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Mind your Ps and Qs

Featured Event: What time is it?” Barbara Gibson-La Grant pointedly asked her students. Comment

The rocket boys

Newbie Dad: For my 37th birthday, my 5-year-old son picked out the exact present that he wanted to give me. Wait a second, let’s be perfectly honest here. Those last three words are completely unnecessary. The first sentence of this column should read: For my 37th birthday, my 5-year-old son picked out the exact present that he wanted. Comment

Easy fun with EZ Fort

New & Noteworthy: Rather than let the kids make a mess of your living room building a fort this summer, have them do it outside. Comment

Swimming lessons for kids

Featured Event: Whether you’re a tot or a teen — Parks and Recreation and the City Parks Foundation want you to learn how to swim. Comment

Dietary fats and your child

Family Health: Pediatricians and parents are increasingly concerned over the current wave of childhood obesity. If you’re concerned about your child becoming obese, you might be tempted to offer only low-fat foods to help keep weight at normal levels, but fats are a very important component of any infant’s diet. Comment

Social Darwinism and the city park

Queens: I grew up in suburbia, where everyone had a grassy backyard to play in, and I always worried about raising my daughter in the city. I used to think that, later in life, she would resent me for depriving her of the opportunity to run barefoot on our lawn through a sprinkler on a hot summer day. My feelings changed, however, when I went to visit my family in Florida. Comment

Swimming lessons for kids

Featured Event: Whether you’re a tot or a teen — Parks and Recreation and the City Parks Foundation want you to learn how to swim. Comment

Big fun under the big top

Featured Event: Step right up! Comment

Here’s to health!

Letter from the Publisher: The debate goes on about good health and how to keep it. For me, the reality is clear. I believe that eating “real food” is an essential to building the foundation of good health for all members of our families. As a result, I have the utmost concern about the “processing of our food supply” and all the additives, hormones, antibiotics and other means of mass production of food that have made us not only unhealthy, but obese. Comment

Get your ‘Gun’

Featured Event: It’s the rootin’ tootinest musical around. Comment

Weighing in

Plateau” is a lovely word that dieters despise. After four months of following a weight-loss plan, I have to admit that I’ve hit the wall. My motivation isn’t as strong as it was when I started, and I need a boost. Comment

Lyme disease: Awareness is the best defense

Awareness is the key to preventing the contraction of Lyme disease. It is not always possible to avoid contact with ticks, so recognizing the early warning signs of the disease is vital. The sooner a physician diagnoses Lyme disease, the easier it is to treat. Comment

You are what you eat

Will your child still be eating chicken nuggets, pizza and bagels by the time she gets to college? Are you concerned about your child’s diet now and are looking to do something about it? Comment

Toys that snap

New & Noteworthy: They’re turtles by design! Comment

For little drummer boys, and girls

New & Noteworthy: Does your little one like to make a lot of noise? Then trade the pots and wooden spatula for a miniature drum set, courtesy of PlanToys. Comment

Watercolor fun at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this month

Featured Event: At Water Color Fun at the Crown Heights museum, kids ranging from 18 months to 2 1/2 years old can try their hand at the craft, and learn the history behind watercolor painting as well. Comment

Swimming lessons for kids

Featured Event: Whether you’re a tot or a teen — Parks and Recreation and the City Parks Foundation want you to learn how to swim. Comments (1)

Don’t chicken out

Featured Event: In Brooklyn, the chicken came first. Comment

Driving with your teen for the first time

Lions and Tigers and Teens: The big day arrived this April. My son turned 16 and wanted to register for his learner’s permit. Years ago, I remember joking with other parents about the future. Can you just imagine so-and-so driving? Then we’d all laugh. Now D-Day was here and it didn’t seem quite as funny. The slip of paper with his name on it induced a flashback for me — my mom telling everyone who would listen that I used to go on red and stop on green. Comment

Go get your ‘Gun’

Featured Event: It’s the rootin’ tootinest musical around. Comment

July it figures

Brooklyn: Number of towns and cities in the U.S. with “liberty” in their name. Comment

Secret spy hides behind suburban screen

Cinematters: The Spy Next DoorRated PG Comment

Growing Up with Sesame Street: Maria Speaks

Brooklyn: In 1974, when viewers got their first glimpse of “Maria” — arguably the most famous of all the human characters on “Sesame Street” — she was a teenager. Comment

African United Day Parade provides unity for Bronx African families

Featured Event: In a city of neighborhoods, the Bronx has always been a place of new beginnings. African families who have chosen it as their new home are no different than other immigrants before them. Comments (1)

Too tired to cook?

Good Sense Eating: Too crazed to eat right? Comment

Explaining healthy eating to children

Parents Helping Parents: I want my kids to be healthy and I am determined to beat the “peer and social pressure” of eating processed foods. Can you advise a parent, like me, how I can convince my children to follow our good eating program (not boring but fresh and real food)? A parent of my son’s friend told my son that we were “depriving” our kids of trips to McDonald’s, etc., which really annoyed me. Comment

Nine ways to bully-proof your child this summer

Growing Up Online: The end of the past school year was marred by several high profile suicides that seem to have been caused by online bullying. At the time, school officials were criticized because they hadn’t taken action to stop the harassment. During the summer, when school is out, kids will have more time for social networking, and parents become the ones responsible for intervening to stop the mean behavior that has become epidemic online. Comment

A egg-cellent new toy

New & Noteworthy: They’re egg-dorable! Comment

Bee-autiful party favors

New & Noteworthy: Jazz up that next birthday party with these adorable paper goodies. Comment

Healthy kids take vitamins

All parents want their children to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Nutritious food is vital to maintaining optimal growth and development. Comment

Mom power meets the Web

When U.S. Air flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River, Gwen Poth wanted to be glued to the TV. “We live in Charlotte, North Carolina (where the plane was originally headed) and I knew there was a good chance we knew people on the plane — and it ended up that we did,” she says. “But I didn’t want to risk my 3- and 4-year olds seeing the plane on TV.” Comment

Break out the fishing rods

Featured Event: This year the Macy’s Foundation is kicking off its 63rd annual fishing contest at Prospect Park with the traditional release of a largemouth bass, dubbed R.H. Macy, before the contest. Comment

Summer Safety Tips

Family Health: The summer months are for fun and play time; children across the nation are happy. Schools are closed and long vacations are beginning. Parents are upbeat and they want to experience joyful moments in the summer sun, too. Let us share tips to make this summer pleasurable and safe for your family. Comment

Ready to Get Wild? Check out Wild Arts Weekend at the Prospect Park Zoo

Featured Event: For one weekend this month, art and animals collide at the Prospect Park Zoo. Comment


Featured Event: There’s a science behind everything, even bubbles! Comment

Jack sticks his neck out!

Featured Event: Jack is wack — and Jack is back. Comment

Ride the Wave Hill

Featured Event: From bees to brunch to stories in the garden, Wave Hill in Riverdale offers loads of family friendly activities. Comment