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Articles archive

It’s a mousical!

Featured Event: Don’t miss ‘Angelina Ballerina: The Musical’ at the St. George Theatre. Comment

An ‘Alice’ with the ‘Works

Featured Event: Park Slope’s Puppetworks stages ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Comment

Keeping your child’s smile safe during sports

Wearing a mouthguard can protect your kid’s teeth and mouth from serious injuries. Comments (1)

Sports for which you may need a mouthguard

If you participate in these or other sports, consult your dentist about getting a mouthguard. Comment

What’s good about video games

Growing Up Online: Video games may not be all that bad for children. Comments (8)

Facts about pediatric dentistry

Babies: In the same way that a pediatrician is trained to meet a child’s medical needs, a pediatric dental specialist is uniquely qualified to protect your child’s oral health. Comments (4)

I love stay-at-home dads

A dad who stays at home builds better relationships with his children — and his wife. Comment

A passion for science

New methods of teaching can inspire students to want to learn about science. Comment

Appointment for love

Our Relationships: When parents discover their sex life has disappeared, Dr. Emerson says date night is the only option to rediscover the old chemistry. Comment

Never say never

Record numbers of young children are at risk for eating disorders. How can you recognize eating disorders in your child — and get help? Comment

Top 10 facts about their pearly whites

Babies: The experts weigh in with important tips to help you keep their baby teeth in cavity-free condition. Comment

Overturning Rowley, the Kryptonite of special education

Special Needs: Everyone is “Waiting for Superman” to save our education system. But who’s going to improve the educational opportunities for kids with disabilities? Comment

‘Crazy’ for 1968

Queens: Queens native Rita Williams-Garcia garners awards for her historical young adult novel, “One Crazy Summer.” Comment

Stunning development

Pre-Schoolers: When your son’s teacher tells you he may have developmental issues, where can you turn for help? Comment

Weighty matters

Family Health: Expert weights in on how you can prevent childhood obesity — and dangerous adulthood diseases. Comment

Preventing cavities

Getting kids to brush and avoid sugar is next to impossible — luckily, there’s an easier way to helping kids prevent cavities. Comment

In the mood

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Are your teen’s emotional swings normal behavior or a plea for help? Comment

Eliminating driveway backovers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and advocacy groups offer advice to manufacturers and parents on how to reduce the number of children accidentally hit by cars backing up. Comments (1)

Coping with celiac disease

Family Health: There’s still a lot left for your child to enjoy in a gluten-free diet. Comment

Movies in the making

Featured Event: Claymation’s the thing at the Museum of the Moving Image this month. Comment

Focus on fluoride

Using fluoride-infused products and drinking flouridated water now can keep your child’s teeth healthy for years to come. Comments (1)

Stopping bullies

Schools are giving parents and teachers the tools to recognize and stop bullying. Comment

Mad for ‘Madeline’

Featured Event: See ‘Madeline and the Bad Hat’ at Queens Theatre in the Park this month. Comment

Unlikely hero has a change of heart

Cinematters: MegamindRated PG Comment

Twice the Advice

Twice the Advice: Advice columnists weigh in on everything from confronting bad grades to unwanted Valentine’s Day attentions. Comment

Puppy love: Trivial terrain or timely talks?

Attraction can begin early, so when your preteen son tells you he has a girlfriend, how should you react? Comments (1)

To-do list for parents of dating preteens

These tips will help you lay the groundwork for good communication now and into the future with your child. Comment


“For Young Women Only,” by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa Rice Comment

Easy being ‘Green’

Featured Event: See Elmo and friends live in a new show at Madison Square Garden. Comment

Heavy metal

Featured Event: ‘The Aluminum Show’ takes the stage at Lehman Center for the Performing Arts. Comment

Film fest for kids

Featured Event: Bring the family to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for a kids film festival with programs for all ages. Comment

‘Madeline’ goes to DC

Featured Event: John Bemelmans Marciano reads from the latest “Madeline” on Feb. 6 at BookCourt. Comment

Art-smart kids exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn: Aspiring artists create their own masterpieces to show off at the iconic museum. Comments (1)

Celebrating love and loving

Letter from the Publisher: Love is an important topic, and one to show to our children every day, in every way. Comment

Broaching ‘the talk’ with a tween

Parents Helping Parents: Do parents still talk to their kids about sex these days, and if so, how? Comment

The magic school bus

Newbie Dad: A father can’t help but think back to his childhood as his son boards the iconic yellow bus. Comment

It figures

A numerical look at Februaries past and present. Comments (2)

Get ‘One Step Ahead’

New & Noteworthy: Your little one can learn as he plays with these colorful puzzle mats. Comment

Whoooo’s that girl?

New & Noteworthy: Dress your little one in a winter hat they’ll want to wear. Comment

Truly super ‘Bowl’

New book and DVD leads parents step by step through each phase of potty training, from choosing the right time to start to how and when to wipe. Comment

A beary fun toy

New & Noteworthy: She’ll be entertained with this adorable rattle. Comment

Diapers dressed up

New & Noteworthy: These diaper cupcakes are sure to be a hit at the baby shower. Comment

The book that helps you cook

New & Noteworthy: Learn about the best nutritional choices when cooking at home for your child. Comment

Chocolate: A gift to your heart

Good Sense Eating: With Valentine’s Day this month, chocolate will be everywhere. Is it as good for the rest of the body as it is for your tastebuds? Comment

Groundhog glory

Featured Event: Breakfast with Chuck this Groundhog Day at the Staten Island Zoo. Comment

‘African’ folktales

Featured Event: See ‘The African Drum,’ a puppet theater performance, at the Hostos Center for Arts and Culture. Comment