play Recess Monkey’s eighth album, “In Tents.” Comment

Batter up!

The Bronx Museum of Art celebrated baseball’s start in the Bronx with the exhibit “Baseball in the Bronx: Nine Innings of Bronx Baseball.” Comment

How to help your child fall asleep

Family Health: If your adolescent is having problems catching some zzz’s, there are several ways that you can help her. Comment

I love national parks

Letter from College: Our columnist shares her fond memories of vacationing with her family in America’s national parks. Comment

What happens to my pets if something happens to me?

Ask an Attorney: Tips from our expert on how to ensure that your pets will be taken care of in the event that something happens to you. Comment

Finding apps to beat the summer slump

Growing Up Online: The challenge for parents is to sort through all of the apps out there and find the ones that will actually intersect with their child’s age and enthusiasms. These websites, which do independent reviews, will help. Comment

Trying times

Infertility: When Sandra and her husband couldn’t get pregnant, she endured medical procedures, heartbreak, and finally, happiness. Comment

Juggling act

Mommy 101: Our columnist says a happy mom makes for a happy baby, so she makes sure to keep her friendships on her list of priorities. Comment

Fatherhood facts: All about dads

It Figures: Fun facts about dads, summer thirst quenchers, Disney amusement parks, and neckties. Comment

Ahoy, maties!

Queens: Aaargh! It’s a pirate’s life at the Long Island Maritime Museum Comment

A time of transitions

Autism: For parents of children with special needs, there are a variety of ways to help kids cope with the ending of the current school year and the beginning of camp and the next school year. Comment

Catch of the day

Featured Event: The Orchard Beach Nature Center in the Bronx offers tips on fishing with poles and nets. Comment

When it’s time to talk, know what works and what backfires

Our Relationships: When there’s disconnection in a marriage, certain behaviors predict divorce while others can help the couple to get through the rough patch and get back to the good times. Comment

Understand the intricacies of alimony

Divorce & Separation: Alimony is a serious subject, complicated by a lack of information and our own feelings about it. Comments (5)

Making a difference with the Miracle Project

Autism: The Miracle Project provides an opportunity for kids with autism and developmental disabilities to perform with their peers. Comments (1)

It’s easy being green with homemade baby food

Good Sense Eating: Making your own baby food can be better for the environment, save you money, and be healthier for your child. Comment

Heads up

As sports seasons heat up, here’s what all parents of young athletes should know about brain injuries and concussions. Comment

Signs of a concussion

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, athletes who experience any of the signs and symptoms listed here after a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body should be kept out of play until a health care professional experienced in evaluating for concussion says they are symptom-free and that it’s OK to return to play. Comment

Mooning over ‘Girl’

New & Noteworthy: Red Hook author Naoko Stoop has created her first picture book about “Red Knit Cap Girl” from illustrated pieces of plywood. The lovely story about the clever, diminutive heroine encourages the littlest readers to let nature into their lives. Comment

Learning on the job

Teens: Each of this writer’s high school summer jobs taught her an invaluable lesson about how to survive in the workplace. Her stories are a must-read for teens — and the parents! Comment

Early puberty and hormones in our food

Healthy Living: Doctors say girls are maturing faster than ever, for reasons even they don’t completly understand. Perhaps we should look at our food supply. Comment


Letter from the Publisher: As you congratulate your graduate for his accomplishments, congratulate yourself as well for helping him get there. Comment

Surviving the first weeks of parenthood

Babies: Our columnist sheds some light on how to get through your first-time parenthood. Comments (1)

Bartolo di Fredi’s masterpiece makes its first US appearance in 200 years.

Families can view the Renaissance masterpiece “The Adoration of the Magi” at The Museum of Biblical Art. Comment

Is working for the FBI for you?

Brooklyn: Find out if you have what it takes to be an agent at The Jewish Children’s Museum. Comment

Ezra would be proud

Young writers and artists participated in the 26th annual competition, creating beautifully illustrated stories. Comment

Unraveling the mystery of colic

Babies: New research suggests that the cause of colic may not be an upset tummy. Instead, it appears to be linked to the mother’s history of migraines. Decreased stimulation may help a suffering baby, just as reducing light and noise can alleviate migraine pain. Comments (1)

Tips for a perfect play date

Believe it or not, there are actually rules to follow to make sure you and your little one have a great play date. Comment

Is home-schooling right for my kids?

Parents Helping Parents: Are home-schooled children missing out on opportunities to develop their social skills? Comment

A golden opportunity

Mental Health: Out-of-school time is an underrated opportunity for child development, especially for kids with exceptionalities. Comment

Spring fling

Featured Event: Richmond County Orchestra presents an evening of song and dance suitable for the whole family on June 9. Comment

Home alone, dude

Death by Children: Leaving a teenage son in charge of the house. Comment

Stretch your relationship

Featured Event: Practice Yoga Together with your little one from June 1 through July 6 in the Bronx’s bucolic garden. Comment

Enjoy free concerts with Miss Nina

Sing along with Miss Nina when she comes to Brooklyn this month. Comment

Rangers lure ‘em in

Featured Event: Budding anglers, 8 years and older, get a lesson on the ups and downs of fishing at Willowbrook and Clove Lakes parks. Comment

TTYL, Mom!

Child-rearing gurus we spoke with say that there are important steps a parent can take to make sure their child is ready to handly the responsibility of having a cellphone of their own. Comment

Fun for the family under the big top

Queens: The Big Apple Circus presents the all-new, all-stupendous Dream Big at Cunningham Park. Comment

Party for less

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Experts offer numerous tips on how to maximize the memory-making and minimize the stress and cost when it comes to planning your daughter’s Sweet 16 celebration. Comment

When your child is ready for a cellphone

According to the clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Osit, author of “Generation Text — Raising Well Adjusted Kids in an Age of Instant Everything,” parents should ask themselves the following questions to determine the best age at which to get their kids a cellphone. Comment

Create a family cellphone contract

Here are some possible provisions for your children if you choose to make a family cellphone contract. Comment

Learn the laws of the land with Mowgli and share his adventures

See all the characters of “The Jungle Book” in Puppetworks’ production of the Rudyard Kipling classic tale. Comment

Put on your thinking cap

Queens: You don’t want to miss this spectacular live production of “Blue’s Clues, The Most Spectacular Place.” Comment

The Suffolk Y JCC is alive with music

Queens: Don’t miss the Star Playhouse’s production of “The Sound of Music” at the Suffolk Y JCC. Comment

Romantic comedy, Shakespeare style

Brooklyn: Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” comes to the stage with 10 actors and five puppets. Comment