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Is hiding veggies wrong, or just deliciously smart?

Good Sense Eating: Is sneaking an extra serving of vegetables into your children’s meals misleading or helpful? Comment

Balancing act

Even though children may enjoy the activities they are involved in, over scheduling can lead to stress. Under-scheduling can foster couch potatoes. Here, one mother strikes a balance. Comment

Uglies need not apply

Teens: Advice from the experts on helping a teen cope when she’s not hired by a company, because she does not have the right “look”? Comments (1)

Dear teacher

Answers to your school-related questions. Comment

Rx for vigilance

Teens: The number of teens abusing prescription and over-the-counter drugs is growing. Make sure your teen is not among them. Comment

Could my teen have a serious problem?

Teens: If you’re concerned that your child is underweight or is losing weight, pay attention to any “restrictive” behaviors, suggests Steven Crawford, MD, associate medical director of The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, Md. Some potential red flags. Comment

Pound wise

Teens: How to discuss weighty matters with your teen Comment

Trusting her gut

When her daughter was sick, and the doctor’s tests came back “normal,” this mother continued to search for the culprit and managed to find treatment for her daughter. Comments (2)

How do parents talk about terminal illness with a child?

Parents Helping Parents: If a family member is terminally ill, how do parents approach that conversation with a child? Comment

Animal lover appreciates life full of furry friends

Cinematters: Watch “Zookeeper” with your family, and then discuss it with our helpful tips. Comment

Ensuring more treats than tricks

Family Health: Here are some tips on how to safely celebrate Halloween. Comment

Tea for two: The parent-teacher conference

The parent-teacher conference sets the pace for an ongoing relationship between the parents and teacher for the entire school year. Here are some tips to help you have a successful meeting with your child’s teacher. Comment

Cuckoo for Timbalooloo

Featured Event: Oran Etkin, the Pied Piper of children, will be weaving his magic tunes at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater as part of Symphony Space’s children’s series on Oct. 22 at 11 am. Comment

Crafting a fun fall party

Whether you’re throwing a harvest celebration or Halloween spooktacular, here are great ideas for seasonal crafts, games and snacks. Comment

When should I feed my baby solid foods?

Twice the Advice: Parenting advice on taking care of babies, discipline, substance abuse and more. Comments (1)

Boo-tiful bash

Host a happy Halloween party for kids and adults. Comment

Waves of emotion at the beach house

Our Relationships: A family vacation shows that reaching the grandparent stage in life doesn’t make family relationships any easier. Comment

Game on

National Chess Day puts spotlight on the academic and emotional benefits of playing this board game. Comment

Living together during divorce

Many couples facing divorce can’t afford to live apart. How do you manage the stress in the meantime? Comments (6)

It figures

From bewitching bits to food facts, here are some October tidbits. Comment

Get ‘Wonderstruck’ at the Queens Museum of Art

Featured Event: Bring your young arts and crafts-lover to the Queens Museum of Art to make his very own scale model of New York City out of cardboard, glue and colored paper. Children of all ages are invited to enjoy light snacks as the roll up their sleeves and create their small world based on the museum’s New York City Panorama, a 9,553-square-foot model of New York City in miniature, built by Robert Moses for the 1964 World’s Fair. Comment

Don’t let your pictures fade away

Growing Up Online: Every parent wants to remember those special family moments. So what is the best way to archive your digital memories? Comment

Passing with flying colors

A high school student reflects on school testing. Comments (4)

Frightful news about Halloween candy

ADHD: Your children’s temper tantrums and moodiness after Halloween could be due to synthetic food dyes and additives in candy. Comment

Boooo-gie Down Bronx

October is the spookiest month of the years. Here’s some things that will scare you and your family silly this month. Comment

Blast from the past

Staten Island: Step back in time at Historic Richmond Town this month. Comment

Get ready for a howling Halloween around town!

Yikes! The calendar’s spookiest day is nearly here, and our Halloween round-up is sure to get your goosebumps a-rising. Check out our eerific array of events — from phant-tastic frolics and spooktacular strolls — and don’t forget to get your ghoul on! Comment

Breast-feeding: Better for baby

Family Health: Breast-feeding provides many benefits for both baby and mother, but right now, less than 75 percent of all babies born in the United States have been breast fed; many not even for six months. Comment

Stepping up to the ‘Plate

Good Sense Eating: Forget the food pyramid, there’s a new and improved symbol to help us understand what’s healthy. Comment

Parenting teens

Letter from the Publisher: Being a teenager is often a period of great frustration. You want to be taken seriously, but most of the time you’re not. This is a relatively new phenomenon, probably a mid twentieth century evolution, because before that time the term didn’t exist. When there was child labor everywhere, if you were tall enough to work, you did, and girls were often married early in their lives or sent out to service, or they helped out with the younger children and were saddled with parental responsibilities early on through their siblings. Comment

Healthy fangs are happy fangs

Brooklyn: The American Association of Orthodontists offers alternative treats for this Halloween so you’re child isn’t haunted by discomfort or additional appointments. Comment

Oh, the tangled web teens weave

Lions and Tigers and Teens: How to handle your teen when he lies. Comments (1)

‘Spoon’ it up

New & Noteworthy: New DVD collection features short stories designed to bolster literacy and problem-solving skills among pre- and young readers. Comment

A gourd read

New & Noteworthy: Get into the spirit of the season with Michael J. Rosen’s “Night of the Pumpkinheads.” Follow jack-o-lanterns Jackpot, Jackie-O, and their pumpkin pals as they try to frighten children on Halloween, but can’t quite accomplish their scary scheme. The hardcove is illustrated with photographs of actual gourds that have been carved by Brooklyn-based sculptor Hugh McMahon. Comment

New app makes math fun

New & Noteworthy: Meteor Math app makes numbers fun for kids of all ages. Comment

The case for baby

New & Noteworthy: There are plenty of fun and educational apps available for babies and young children these days, but the electronic devices they run on certainly aren’t dribble-proof. Comment

Scary Island!

Staten Island: Have Halloween fun with your child during the whole month of October at these great Staten Island events! Comment

Halloween events in Manhattan

From the American Museum of Natural History to Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan is bursting with events that are delightful for the whole family — even Fido. Comment

Things little kids are scared of

Newbie Dad: With Halloween approaching, it’s time to consider things that are a little scary over a bagful of candy. Comments (1)

Seeing ruby

Featured Event: The Narrows Community Theater brings “The Wizard of Oz” to Fort Hamilton Army Base on Oct. 1 and 2, 2011. Comment

Poetic justice

Featured Event: Puppetworks’ latest production “The Reluctant Dragon” teaches kids not to judge a book by its cover. Comment

Note-able concert

Featured Event: Little Miss Ann brings groovy folk-rock to Southpaw in October. Comment

Feeling chile?

Featured Event: Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Chile Pepper Fiesta returns on Oct. 1 with a full slate of bands, circus masters and more. Comment