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2016 Gold Award Winner: Parenting Media Association Editorial & Design Awards Competition

Articles archive

Childbirth as performance art

One artist’s quest to realistically convey the ultimate human experience in art. Comment

‘Jungle’ boogie!

New & Noteworthy: The Pop Ups finally release a follow-up to their critically acclaimed album “Outside Voices,” “Radio Jungle.” Comment

The Women’s movement: The unfinished revolution

One mother wonders: Has the women’s movement failed us on the home front? Comment

Protect your child from bullying

Staten Island: Parents often feel helpless when a child is being bullied. Here are some ways to help. Comment

Finding the right camp for your child

If you’re kids are interested in attending camp this summer, here are some tips to make sure they enjoy their experiences. Comment

Questioning our nutrition

Mommy 101: When teaching your children about health and nutrition, it can be hard to kick your habit of eating unhealthy foods. Comment

The scoop on poop

Featured Event: Brooklyn author Arty Bennett reads from his new book, “Poopendous!,” at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan on March 31, 2012. Comment

Coping with a ‘colicky’ baby

Family Health: If your baby has colic and is crying constantly, there are several factors that could be contributing to her discomfort. Comment

Inside charter schools

These independent public schools offer an alternative to zoned schools — if you win the lottery. Comments (1)

Resolving anger

Our Relationships: Since you and your partner probably deal with anger in your own unique ways, it can be extremely difficult to move past your disagreements. Use these tips to find peace. Comment

I want another baby, my husband says ‘no’

Parents Helping Parents: Is it a good idea for parents of a large, blended family to add another child to the mix? Comments (1)

Super ‘Laugh’

Featured Event: The Paper Bag Players present “Laugh, Laugh, Laugh” musical at Kingsborough Community College on March 25. Comment

‘Buzz’-ing about West Africa

New & Noteworthy: This DVD collection brings classic folktales alive, with some stories narrated by James Earl Jones. Comment

‘Dog’-gone exciting

New & Noteworthy: Suspenseful new book about a trapped pooch is based on a true story. Comment

Egg-cellent craft

Featured Event: Learn a new way to decorate Easter eggs at the Blue Heron Nature Center in March. Comment

Cat fancy!

New & Noteworthy: Handmade, wool cat marionette is sure to the purr-fect gift for the child that loves to entertain. Comment

It’s a dirty job: All about worms

Featured Event: Worm wrangler Andrew Blancero brings his enthusiasm for a composter’s best friend to the Staten Island Children’s Museum on March 23. Comment

An arctic journey

Featured Event: Take a magic school bus to the great white north! Comment

Mom’s a dietician: Blessing or curse?

Good Sense Eating: Children of registered dieticians reflect on what growing up with a nutrition expert is (or was) like. Comment

A furry tale

Letter from College: Growing up with a pet can teach a child about responsibility, team work and love. Comments (1)

Putting students first

StudentsFirst is an organization working to improve the nation’s school systems. Comment

Moms finding their strides: Tips for the beginner runner

Here are some useful ways to start moving, stay motivated, and get the most out of a run. Comment

Traumatic brain injury documentary is a profile in courage

Expect to cry — and laugh — while watching Kavery Kaul’s film, “Back Walking Forward,” which will be screened at the Brooklyn Museum on March 18 as part of Brain Injury Month. Comment

Unsure about camp?

There are many options for your child who may want to give camp a try, but is hesitant about being away from home for a long period of time. Comment

Ruffling some feathers

Featured Event: The Moscow Festival Ballet brings the classic work “Swan Lake” to the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts for one night only. Comment

Keeping your kids injury free during spring sports

Healthy Living: Sign-ups and tryouts for many spring team sports are on their way. Here are some tips to remember to keep your children safe this season. Comment

Mediation: An introduction

Divorce & Separation: This process for ending a marriage is often faster, less expensive, and less stressful than litigation. Comments (4)

Picture im-perfect

Death by Children: Our columnist’s son hates having his portrait taken. Comments (1)

Raise a can-do kid

Having your children pitch in around the house teaches them responsibility, organization, and saves you from doing all of the work. Comments (1)

Getting baby to sleep through the night

Babies: Understanding infant sleeping patterns and creating a routine for bedtime are the keys to getting your child — and yourself — some shut-eye. Comment

Creative apps for creative kids

Growing Up Online: Apps are everywhere. How do you find the apps that are developmentally stimulating, actively engaging, and creative enough for your child? Comments (4)

Websites that review apps for kids

Growing Up Online: Site: childrenstech Comments (1)

March right up

Featured Event: Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts presents shows featuring aspiring ballerinas from the School of American Ballet, the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica and the Russian Red Star/Red Army Chorus in March. Comment

Hindi club ignites ‘Festival of Lights’

Queens: Students of the Hindi Club at John Adams High School spent an evening celebrating Diwali, a Hindu holiday, with a show filled with dancing and singing. Comment

Prodigy points: Outstanding kids

It Figures: Fun facts about exceptional young people. Comment

The ins and outs of safe outings

The Book Worm: Middle-schoolers looking to hike, explore, and camp safely this summer should read “Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival,” by Denise Long. Comment

‘Music’ on the mind

Featured Event: “The Sound of Music” is screening at the Museum of Moving Images. Comment

Nobody beats the Wiz

Featured Event: See the Wizard of Oz at the Showplace at Bellmore. Comment

Oliver in Bayside!

Featured Event: The Dickens classic hits the stage at The Bay Terrace Jewish Center this week. Comment

Dance’s next generation

Featured Event: DanceWave brings together dancers from colleges across the country as well as its own pre-professional troupe for two days of performances. Comment

Boys vs. girls: Should parents apply same rules to both genders?

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Most can agree that we all possess both masculine and feminine characteristics. However, if there are distinct social or behavioral differences, should parents then raise the genders differently? Comments (7)

Just park it

Featured Event: Brooklyn parks offer all kinds of entertainment, all month long. Comment

Return to ‘Oz’

Featured Event: The Riverdale Children’s Theatre brings “The Wizard of Oz” to life at the Bronx House in March. Comment

Cloaked in style

New & Noteworthy: Classic design and vintage-esque print combine to make this handmade cape an essential piece of your daughter’s spring and fall wardrobes. Comment

Celebrating in Queens

Letter from the Publisher: Ten years ago we began Queens Family. It was shaky at first and we weren’t so certain we were going to make it, but we persevered and here we are. We formed important relationships and became a part of the landscape. Many of our best writers over the years have made their home in Queens, as does my sidekick in this engaging publishing enterprise, Sharon Noble. Comment

Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ makes learning more app-ealing

The singer-songwriter’s new album and apps are educational tools that teach children music, science, nature and technoloy. Comment