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Alternatives to college

Going to college in September may not be the right decision for every grad. Here are a few ways to make sure your child still gains valuable experience. Comment

The St. George Theatre: Family restores venue to former glory

Staten Island: Before this recently restored Staten Island theater became a stop on the tours of legendary entertainers such as Diana Ross and Tony Bennett, it was a leaky home to raccoons and birds. Comments (1)

To breast-feed or not to breast-feed?

Twice the Advice: Parenting advice to help with everything from nursing woes to obesity in the teen years. Comment

Attachment theory

Our Relationships: Attachment isn’t just for parents and infants. It’s now believed that all adults need a feeling of being cared for by another person. Comment

‘Seussical,’ a musical

Featured Event: The beloved children’s writer gets a musical adaptation in this stage show. Comment

Car seat care

Toddlers: Make sure your tot is safe in the car by avoiding these common mistakes. Comment

How to tell your child she’s adopted

Parents Helping Parents: We have a 5-year-old daughter who is adopted. We haven’t told her, and we have mixed feelings about when — and if — we should. Do you have any advice for us? Comment

On the playground

Kids reveal what they like best about their siblings. Comment

Painting a bright future

From childhood to college, here’s how to help your artistically-talented child develop her skills. Comment

How to spot chickenpox

Family Health: Calling your child’s pediatrician to discuss his symptoms is a good first step. By discussing your child’s symptoms over the phone, you can find out whether it is likely that your child has chickenpox and, if so, keep him from spreading the virus to others by having him stay at home. However, if the pediatrician is unable to confirm your child’s condition over the phone, a trip to the offi Comment

Why music?

Listening to music at an early age can do wonders for our children Comment

No bones about it

Calcium is a mighty mineral battling PMS, cancer and more Comment

Sizing up your supplement

In an ideal world, it’s best to get your calcium from food, because it contains a complete package of nutrients that may help fight disease. Yet, it’s estimated that many women consume less than half of the daily recommended calcium intake. (You could be one of them if you frequently drink water or diet soda instead of milk at meals.) Comment

Life in Queens can make one feel like royalty

Queens: This father is happy that raising his son in the borough in which he grew up has given his son a similar childhood to his own. Comment

Pizza night — without the guilt

Good Sense Eating: Who says pizza is “junk food?” With some thoughtful toppings, everyone’s favorite dinner can be a healthy choice. Comment

Maria Montessori led the way

At the beginning of the 20th century, educating young children was a far more grim experience than what we know today. Schools at that time were designed to drill and discipline, rather than grow and nurture young minds. Classrooms were often dirty and crowded Dickensian places where children were deposited to memorize lessons and wear dunce caps. Schools of today are vastly different, with sing-alongs, magic carpets, and class pets. Comment

Feeling lucky?

Featured Event: Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam band to rock out at the Knitting Factory. Comment

Circus dances on

Featured Event: This circus certainly knows how to bust a move! Comment

What a ‘Beauty’

Featured Event: The children’s classic comes to life this month. Comment

Mother’s Day is every day when you’re a mom

So this month, we’re not going to commercialize the recognition of mothers. Comment

Understanding our learning styles

Knowing how a child learns helps better teach him. Comment

Nemo spotted in Coney Island!

Featured Event: Two new exhibits at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island feature a colorful fish made famous by a Disney film. Comment

My three boys

Raising Boys: One reader shares her medical miracle. Comments (2)

Are you too posh to push?

Family Health: Celebrities and society are pressuring women to choose cesarean sections over the healthier choice of vaginal delivery. Comments (7)

What do TV moms teach us?

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a fond look back at the moms television has introduced us to over the years. Comment

Deception leads to dissapointment for detoured traveler

Cinematters: Watch “Gulliver’s Travels” on DVD and have more fun with our family activity. Comment

Anything you can do, I can do better

Newbie Dad: A little sibling rivalry can be a big motivator. Comment

Beautiful daydreamers

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Help your teen stay focused at the end of the school year. Comment

Scrapbooking crops up everywhere

One of the most popular hobbies in the country, scrapbooking is a creative activity anyone can do. Comments (2)

Real parent power

Show real power, not by hitting your child, but by listening to them and making their interests and concerns your own. Teaching kids how to reason and negotiate now will help them to be powerful adults later. Comments (1)

First comes allergies

Allergies: A controversial new study suggests that firstborns are more likely to have certain types of allergies than their siblings. Comment

A better approach to cyber-bullying

Growing Up Online: Here are some ways you can help a child who may the victim of online bullying. Comment

Amazing aerial feats

Featured Event: Cirque Le Masque comes to Lehman Center for the Performing Arts this month. Comment

Graphic goodies

New & Noteworthy: Find a tee by Elizabeth Horton that’s perfect for your little one. Comment

Hop to it

Featured Event: A new ‘Max and Ruby’ live show is coming to Staten Island. Comment

Batter up!

New & Noteworthy: ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ is now a fun, colorful book. Comment

Life’s a beach

New & Noteworthy: Dress up your feet with these fun socks from LittleMissMatched. Comment

Fruit fun

New & Noteworthy: From the makers of Bananagrams comes another fun fruit game. Comment

Duck, duck, duck!

New & Noteworthy: “A Duck in New York City” can now find a new audience. Comment

Dino-mite exhibition

Featured Event: Explore a life-size model of a giant dinosaur at the American Museum of Natural History. Comment

Street fair fun

Featured Event: Head to Baltic Street on May 14 for a family-friendly carnival. Comment

It’s trolley time!

Featured Event: Bartow-Pell Manion Museum’s trolley tours return on May 6. Comment