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Book is great intro to yoga for kids

New & Noteworthy: If you enjoy the benefits of yoga, share them with your child with a wonderful new picture book by Taeeun Yoo. Comment.

Boys will be… silly

Death by Children: A sleepover birthday party full of 11-year-old boys goes hilariously awry when our columnist pulls out the Silly String. Comment.

Remembering the Hindenburg: Book recalls disaster

Kids, ages 7 to 12, will learn about this historic airship’s final voyage in the book “Surviving the Hindenburg,” by Larry Verstraete. Comment.

Discipline and your young child

Family Health: Our expert offers important tips on teaching your child acceptable behavior. Comment.

AudraRox, Rocknoceros sing about our solar system

New & Noteworthy: Recess Music’s latest CD has brought together over a dozen artists to perform songs about the Earth and our celestial neighbors that are both educational and entertaining. Comment.

Ten tips for parents to help heal homesickness

Advice to help your little camper adjust to being away from home. Comment.

Music appreciation starts young

Letter from College: Kids may love today’s pop and rock stars, but having an understanding of classical music can make today’s music even more enjoyable. Comment.

Memory quilt: Put those old baby clothes to good use

Preserve your most-loved pieces of apparel in a quilt that you’ll use again and again. Comment.

Get ready to Jama

Families jam together with new music series, Fama Jama Sing Song. Comment.

Play in the rain

New & Noteworthy: The microfleece-lined rain boots from Keen will have your child jumping for joy when the April showers arrive. Comment.

Why parents need to ask about guns

How to make sure your child is safe when away from home. Comment.

More resources on gun safety

These sources can provide more information on gun safety. Comment.

My kid loves junk food!

Parents Helping Parents: Tips on teaching your child to enjoy eating healthy foods. Comment.

Food for your heart

Good Sense Eating: Getting your child on a healthy diet doesn’t have to be a battle with these heart-healthy — and yummy — foods. Comment.

Teens in crisis: Affluent homes aren’t immune

Psychologist Madeline Levine finds the best things in life are free in her book “The Price of Privilege.” Comment.

‘Scrumptious’ screening

Featured Event: Head to the Cobble Hill Cinema for a showing of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Comment.

The ins and outs of an estate plan

What is an estate plan, do you need one, and how often should you review it? Comment.

‘Pop Ups’ rock

Featured Event: An everyday trip to Pop Up City turns into a madcap romp through the jungles of Mexico in the Pop Ups’ latest show, “Radio Jungle,” at Littlefield performance and art space on April 22. Comment.

All about our earth

Children, attending preschool through middleschool, with an interest in the Earth should read “B is for Blue Planet,” by Ruth Strother. Comment.

Mild winter triggers tougher allergy season

Healthy Living: Flowers and budding trees may be beautiful to look at, but they send pollen into the wind, which can lead to itchy, watering eyes and a running nose for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Comment.

Get the dirt on preserving the planet at Tompkinsville’s Earth Day celebration!

Staten Island: Dragon parades, puppet shows and a Great Tree Walk are just the tip of the cool iceberg as Tompkinsville Park invites the whole family to celebrate at the planet’s largest environmentally-friendly party! Comment.

Earth rocks: Teach your children how to be good stewards of our planet

Your whole family is invited to the celebration at Grand Central Terminal April 20 and 21. Comment.

Head out to the Queens County Fair!

Featured Event: Step right up, folks, the fair has come to town! Comment.

Budget birthday ideas

Kids love birthday parties, but parents don’t always love the price tag. Here are some ways to give your child a great celebration, at a lower price. Comments (1).

Stop struggling with the juggling

Here are some tips on how to balance family, work, friends, and personal time, so you’re less stressed. Comment.

The positive side of dyslexia

Dyslexia has been thought of as a burden or a weakness, but now, experts are starting to realize that the so-called disability also has its own inherent set of abilities. Comment.

Spies like us

Featured Event: Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb” comes to life on the St. George Theater’s stage. Comment.

Newborns: Take pity on your infant

One dad’s thoughts on why babies put up such a fight when trying anything new. Comment.

He’s high, and you’re feeling low

Our Relationships: This is one of the hardest couple’s issues to deal with and it can be a long process, with many disappointments. Comment.

Registry madness: Mom-to-be and grandma shop for baby

Which new baby items are worth buying? This mom looks to her own mother and other moms for advice about what is useful and what’s a waste of money. Comment.

Happy 40th Grandpa!

Staten Island Zoo invites families to help celebrate their spider monkey, Grandpa, on April 14. Comment.

Reflecting on Hiroshima: High school poet touches hearts

Poet and high school student Dionne Muyalde was selected to be among the top 10 finalists of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs’ Poetry for Peace contest for her poem about atomic bomb survivors. Comment.

Children’s reunification fantasies

Divorce & Separation: The idea of a parent leaving is difficult and painful for a child. In the hope of keeping the marriage intact, a child could cause situations that he thinks could keep the family together. Here are some tips to ease children through the transition. Comments (1).

Crib notes: All about babies

Fun number facts about infants. Comment.

Finding the right camp for your special child

Match your special-needs child’s interests and needs to a camp that’s right for him. Choose from agriculture camps, theatre programs and more! Comment.

Sports safety is a home run

Some injuries your little ball player sustains now could lead to a need for surgery later in life. Here are some tips on how to help your child avoid injuries while they enjoy youth baseball. Comment.

Finding digital balance

Growing Up Online: Here are some ways to help your family detox from tech habits and reconnect with themselves and each other. Comment.

Prepare your special-needs teen for college

Lions and Tigers and Teens: How to encourage your teen to be independent and empowered, and you will pave a smooth transition to school away from home. Comments (1).

‘Stellaluna’ returns on DVD

New & Noteworthy: Classic story is brought to life through animation on Scholastic’s newly released DVD. The movie features songs and an innovative read-along function. Comment.

Our magazines win nine awards

Cheers to New York Parenting Media, which won nine awards for excellence from the Parenting Media Association! Comment.

See a new pattern

Featured Event: Patterns, patterns, everywhere. Children explore the wonderful world of circles, squares, triangles, shapes, and patterns that fill our world at the Brooklyn Museum on April 7 and 8, from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. Comment.

All about autism: You can make a difference

There are plenty of simple ways you and your children can improve the life of someone with autism — and their families. Comment.

Creativity blooms at Wave Hill

Featured Event: Families are invited to make art projects on weekend at the Wave Hill public garden and cultural center in April. Comment.

‘Mirror’ reflects movie

New & Noteworthy: If your kid gets a kick out of the new film, “Mirror, Mirror” — loosely based on the Snow White fairy tale — you might get her to practice her reading skills by encouraging her to pick up the movie-inspired chapter book. Comment.

American characters

Featured Event: Show brings American characters to life through shadow puppets. Comment.

Gardening — and stories!

Featured Event: Yes, the Voelker Orth Museum has it all! Comment.

Striking ‘Yellowgold’:

Featured Event: How does a mellow-yellow-fellow from the sun, named Gustafer Yellowgold, celebrate Earth’s holidays? Find out at the far-out, multimedia release party for the “Gustafer Yellowgold’s Year in the Day” DVD and CD set, on April 1 at 11 am at the 92YTribeca. New songs from the DVD will be performed live by Yellowgold creator Morgan Taylor and his band. Comment.