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Happy meals: Family dinners can feed kids’ souls

Here’s some ideas to make dinner fun, so the whole clan can get excited about breaking bread together. Comments (1)

Let’s talk about sex

Talking to your kids about sex may be awkward and uncomfortable, but the conversations you have with them can have a key role in the decisions they make in their lives. Comment

How to determine if your child is too short or just right

Family Health: If your child seems shorter than his peers, there are tests his pediatrician can do. Comment

Cultivate a healthier day care experience

Family Health: Putting your child in day care doesn’t necessarily mean he will get sick — as long as you take the proper health precautions before enrolling him. Comment

Great websites for preschoolers

Great educational sites for little kids that even an Internet-unsavvy parent can navigate. Comment

Estate planning for parents with young kids

Ask an Attorney: Every parent should have essential documents put in place to protect their family in case of death. Comment

Taye Diggs’s ‘Chocolate Me’ book has sweet lesson about self-confidence

Taye Diggs’s book, “Chocolate Me!” is a perfect read for preschoolers who are embarrassed by being different. Comment

It’s about Timeline: Facebook presents an opportunity for parents to advise kids

Growing Up Online: The new Facebook feature Timeline allows your child’s friends to see a complete history of everything she has put on the social media site. How can she protect her digital privacy? Comment

Advice for addressing sexuality with an 11 year old

Parents Helping Parents: When’s the right time to start a discussion about sexuality with a child? Comment

Songs for sleeping

New & Noteworthy: Your child will love the diverse music on this CD. Comment

Daily deal or dud?

Daily deal vouchers offer some of the deepest discounts on entertainment, personal care and household goods. But if you don’t take the time to know what’s not included in your deal, it could end up being a dud. Comments (1)

Sink your teeth into these affordable dental care options

Taking care of your teeth and gums is very important. If a tight budget is stopping you from visiting the dentist, consider some other options to get the help your teeth need. Comments (1)

Yuppy and puppy love: Fun facts about love

Plus seasonal stats. Comment

How I became a writer

Letter from College: It’s understandable that teens might hate writing essays for school. But if they know the creative latitude that can go into writing these essays, they might enjoy it more. Comments (1)

From Balto to Buster

Featured Event: Check out these movies for kids at the Cobble Hill Cinema Comment

Gals, give this to your husband to read

Our Relationships: It’s not just working moms who have a hard time balancing a career and family. It can be just as hard for working dads to manage a new family, work demands, and romance, too. Comments (2)

Working moms or stay-at-home moms — no one has it easier

The decision of whether to stay at home or not is never easy, but you have to do what’s best for your family. Comment

Are you ready for the summer?

When searching for a summer camp, families will realize that the possibilities are endless. Knowing what to look for in a camp will help you decide which camp is best for your child. Comment

Worm welcome: Learn more at the Queens Botanical Garden

Featured Event: Worms may be gross, but they’re also pretty darn interesting. Comment

Puppetry workshop: CSI hosts African-themed event

Featured Event: In celebration of February as Black History Month, the College of Staten Island is hosting an African puppet-making workshop. Comment

When it comes to A’s, teens need their zzzz’s

Teens need more than nine hours of sleep each night. Here are some tips to help you make sure your teen is getting the sleep she needs. Comment

From courtship to court

Divorce & Separation: The process of ending a marriage through litigation is usually the most expensive, antagonistic and emotionally difficult choice for divorcing. Be aware of what it can mean for you and your spouse — as well as your children. Comments (5)

Tooth tips

It’s never too early to start thinking about effective dental hygiene. And stay vigilant because teens need help, too. Comment

Don’t flake on winter safety

Healthy Living: Whether the kids are playing inside the house or in the snow, there are three winter hazards every parent should be aware of. Comment

Jump around!

Featured Event: Check out the Jumpin’ Juniper Festival this month at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange! Comments (1)

Cut the strings: Nudging your 20-something out of your house

Twice the Advice: When you’re ready for your 24-year-old to move out, make sure he’s ready, too. Comment

Get organized, get cooking!

Good Sense Eating: Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get your kitchen back in order — which can save you time and money, and may even help your family eat more nutritiously. Comment

‘Amaze’ and delight your kids

Featured Event: The Amazing Max opens his box of interesting box of things this month. Comment

The things we do for love

Death by Children: A recent trip to the nail salon won our columnist an extreme parenting badge; this hero dad brightened his daughter’s day with matching pedicures. Comments (2)

Africa comes to Brooklyn at Bedford Village School

Featured Event: Your child can dance her way through the grasslands! Comment

How to make behavior modification for children with autism a natural change

Pairing the new year with behavior modification is a great way to help an autistic or special needs person feel included with an annual social practice. Comment

History comes alive: Musical set during the Battle of Gettysburg

Featured Event: To celebrate Black History Month, Enrichment Through the Arts is lifting the curtain on its Civil War production, “Four Score and Seven Years Ago.” Comment

A day at the Museum!

Featured Event: There’s loads of fun this month at the Brooklyn Children’s museum. Comment

Take your kids to Africa — in Queens!

Featured Event: Check out Youk College’s Performing Arts Center’s “The African Drum” today or tomorrow. Comment

Animal tales: African fables come to Hostos Center

Featured Event: Africa comes to the Bronx this month when the Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture presents “The African Drum,” where kids ages 3–7 sing and dance their way on a trip through the grasslands. Comment

From the publisher: Good health is complex

Letter from the Publisher: This month, we focus on health. Comment

Straighten up!: The pros and cons of braces

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Braces weren’t “in” back in the day. The dreadful nickname “metal mouth” was often used to tease those who had to don hideously thick, metal wires and brackets across their teeth. If you wore them, you didn’t smile for your school pictures. Then, there was the thought — or nightmare — of experiencing your first kiss with a mouth full of metal. Most teens preferred going “au naturel,” electing to live with a slightly crooked smile over a silver one. Comments (1)

Engineering fun at the New York Hall Of Science on Presidents’ Day

Featured Event: Head to the Hall on Feb. 20 and get your little engineer dicovering! Comment

Heart-felted gift idea

New & Noteworthy: Your child will loved squeeze these! Comment

Dance away the blues at Wave Hill

Wash those winter blues right out of your hair with a day of writing, creating and dancing at Wave Hill on Feb. 5 from 10 am to 1 pm. Comment

Asians excelling in U.S. schools

Asian students are excelling in U.S. schools. Will American students be able to keep up? Comments (4)

Creative parenting

Park Slope parents foster entrepreneurial spirit with life coaches and more. Comment

Even Mo to love: Willems’ ‘Pigeon’ book adapted for DVD

New & Noteworthy: Check out Mo Willems’ newest creation for kids! Comment

Train your tech-savvy tots

New & Noteworthy: The world moves pretty fast, so make sure your child can keep up with it. Comment

‘House’ of imagination

New & Noteworthy: Inside a child’s mind during the battles of World War II. Comment

100 years of Girl Scouting: Celebrating locally and across the nation

The Girl Scouts of the USA has come a long way since it began in 1912. But the basic message of empowering young girls has stayed the same. Comment