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Articles archive

Celebrate! Enjoying the party-planning process

Here are some tips from a pro on how to make sure you and your kids have fun from the momment you decide to have a party until the last guest leaves. Comment

Inside new V. Mark Durand’s book ‘Optimistic Parenting’

Special Needs: For parents of special needs children, finding out the “why” behind the behavior isn’t always clear-cut and easily definable. Professor and researcher V. Mark Durand addresses this challenge, along with a host of others, in his new book, “Optimistic Parenting: Hope and Help for You and Your Challenging Child.” Comment

A website that’s ‘Special’

Special Needs: ‘Special Needs Magazine’ has been making a difference on the web for 10 years. Comments (2)

Gluten- and casein-free cheat sheet

Autism: More and more families are turning to the gluten- and casein-free diets to help with autism spectrum disorders and a host of other diseases and disorders. Here’s a cheat sheet to make it easier to omit these foods. Comment

‘Notable’ treatment for sensory processing disorder

Special Needs: This family has found success with music! Comment

Stylin’ baby steps

New & Noteworthy: Mom’s Blankies offers an assortment of boots, ballet-inspired slippers, booties and more. Comments (1)

Rigged playtime

New & Noteworthy: Let them get down and dirty — without the actual dirt — right in your living room with the brand new Little People Wheelies Zig the Big Rig, a talking truck that’s excited to play construction site with your tyke. And the side of the rig pops open to reveal a storage spot for smaller cars and trucks to ensure that your little one won’t tire quickly of the same old truck. Comment

Model behavior: How to support your kids and their educators

Special Needs: Positive behavior support is becoming common practice in schools across the nation and has been successful in improving students’ social and academic performance. Unfortunately, parents are often unaware of how positive behavior support is being used and how they can take an active role in their children’s schools. This article describes this model and how parents can partner with educators to help students. Comment

Does your child have ADD?

ADHD: How to help your ADD or ADHD affected child without medication. Comment

‘Golden’ girls

New & Noteworthy: Veteran songwriter Chip Taylor teams up with three young girls — his granddaughters! — for his latest CD “Golden Kids Rules.” Comment

If you loved SchoolHouse Rock...

New & Noteworthy: This Brooklyn Fab Four teaches kids about history and science through the toe-tapping medium of rock ‘n’ roll. Comment

Celebrating Special Child’s five years in print!

Letter from the Publisher: This month, we are toasting the fifth anniversary of a special publication: Special Child! Comment

Educational therapy: An effective intervention for your special needs child

Special Needs: Have you taken your child to many programs for help with learning issues without much success? Maybe it’s time you discovered an intervention that is really effective, called educational therapy? Comment

How do I know if my child has a food allergy?

Family Health: Our expert weighs in on what is a food allergy and it differs from food intolerance. Comment

The myth of the ideal child

Letter from the Publisher: Having a child under ideal circumstances (is there anyone who does?) paints a picture that is rosy, easy and carefree; where everyone loves each other all the time, no one ever quarrels or bickers, no one is ever cranky, bossy, or in a bad mood; there is all the money, time and patience one needs, and perfection is a daily given. Comment

Too close for comfort

Are you in the process of getting divorced and afraid that leaving the marital home might weaken a claim to ultimately owning it? Or, that moving out would affect how much time you would later be able to spend with your children? If such concerns are keeping you together, relief may be available. Comments (2)

Positively effective discipline for special needs kids

Special Needs: Tips to help your child exercise self-control without overwhelming or shaming them. Comments (2)

Dispelling dyslexia myths

Special Needs: LearningRx’s Richard Mancuso reveals that this disability affects up to 20 percent of Americans, but it need not be a lifelong burden. Brain training might hold the key to overcoming it. Comment

Being positive about dyslexia

Here are tips on how to identify dyslexia in your child, advocating on their behalf, and research breakthroughs from the International Dyslexia Association. Comments (1)

Learning disabilities and stress

If you think your child has a learning disability, it may help to know that it’s more common than most people think — it affects more than 3 million children between the ages of 6 and 21. Comment

Screaming about sex

This parent gets a little dramatic when it comes to sitting down and having “the talk” with his son in a post-Google world. Comments (1)

Coughing to death

Whooping cough cases — most commonly diagnosed in adolescents and adults — are spreading. Experts worry that there is a link between avoiding vaccinations and outbreaks. Comment

Violin strings attached

A college student reflects on whether devoting a decade of her life to the violin was worth the time and money. Comment

Totally ’80s: Queens teens then and now

Teens: Being a teenager was a lot different in the 1980s. Now this teacher-father is making sure his son does not become like the teenagers he sees today. Comments (1)

Don’t be a hoarder

Tips for how you and your child can manage the tidal wave of artwork, report cards and other papers that come home from school. Comments (1)

A ‘strep’ in the right direction

Family Health: Prevention is the first line of defense against streptococcus, the highly contagious bacteria that causes strep throat. Proper hand washing is the best way to prevent the onset of strep throat and other kinds of infections. As a precaution, show your children how to wash their hands thoroughly, using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Comment

The original big bird

Featured Event: Alley Pond Environmental Center invites kids to learn about turkeys through hands-on activities, a nature walk and more. Comment

Not again

Our Relationships: Your partner might be repeating his infuriating ways, but you probably are, too. Comments (1)

It figures

Fall Figures Comment

Mind your mobile manners

Growing Up Online: The holidays are an ideal time for lessons in politeness. Parents often seize the occasion to teach kids how to sit at the table without fidgeting or how to be gracious about a gift that isn’t exactly what they wanted. This year, many families will find themselves at odds about mobile manners. Will cellphones be welcome at the holiday feast? When is it OK to accept an interruption from a call or a text message? Comment

Tattoo who? Not my kid

Parents Helping Parents: How parents can help teenagers gain long-term perspective on proposed permanent alterations to their bodies, such as tattoos and piercings. Comment

The wrong crowd

Lions and Tigers and Teens: What to do when your teen is hanging with the ‘wrong’ crowd. Comments (2)

The gift of giving

Teens: Volunteering at a soup kitchen reinforced the meaning of the holidays for our teen columnist. Comments (2)

The treatment — and mistreatment — of hypothyroidism

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism and still feel terrible despite treatment? You’re not alone. Comments (3)

My son has nightmares every night

Twice the Advice: Parenting advice on everything from helping your child cope with nightmares to encouraging truthful communication. Comments (5)

How to prepare your family members with special needs for the holiday season

Special Needs: Can you believe it? The stores will be taking down their Thanksgiving decorations and zooming toward Christmas before we know it! For those of us who share our lives with someone who has Autism Spectrum Disorder or another special need, we know the feeling of living Halloween way before autumn arrives, and of having to listen to Christmas carols in October. Ah, the anticipation of it all! Comment

Shaping the sense of ‘self’

Individuality is something which can be seen in people from the very start of their lives. There are several theories within the worlds of psychological, societal, and communicative studies which help explain this phenomenon and decipher how parents and guardians can better serve the needs of each child. Comment

Here’s your countdown-to-the-holidays diet

Body Image: Want to feel more sexy and confident this holiday season? Our expert gives tips on how to exercise and eat right for a healthier you. Comment

Countdown-to-the-holidays diet recipes

Shrimp scampi with roasted asparagus Comment

Talkin’ turkey

Featured Event: The Shadow Box Theatre brings “Tobias Turkey” to PS 3 in Bed-Stuy. Comment

Four-wheeled friends find forgiveness is freeing

Cinematters: Watch Disney’s “Cars 2” with your family and use our Talk Together tips and Play Together game to have a special family night. Comment

Museum update: Francis returns and much more!

Featured Event: November is full of fun for all ages at the Staten Island Children’s Museum. Comment

Soul Street gets green light

Featured Event: Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts presents the Soul Street Dancers in a show inspired by martial arts, breakdancing, hip hop and ballet on Nov. 6, 2011. Comment

Better than brioche

New & Noteworthy: “The Little Bitty Bakery,” a new book illustrated by Brooklyn’s own Betsy Lewin, is a delicious story about friendship. Plus, a video featuring our tiny chef concocting the recipe included in his new favorite tome! Comments (2)

The special child

Letter from the Publisher: Having a child under Ideal circumstances (is there anyone who does?) paints a rosy, easy and carefree picture; where everyone loves each other all the time, no one ever quarrels or bickers, no one is ever cranky, bossy, or in a bad mood; there is all the money, time and patience one needs, and perfection is a daily given. Comment

The sit down

My 7-year-old daughter Kiele came home from school one day in a bad mood, saying that she didn’t want to go back. She loves school, so I knew I better take her seriously. She explained that she had not been talking to or playing with her close friend Adriana. I knew that my daughter needed my help, so I called Adriana’s mom, Maureen, and explained the situation to her. We agreed that the girls needed to talk about their problems. Comment

Parade, turkey and ... King Kong?

Newbie Dad: Some holiday traditions you never outgrow. Comment

The science of golf

Featured Event: The New York Hall of Science offers mini golf — with a side of rocket science — through December. Comment

Earthly delights

Introduce your kids to the wonders of gardening and healthy foods with kids classes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Comment

Smart thinking

Special Needs: When your kid feels like a loser, help him cultivate a winning attitude Comments (1)

Activity routines can benefit the autistic

Autism: Author advocates effectively incorporating social and communication skills intstruction in special education classes. Comment

Five myths about fitness and autism

Autism: Regular exercise should be a part of every educational and therapeutic curriculum for youngsters on the autism spectrum, but vigorous physical play is often missing from their daily routine. The hurdles on the way to that goal have to do with the current, myth-riddled state of physical education, fitness, and physical culture in the U.S. Comment

Interrogating your lawyer

Special Needs: Six key questions to ask when hiring a special education attorney Comments (1)

Literacy for everyone

Special Needs: Proposed law to help educators of at-risk students Comment