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Motley mix: Fun facts

It Figures: Statistics about “Meatless Monday,” “Twilight,” Halloween candy, and more. Comment

How do vaccines protect my child?

Family Health: Vaccines protect children by preparing their bodies to fight potentially deadly diseases. Comment

Healthy accessory

New & Noteworthy: My Sneezee is a machine washable sleeve for your child’s elbow that encourages them to cough or achoo into their arm, rather than into their classmate’s face. Comment

Acknowledging dangers for safety’s sake

There is a right way and a wrong way to warn children about the consequences of dangerous situations. Comment

School’s not out for winter

Family Health: What factors help a parent decide whether or not a child should stays home from school? Comment

Teens and dishonesty

Research shows that a shockingly high percent of teens lie, and not always for the reasons you may think. Comment

Facing junior year

Letter from College: Here are some tips for high schoolers worried about starting junior year. Comments (1)

The upside of parenting teens

In spite of the rollercoaster adolescence can feel like, there is also a lot to enjoy about parenting young adults. Comment

Manners matter: May I have this dance, please?

Ballroom Basix and its founder strive to teach city kids respect and discipline. Comment

When to change your will when buying property

Ask an Attorney: If you buy a new home, is your will still valid? Comment

Daughter’s first trip to the gynecologist

Most young girls are nervous about their first trip to the gynecologist. Your daughter will be less nervous if she knows why it’s important, and what to expect. Comment

Primo Mojo

Featured Event: “Mojo” is a performance with puppetry, music, and magic, perfect for kids 5 years old and up. Comment

Learn from ‘Charly’s Epic Fiascos’

The Book Worm: Teenage girls who don’t like hearing the word “no,” may learn something by reading Kelli London’s “Charly’s Epic Fiascos.” Comment

Easing fears of going from preschool to kindergarten

Parents Helping Parents: Going from preschool to kindergarten can be scary for young children — and a lot of work for parents. Comment

Thrills and chills with ‘City Stomp Live’

Featured Event: Stomp on down to Littlefields for a fun Halloween concert from City Stomp Live on Oct. 27. Comment

Spooktacular thrills at Alley Pond

Featured Event: There’s fun for children of all ages at Alley Pond Environmental Center this Halloween. Comments (1)

Fable-lous storytime

New & Noteworthy: In a new children’s book by Gianna Marino, Rabbit and Owl find themselves in a competition to build the tallest home. When their competition falls apart, the neighbors rediscover their friendship when they work together. Comment

Birth of a ‘Dadface’

Death by Children: Every dad needs a Dadface — a face that conveys to a child just how much trouble he is in. Comment

Buck up: Study shows good posture makes you tougher

Bad posture can actually make you physically and emotionally weaker. Comment

Harvest and Halloween celebration ideas

Here are some great craft, game, and food suggestions for a harvest celebration or spooky Halloween party your kids will love. Comment

It must be neurological!

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Does a teen’s developing brain have something to do with her inexplicable behavior? Comment

Old Home Day at Historic Richmond Town

Featured Event: Come on home for Old Home Day at Historic Richmond Town on Oct. 21. Comments (1)

Five tips for success on the stepmom journey

Here are some tips on how to embrace your role as stepmother and thrive in your blended family. Comment

The Big Apple Circus presents ‘Legendarium’ at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park

Take a bite out of the Big Apple Circus as it opens its 35th season at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park from Oct. 20 through Jan. 13, 2013. Comment

Why casino games are risky for kids

Growing Up Online: Online casino games may be fun, but such games can normalize gambling for young kids. Comment

Discover childhood

Featured Event: The Nassau County Museum of Art is presenting “Discover Chagall’s Childhood World,” where kids can make their own masterpieces of childhood, dreams, and fantasy. Comment

Bubblemania at Queens Theatre

Featured Event: That bubb-licious, bodacious, bubble artist Casey Carle returns to amaze and delight with bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles at the Queens Theatre on Oct. 21. Comment

The too-thin child

Good Sense Eating: Being underweight may appear preferable to being overweight, but the reality is that being too slender has its own risks and repercussions. Comment

Andy Z releases haunting radio play

New & Noteworthy: Innovative kindie musician Andy Z has created “The Grand Scream of Things” for tweens with a recipe incorporating two scoops of punk; a pinch of hip-hop; and a nod to rock operas and radio plays of yesterday. Comment

Circumcision: Small cut, big decision

New scientific evidence shows that health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks, says the American Academy of Pediatrics. Comment

Tom and Katie: Values in divorce

Divorce & Separation: Did Katie Holmes fare well in her divorce from Tom Cruise? Comments (3)

Upper West Side families can enjoy Halloween Fun Fair

Featured Event: Bring your little pirate, princess, witch, or bacon-eating robot (never underestimate a child’s imagination) to the Halloween Fun Fair on Oct. 20 from 11 am to 5 pm and have a spook-tacular good time! Comment

October fun at the Garden!

Featured Event: There’s plenty to do this month at the New York Botanic Garden. Comment

The 20 things teen guys want their mothers to know

Dr. Karyn answers questions about what mothers should know about raising teen boys and how to stay connected when your child goes off to college. Comments (1)

Is sugar overload inevitable?

Healthy Living: Here are some practical tips for trick-or-treat snacks that will keep kids — and parents — happy. Comment

Can classroom walls be too busy for students?

From how concerns about whether text messaging counts as reading to how to make test taking easier, teachers answer parents’ questions. Comment

‘Vampire Dog’ is sweet tale

New & Noteworthy: “Vampire Dog” features 12-year-old new kid in town, Ace, who must find the courage to withstand the bullying at his new school every day — with a little help from a supernatural canine (with sarcastic voice lent by “Saturday Night Live” alum Norm MacDonald). Comment

The aftereffects of bullying

Family Health: Studies show that there are many victims of bullies, but few of their tormentors lead healthy adult lives. Comment

Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin is back again!

Featured Event: That “Gourd-geous” gourd Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin is back at the Bedford Village School — and just in time to harvest some Halloween fun from Oct. 16 to Oct. 31. Comment

Teen smoking: How parents can help prevent it

Tips for parents on how to prevent teens from smoking. Comment

Growing up at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Beaches Turks and Caicos has something to offer to everyone in your family, so no matter how old your kids get, they’ll love it every time they visit. Comment

Adorable to the Max

New & Noteworthy: This Max costume steps right out of the pages of Maurice Sendak beloved children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are.” Comment

From beans to bang

Removing tangible math tools as children get older could be the reason why some teens struggle with upper-level math. Comment

Spending time with other people’s kids

Spending an afternoon with young cousins teaches our columnist about his relationship with his own daughter. Comment

Halloween party at the New York City Police Museum

Some people would say a police station is a pretty scary place. Give yourself a chill at the New York City Police Museum on Oct. 27, when its Halloween fest howls into town. Comment

‘NutureShock’: A wake-up call for parents

The book by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman explains why most parents’ answers to questions about children’s performances in school and obesity are wrong. Comment

Rev your engines!

Don’t detour, take your family to the Long Island Auto Show. Comment

Tough love

Mommy 101: Our columnist observes a mother teaching her son a lesson through tough love. Comments (2)

The Suzi Shelton Band at Symphony Space

Featured Event: Rock out at Symphony Space with the Suzi Shelton Band! Comment

Boo at the Zoo at the Bronx Zoo

Boo at the Zoo is back, and just in time to put the chill into the thrill of visiting the Bronx Zoo! This wickedly fun event occurs every weekend, Oct. 8 through 28. Comment

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

Featured Event: Children learn about the world’s people from the feet up at Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Comment

Teen awareness

Letter from the Publisher: Parents of teens have some certain challenges to face. Comment

School organization

The new school year can be daunting for both parents and children, but organization can help everyone feel more prepared to take on the challenge. Comments (1)

Kids learn about dinosaurs at the Staten Island Zoo

Featured Event: Pterodactyls, and raptors, and triceratops, oh my! Comments (2)

A 5k run at the New York Aquarium in support of walruses

Featured Event: Walruses can’t run, but you can! Help the horse of the sea in this year’s 5K Run for the Wild at the New York Aquarium on Oct. 6. Comment

It’s all black and white

Featured Event: Explore Picasso’s black-and-white period in “Picasso Black and White” at the Guggenheim. Comment

A crash course in acting and dancing!

Featured Event: TADA! provides a day of fun for theater-loving kids. Comment

Don’t miss this fancy musical

Featured Event: “Fancy Nancy the Musical” is singing and dancing its way into the McGinn Cazale Theatre. Comment