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Puppets do Potter

Featured Event: See two Beatrix Potter classics come to life at Queens Theatre in the Park this month. Comment

It’s all in the wrist

Featured Event: Head to Rab’s Country Lanes and raise some money for the Staten Island Zoo. Comment

The recession hits hopes for higher education

Our children have a new hurdle on their way to getting into their dream schools — the economic downturn. Comment

Is it ADD or ‘normal’ child behavior?

Family Health: How can you tell if it’s just bad habits your child is displaying, or signs of ADD? Comment

Maximizer or minimizer?

Our Relationships: Every couple has a partner in each role. Comment

Rx for easing doctor’s office anxiety

Family Health: If your child gets anxious about going to visit his pediatrician, here are some tips to help calm him down. Comment

Symptons of possible vision problems

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development designed this chart for parents and teachers to identify symptoms of possible vision problems. Comment

Teen with terrific tresses takes timid first step

Cinematters: Your children can learn about overcoming fears with a movie night featuring Disney’s “Tangled.” Comment

Twice the advice

Twice the Advice: Advice columnists weigh in on everything from a son’s lack of interest in sports to a daughter not being invited to prom. Comment

Here’s looking at you, kid

If a child struggling in school, he could have an undiagnosed vision problem. Comment

Charter school infatuation

Staten Island: One parent-educator shares her excitement over the proposed Staten Island Green Charter School for Environment Discovery. Comment

Work from the top down

Simple things you can do to help your child learn about her brain functions and you may trigger an interest in the sciences. Comment

Tantrum conundrum

Parents Helping Parents: Coping tips for when your agreeable son becomes moody and unreasonable. Comments (1)

Graduating to sleep-away camp

How do you pick your child’s first sleep-away camp? Comments (1)

‘Special’ advice

Newly revised book for parents of special needs kids offers important tips and tools for getting the most from the public school system. Comment

Simply ‘Incredible’

Featured Event: The New Shanghai Circus comes to Queens College. Comment

Ahoy, maties!

Featured Event: “Treasure Island” sails now through March 26 in Brooklyn. Comment

Let’s go ‘Native’

Featured Event: Brooklyn Museum reaches new heights with latest exhibition, “Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains.” Comment

March it figures

Food facts and rating amusement park rides. Comment

Bonding with teens 101

Here are 10 ways to connect when you feel your teen may be drifting away. Comment

Being smart about the risks of Smartphones

Growing Up Online: Kids want smartphones, but, like other technologies, there are risks that go along with the rewards. Here’s some you should know about. Comment

Love at first byte

New & Noteworthy: Help your 2 to 4-year-old get a headstart with My Own Leaptop, a personalized toy laptop from LeapFrog. Comment

Tutu cute

New & Noteworthy: Your baby will be impossibly adorable in this fun tutu and matching headband. Comment

‘Maid’ to order

New & Noteworthy: “Maid Marian Muffins” is a colorful new children’s book for the tech savvy. Comment

Bring in this funk

New & Noteworthy: Groove to this new children’s CD, “Groove Kid Nation: The Wheels on the Bus.” Comment

The tiger wars

Examining author Amy Chua’s strict parenting style. Comment

Tee is for trendy OR T is for trendy

New & Noteworthy: Soft Clothing launches new line of artist-designed T-shirts. Comment

Constipation in children happens

Good Sense Eating: Keep it from being chronic with these easy diet tips. Comment

‘Whoop,’ there it is!

Featured Event: Paper Bag Players come to Kingsborough Community College on March 27 with “Whoop-De-Doo.” Comment

Mommy cries at the camp bus

Skip naptime for this

Featured Event: Justin Roberts and his Not Ready for Naptime Players play Symphony Space on March 26. Comment

Divorce and education

Who makes decisions for your children when you’re no longer together? Comment

The house that Louis built

Legendary musician Louis Armstrong made his home in Queens, and this historic landmark is now open to visitors who can check out the jazz great’s informal recordings, mirrored bathroom and more! Comment

Camp Kaufmann: A Hidden Gem

Staten Island: Staten Island’s Camp Kaufmann can be a breath of fresh air for your kids this summer. Comments (1)

Ten questions to ask when researching a summer camp

How do you decide which summer camp is best for your family? Comments (2)

A show with a big heart

Queens: With its latest show, “Annie,” a Queens theater company continues to give back to the community. Comment

What I think it means to be a dad

Newbie Dad: Our columnist answers the question he is most often asked by readers. Comment

Home alone

Lions and Tigers and Teens: How do you know if your teen can be left on her own? Comment

Choosing artificial insemination

One Queens woman knew she wanted to be a mother, but she was not in a relationship and time was running out. Comments (4)

Very important date

Featured Event: Puppetworks presents “Alice in Wonderland” in Park Slope, now through April 17. Comment

Music to your ears

Featured Event: The Staen Island Museum welcomes the the Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble on March 5. Comment

It’s Dora in 4-D!

Featured Event: Take your tot on Dora’s multi-dimensional adventure. Comment

Do your ‘home’ work

Featured Event: Learn about Wave Hill’s wildlife this month. Comment

‘Silly’ sounds

Featured Event: The Silly Dilly Band plays the Brooklyn Public LIbrary on March 5. Comment