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Changing schools

Here are some new ways to help your child with a tough transition. Comment

If parents only knew

Staten Island: An educator advocates for a close relationship between teachers and parents, so that children will have the best chance to succeed. Comment

Staten Island is 350 years old!

Staten Island: Celebrate this milestone birthday with a look back at the island’s history. Comments (1)

Recent news reminds us of stranger danger

Protect your children by teaching them a few simple lessons. Comment

Strategic back-to-school clothes shopping

Having a plan in mind before hitting the stores can avoid conflict with your child and help you stick to your budget. Comment

Tennis, anyone?

Featured Event: For the 16th annual Arthur Ashe Kids Day, pop superstars and tennis all-stars will converge at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Grounds on Aug. 27 for an all-day tennis and music festival for children and families. Comment

Dear teacher

Answers to your back-to-school questions. Comment

When your tween wets the bed — and won’t admit it

Twice the Advice: Plus other answers to your parenting questions. Comment

iHappy apps for parents

Growing Up Online: These applications offer gentle reminders to help moms and dads become calmer, happier and more optimistic. Comment

Top five nutrition myths for kids

Good Sense Eating: Get a reality check about some of the so-called “rules” for feeding children. Comments (1)

Moving up from pre-k

Queens: One family celebrates the past to prepare for the future Comment

What is being left behind

Queens: Stress on test scores is forcing out important classroom playtime that is vital to our kids’ future success. Comment

Passports and pickles

Featured Event: Travel through a world of gardens at the New York Botanical Garden this month, when it hosts its two-day Global Gardens Summer Harvest Festival. Comment

Imaginations take flight

Featured Event: Riverside Park hosts a kite-making workshop on Aug. 20. Comment

Eliminating bullying and violence from schools

Promoting anti-bullying through education, yoga and music. Comment

Back to work and heartbroken

Parents Helping Parents: What can you do when your have to say “goodbye” to your baby and return to work before you’re ready? Comment

Strengthen the connection with your child

Growing Up Online: Here are some ideas to cultivate ‘we’ thinking. Comment

Time to tango

Featured Event: Do you like the tango? How about folkloric music? What about a combination of both? Well, Ballet Los Pampas is for your family. Comment

Strolling to obesity?

Are your kids’ rides in the stroller setting them up for health problems? Comments (1)

Avoid ‘potatodum’

Besides using your stroller less for your older kids, here are other easy ways to help keep your kids active. Comment

Go for a stroll

Looking for a fun way to get fit when you have younger, stroller-bound kids? Strolling with your baby is a good workout, according to a study by the American Council on Exercise, and exercise scientists at the University of Wisconsin. Comment

When is it time for couple’s therapy?

Our Relationships: Couple’s therapy can help get to the root of problems preventing a pair from feeling close. Comment

Career changes

The bad economy spurs non-traditional male employment choices. Comment

Feed the beasts!

Featured Event: Zoo animals — and humans — get a special treat on Aug. 14 in Staten Island. Comment

Get ticked off over Lyme disease

Family Health: Know the early signs of the illness to stave off serious symptoms later. Comment

Boat loads of fun

Featured Event: The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival returns to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park on Aug. 13. Comment

Get on your Soapbox — Derby, that is

Open Source Gallery hosts its annual race — for kids of all ages! Comment

Don’t be wet behind the ears when it comes to swimmer’s ear

Family Health: Preventing and treating the infection is easier than you think. Comment

It figures

Amount the Obama Administration has promised to states and schools that make significant reforms: $4.3 billion Comment

Guilt-stricken son seeks missing mom on Mars

Cinematters: Watch “Mars Needs Mom” and then discuss it with your family. Comment

Stressed to the max!

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Helping your teen to cope as September approaches Comment

Muppet mania

Featured Event: The Museum of the Moving Image has an exhibition and film screenings devoted to Jim Henson, the genius who brought us Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. Comment

Enjoy the summer, teachers! You earned it

Newbie Dad: It’s time to appreciate the people who teach our kids. Comments (1)

MasterCard’s pajama party at the Bronx Zoo!

Featured Event: Pull out the plastic for a customized safari sleepover at the Bronx Zoo — and a fun-filled brush with nature. Comment

Great beach read

New & Noteworthy: Boy’s attempts to introduce his parents to his sand castle’s resident fire-breathing reptile are frustrated with hilarious results in the new book, “When a Dragon Moves In.” Comments (1)

These ‘socks’ don’t stink

New & Noteworthy: Dirty Sock Funtime Band’s new CD is good, clean fun. Comment

Just cruisin’

Featured Event: Historic Richmond Town’s Family Cruise Nites display vintage cars on Wednesday nights, now through the end of the month! Comment

Buckle up!

New & Noteworthy: BuckleyBoo stuffed animals encourage cognitive development — and snuggling! Comment

Sand spectaculars

Featured Event: Coney Island’s annual sand castle contest returns on Aug. 6. Comment

Story time set

New & Noteworthy: New DVD box set features 16 animated versions of beloved children’s stories, including “Good Night, Gorilla.” Comment

Dance fever

Featured Event: Staten Island Children Museum’s weekly, kids dance party is back! Comment

Tutus for twirling

New & Noteworthy: Here’s the perfect accessory for your next photo op or birthday party. Comment

Go wild

Featured Event: The Bronx Zoo’s “Tales From Around the Globe” series combines conservation lessons with catchy tunes. Comment

Films al fresco

Featured Event: Get ready to laugh your socks off, because Narrows Botanical Gardens is screening two comedies this month — a Mel Brooks classic and a recent animated movie about a scheming racoon. Comment

Easy being green

Featured Event: Polish your dancing shoes, because the live music will get your toes tapping as part of the Dancing Under the Stars series in Park Slope this month. Comment

Keeping our kids safe

Letter from the Publisher: It’s August and summer is more than halfway over. Many parents need to think about schools and school choices for the fall and preparation for the coming school year. Soon, it will also be time to start shopping for the kids and getting ready to take advantage of sales and no-tax weeks. In this issue we present some tips for wise spending. We also feature our Annual Fall School Directory and hope you will also visit these listings on our website, We have a new domain name, so please make note of it. Comment

Must back-to-school mean back to strep?

Moms share their experience with battling recurring strep throat and experts offer advice on what steps can be taken to minimize the number of infections. Comment

Music to your ears

Featured Event: Bring your family and dance the night away in Cobble Hill Park this month. Comment