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Paving the road to success

Madeline Levine’s new book, “Teach Your Children Well,” offers insights into how you can parent your children into become independent adolescents with a strong sense of identity and values. Comment.

Book about a bully’s change of heart is a must-read

New & Noteworthy: Author Jacqueline Woodson goes right for the heart in her latest book “Each Kindness” about a bully who regrets excluding the new girl at school from her circle of friends. Comment.

Mediation: Interests vs. positions

Divorce & Separation: In mediation, it’s important to understand both sides’ needs and interests to reach an amicable agreement. Comments (2).

Family dinners

Special Child: Here are some stragegies for improving your chid’s picky eating habits. Comment.

Discipline today

Special Child: Here are some tips for effectively employing a time-out when your child is misbehaving and you’re red in the face. Comment.

Bowled over

Special Child: Here are some common toilet training practices that might actually be decreasing your child’s chances of leaving diapers behind. Comments (2).

Poop afloat

What’s a parent to do when her 2-year-old Gracie poops in the tub during bath time? Comment.

Playworks turns recess into success

The program strives to improve the overall tone of play at schools. Comments (2).

Hairy situation

Let’s face, you don’t have time to bring your child to the salon for a simple bang trim. So before you attempt it yourself, peruse these tips from a pro. Comment.

Weighty issues

How to respond to your child’s questions about being fat. Comment.

Hit me with your best shot

Family Health: Don’t avoid immunizing your baby because of unsubstantiated myths about the dangers of vaccines. Comment.

Forgetting ‘the shoulds’

If we make our lives about all “the shoulds,” what chance do our kids have at being content, fulfilled adults? Comment.

Holiday highlights: Fun facts about celebrations

It Figures: Statistics about National Family Literacy Day, Thanksgiving, and shopping. Comment.

Developing hobbies with special-needs kids

This winter, there are plenty of hobbies that can help a child with special needs enjoy his leisure time. Comment.

Holiday staycation

There’s plenty to see and do in New York City this holiday season. Comment.

Getting to the underlying issues of ‘you don’t love me!’

Parents Helping Parents: Dramatic statements are not uncommon for little ones to say when they’re upset. The trick is getting to the underlying issues. Comment.

Dear Diary, this is me

Letter from College: Keeping a diary about each day’s events can help kids and teens with their writing skills, plus serve as a great trip down memory lane in years to come. Comment.

Beyond chicken fingers

Good Sense Eating: The National Restaurant Association and have created the Kids LiveWell program to help restaurants put healthy foods on the children’s menu. Comment.

ADHD children may become ADHD adults

Seek out professionals who specialize in adult diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder as it can be tricky to diagnose. Comment.

Kids with disabilities have a friend in Bridge to Youth Recreational Program

Brooklyn: Today, the center is an exciting leisure and educational facility, plus a resource center for parents who network and share information through a thriving grapevine. Group activities are interspersed with joyous celebrations, including regular birthday parties with cakes, candles, and a chorus of cheers. The kinship formed at Bridge is heartwarming, according to the therapists who help make its magic. Comment.

Your child can’t sleep?

Healthy Living: If your child can’t sleep, melatonin can be just what he needs to get a good night’s sleep. Comments (1).

Appy holidays

Growing Up Online: A well-equipped smartphone can help you get the holidays organized and under budget. Comment.

Cherishing time with 8-month-old Hazel

Our writer is noticing changes in his growing 8-and-a-half month old and enjoying a new feeding routine. Comment.

Arts education can change children’s lives — and it’s not just about the art!

An interview with Russell Granet, the newly appointed executive director of the Lincoln Center Institute. Comment.

Why are kids given grades for effort?

From the meaning of grading systems to how to help a child learn phonics, teachers answer parents’ questions. Comment.

‘Poopendous’ author speaks

Featured Event: Author Artie Bennett discusses his book on number two on Nov. 18. Comment.

The latest on teen ‘sexting’

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Technology allows explicit texts and photos to be disseminated at lightning speed. Here are tips on how to educate your teen on the consequences of this risky behavior, and what to do if it has already happened. Comment.

An old-fashioned hoedown

Featured Event: Astrograss performs at the Living Room on Nov. 18. Comments (1).

Butterflies are back

Featured Event: Walk with the butterflies at the American Museum of Natural History. Comment.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

When completed, these holiday-themed crafts can be used as decorations for your home and table. Comment.

‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ hops into town

Featured Event: The classic tale comes to life from Nov. 16 to Jan. 27, 2013. Comment.

Narrowing her focus

Mommy 101: Like most parents, our columnist has a million things to do and very little time in which to do them. Comment.

Turn cries of boredom into squeals of amusement

The Book Worm: Children 9 to 15 will find “Unbored: The Essential Guide to Serious Fun” to be crazy entertaining. Comment.

Don’t label my child

When a child shows delays in development, a parent is doing what’s best for their child by allowing him to be evaluated. If he is diagnosed with special needs, parents must overcome denial and guilt to move forward and initiate the services that will meet their child’s needs. Comment.

Get to the Met!

There’s plenty to do at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this month. Comment.

‘Whoo’ would miss Owl Prowl?

Featured Event: Naturalist, photographer, and writer Deborah Allen leads an owl talk with an indoor half-hour presentation, then brings everyone outside to look for long-eared and Saw-whet owls. Comment.

A series of fortunate events

Don’t miss a children’s book fair and concert of Lemony Snicket’s “The Composer is Dead” at the Brooklyn Museum. Comment.

Dear Dr. Karyn

Here are three strategies to help inspire your teens this school year. Comment.

Bring your own kid

Featured Event: Brady Rymer and his band perform at the 92nd Y Tribeca. Comment.

Good grief

The death of a family pet may be the first experience a child has in dealing with the end of a life. Comment.

Autumn happenings at Wave Hill

Featured Event: The air might be chilly, but there’s plenty to do at Wave Hill this month. Comment.

The homework dilemma

Authors claim the benefits of homework are a myth, while parents worry that if they don’t help children complete assignments, their child will not succeed. Comments (1).

Organic baby clothing line inspired by camping

New & Noteworthy: Tane Organics’ winter collection is inspired by the heartwarming time spent camping with family, yet this sweet Kimono Jacket is truly wilderness luxe. Comments (2).

Paws for comedy

New & Noteworthy: New DVD tells the story of the sleuthing bloodhound Trooper and the boy that loves him as they go on a treasure hunt together in a small town. Along the way, they save the independent bookstore and expose corruption in the government. Comment.

All strung out

New & Noteworthy: “The Colored Pencil Factory” is an upbeat, toe-tapping album of original songs and classics recorded by bluegrass masters Astrograss. Comment.

Doll and website get girls thinking about Election Day

New & Noteworthy: Get the doll in your life excited about participating in the election process — whether by voting or running for president — with help from Mattel’s Barbie I Can Be... President toy and it’s website. Comment.

From our readers

Hello Susan, Comment.

The question of homework

Letter from the Publisher: Kids are now settled in their classes and the homework reality has begun again in earnest. Comment.

Color with Kinderchrome

Featured Event: Children can have fun painting in this color workshop at the New York Hall of Science. Comment.

Velveteen Rabbit hops over to Brooklyn College

Featured Event: “The Velvetten Rabbit” comes to Brooklyn. Comment.

Learn all about sea turtles

Featured Event: Kids will love hearing about the endangered species at two discussions being held this month. Comment.

Fun on the farm

Children will love Wildlife Weekends at the Queens County Farm Museum. Comment.

Fall fun at the Prospect Park Zoo

Featured Event: There’s plenty of fall programs at the zoo for children to enjoy. Comment.

Don’t miss Astrograss live!

Featured Event: The band introduces its newest children’s CD with a performance at Jalopy Theatre. Comment.