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Wands up!

Featured Event: Head to Socrates Sculpture Park this month for some kid-friendly fun. Comment.

Righties’ prejudice is wrong

Father recounts personal, global and historial instances of grudges against the left-handed. Comment.

Planning for preschool

A step-by-step guide to finding the perfect fit for you and your child. Comment.

Popular early childhood educational approaches

Less structured than some other programs, the Bank Street Development Interaction approach allows children to make their own choices in the classroom, while interacting with a wide variety of materials, ideas and people. This helps a child discover things in her own way, at her own pace. Comment.

Travel activities for kids

Here are some wonderful ways to entertain and teach children while on the road this summer. Comment.

Dramatic tween opposes chores

Parents Helping Parents: What’s the best way to get a child to help with housework when she doesn’t want to cooperate? Comments (1).

Friend management 101

Growing Up Online: How parents can protect kids on Facebook and still allow for healthy friendships. Comment.

Nutritious fuel for your family’s road trip

Good Sense Eating: Tips for making sure your clan has healthy snacks whether you’re traveling by car or plane. Comment.

Tips to keep kids’ reading and writing skills sharp

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean your child’s brain should be on vacation from learning. Comment.

More tips to keep kids reading and writing this summer

Here are some additional tips to help keep kids reading and writing this summer. Comment.

Keep your wits when your child is in the ER

Family Health: Advice from an emergency medicine physician. Comment.

Preparing your child for preschool

Tips for making sure your little one’s first day will be the best it can be. Comment.

Follow the SUN

Family Health: A guide to summering safely Comment.

The buzz on bee stings

Family Health: How to tell the difference between an infection and a potentially fatal allergic reaction. Comment.

Take the bite out of summer

Protect your family from mosquitoes and bedbugs Comment.

Does monogamy equal monotony?

Our Relationships: Are humans meant to stay faithful in relationships? Comment.

Helping children cope with the loss of a parent

Twice the Advice: Parenting advice on topics ranging from helping kids manage their grief to how to deal with inebriated or inappropriate teachers. Comment.

The Boardwalk, then and now

Staten Island: My summer memories of a Staten Island landmark. Comments (1).

More than just clowning around

Featured Event: The Zany Umbrella Circus comes to Brooklyn this month. Comment.

The great pet debate

Newbie Dad: To get a family pet or not? That is the question. Comment.

Embody health and wealth

Healthier habits can help prevent illness — saving you money. Comment.

C U @ Robbi K

Featured Event: The singer brings her interactive concert to Coffey Park in Red Hook. Comment.

Bacon and ballet

Featured Event: Author David Ira Rottenberg reads from his book, “Gwendolyn, the Graceful Pig,” and the students at Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn help him bring the story to life! Comments (1).

Preschool beginnings

Letter from the Publisher: The first day I left my daughter at daycare/preschool was quite traumatic. I had looked quite carefully for just the right program to fit our needs and our budget and one that was as convenient as possible, considering that we lived in one community and I worked in another, and the bus was our only means of transportation. That meant the stroller, the bags and my 2 year old on a bus that only ran every 30 minutes. It meant leaving my girl with strangers and hoping/trusting that they would be as nurturing as they appeared and that she wouldn’t be upset when I said good-bye. Comment.

It figures

Stars and Stats Comment.

Swimming holes, late nights and lax rules — oh my!

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Summer safety rules for teens. Comment.

Breaking the silence

Understanding and helping children who suffer from selective mutism. Comments (1).

The art of fun

Featured Event: Head to the Queens Museum of Art this month for its family friendly programming. Comment.

Advice for rookies

Check out camps now for summer 2012 Comment.

Make waves

Featured Event: The city’s public pools are now open. Here’s the full list of Bronx locations so you can find one near you. Comment.

Bickering brothers bond over band’s big break

Cinematters: Watch “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules” with your family. Comment.

Focus on Alice Austen

Staten Island: Learn about a pioneering photographer by visiting her childhood home in Rosebank. Comment.

Wave Hill

Bronx: Discover this hidden public garden and cultural center with your family this summer. Comment.

Cultivating positivity in children

Focusing on your child’s strengths and happiness will help him thrive. Comment.

Native culture club

Featured Event: Thunderbird American Indian Dancers come to Brooklyn this month. Comment.

Don your helmets!

Featured Event: The Tour de Queens is coming through a neighborhood near you on July 10. Comment.

Get in ‘Line’

Featured Event: Explore the High Line this month with these family-friendly activities. Comment.

Patriotism on parade

Featured Event: This July 4, celebrate your independence with the Travis Parade. Comment.

The con’s on in Snug Harbor

Featured Event: Harbor Lights Theater Company stages ‘The Music Man’ in Snug Harbor. Comment.

All tied up!

New & Noteworthy: These sewn-on neckties make for the perfect outfit for your baby boy. Comment.

‘Monster’ manual

New & Noteworthy: Get your little one drawing with Travis Nichols’ “The Monster Doodle Book.” Comment.

Park it for some family fun

Featured Event: St. Mary’s Park hosts the Bronx Family Day on July 3, with music and dance for the whole gang. Comment.

The onesie saver

New & Noteworthy: Hold on to your favorite onesies even longer with these extenders. Comment.

A perfect mess

New & Noteworthy: This is the perfect bib for the messy eater. And what baby isn’t a messy eater? Comment.

Cinema under the stars

Featured Event: Narrows Botanical Gardens’ family film series returns. Comment.

Rock ‘n’ roll

New & Noteworthy: Let your kid shine in fun, bold tees by Playground Rockstar. Comment.