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Brooklyn bouillabaisse

Brooklyn: For over 21 years, I’ve been a Brooklyn mom. Comment

Family time

Featured Event: Grammy-winner and Brooklyn native Tom Chapin is coming back home to perform, and he’s taking requests. Comment

Financial balancing act

New York sure is “the city that never sleeps” — thanks to our financial problems. Comments (1)

The Island and me: How a Brooklyn girl went from harried to happy

Staten Island: I didn’t want to move to Staten Island. But I did. Here’s what happened. Comment

Hepatitis B vaccine: Make sure your baby gets the birth dose

Family Health: The Internet isn’t always right — especially when it comes to vaccinations. Comments (2)

Brat attack!

Twice the Advice: My husband and I have been best friends with another couple since high school, and now they have two children and we have three. They quite often invite our entire family over for dinner, and of course, we reciprocate. The difference is that we have taught our children to have table manners, and you’d think their kids were raised in a barn. They scream and yell at the table, fight, reach across other people’s plates for food, spit, and even throw food! And their parents barely say a word! We’re such close friends with the parents that I don’ Comment

Traveling to and from school

Family Health: As the new school year begins, one of the most important things to focus on is how your child will get to and from school. Sadly, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children over 3-years of age — whether they walk, cycle or ride to school. Children are at high risk because of their size, their easy distractibility and their lack of judgment in traffic situations. Here are some safety tips to help minimize the risk to your child. Comment

Can book bags cause scoliosis

Those years of puberty we fondly (or not-so fondly!) recall can have a huge impact on a child’s spine, where changes in hormones cause ligaments and tissues to become more relaxed in preparation for growth. Add to this an overweight backpack — like many kids will be strapping on this school year — and the spine can become compressed. Comment

And baby makes stress

A new baby plus a new marriage equals major stress for both partners — and yet there’s no guide available for first-time parents to help deal with this joyous and difficult time. Comment

Food allergies less common than thought

Good Sense Eating: The alarm over food allergies has changed day care and schools enormously. “No peanut zones” are commonplace in the lunchroom, while snack ingredient lists are subject to scrutiny by wary parents and teachers. Comment

Colonial times at the Conference House

Featured Event: History comes alive at the Conference House this month. Comment

Sesame Street comes to life

Featured Event: Calling all super heroes! Comment

Port Washington’s got it all

Long Island: With flowers and benches dotting its tree-lined thoroughfares and a wide variety of shops ranging from small boutiques to art galleries, Port Washington, on the northern shore of Long Island in Nassau County, is the epitome of a small town close to a big city. Comment

Make back to school easier

Family Health: Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or the first year of high school, a few simple back-to-school preparations can help make the start of a new school year easier for your child. Comment

Daring decision restores devoted friendship

Cinematters: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Comment

It figures

Percent of children believed to be addicted to video games to the degree that it disrupts their ability to function socially, academically and in other ways: 8.5 Comments (1)

Teaching kids to concentrate - despite the distractions of technology

Growing Up Online: Concentration is the ability to focus your own attention, and everyone agrees it’s crucial to success at school and work. Now educators are worried that the ability to concentrate is eroding under the relentless barrage of random messages from cellphones and social media. They are right to be concerned. Brain research shows that the hippocampus, the part of the brain devoted to storing and recalling information, isn’t engaged when a person is distracted. Comments (1)

Hidden danger in Suburbia: Driveway backovers

Each time a child is run over and killed in a driveway, it is a tragedy. Whenever I read about it, like most people, my heart breaks, I cringe, and wonder how the family members of the precious child manage to move on with their lives. Comments (2)

Bronx kids have message in music

A Bronx-based group of inspirational young people from around New York City spent their summer vacation bringing music, dance, and poetry to kids and adults in the five boroughs through a new performance program that aims to change the world “one song at a time.” Comment

Some health facts that may surprise you

Severe obesity becoming more common in sixth graders — and many parents don’t recognize it. Comments (1)

To zap or not to zap

Call it the X-ray factor. Comment

College search navigation: Don’t get bogged down in the mire!

Lions and Tigers and Teens: My son is now a junior in high school. You know what that means — it’s time to start thinking about college. I’m overwhelmed, plain and simple. My son even knows what he is going into, and I’m still frazzled. It’s a daunting task and one I’d love to find reason to avoid, but my son needs my assistance and support with his search. Comment

Twig playground at the Garden

Featured Event: Swirling towers of willow saplings create sanctuary and inspire play in one of the most ambitious pieces in Brooklyn right now — a site-specific sculpture of fantastical nest houses constructed solely out of tree saplings and branches at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Comment

Get up high at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Opinion: Out on a Limb is fun new way for children to explore the natural world. Comment

Arrg! Story Pirates live on stage

Featured Event: With the Story Pirates, silliness reigns. Comment

Back to school smarts

The first day of school brings with it big changes from the carefree times of summer. Days that were filled with swimsuits, picnics in the park and cartoons now will be stacked with classroom routines, after-school activities, and homework. With all the upcoming energy and excitement that are sure to be part of a brand new school year, we’ve laid out a few tips to help kids and parents prepare. Comment

Really strange bedfellows

Newbie Dad: We own a three-bedroom house. Therefore, simple mathematics (and believe me, that’s all the math I can handle) dictates that our two boys should have their own rooms. Lucky dudes, I know. And that’s the way it was — until recently. We just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Comment

For your next game night

New & Noteworthy: Keep this one in mind for the next family game night. Comment

Art you can stick to your wall

New & Noteworthy: Sometimes a wall just needs to be dressed up a bit, and LTL Prints have the perfect art for the job. Comment

Chalk fun

New & Noteworthy: Waiting for dinner has never been more fun. Comment

Building their ABCs

New & Noteworthy: This toy is perfect for blockheads. Comment

Toys in 3D

New & Noteworthy: If your child can think it, he can probably make it with PlayShapes. Comment

Buddy makes the boat

Brooklyn: A local vetrinary clinic used the latest technology to ensure smooth sailing for a family who were being told to leave their dog behind as they cruised the Atlantic. Comment