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We need vaccines

Family Health: Perhaps the 20th century’s greatest public health accomplishment was the widespread use of vaccines to limit the spread of disease. In the mid-1950s, there were national efforts to promote vaccines for all children in the United States. Since then, deaths associated with smallpox and polio caused by wild-type viruses have been eliminated. The death rate is nearly zero for diseases such as measles and tetanus with vaccines to protect against them. Comment

Songs to make your child a star

New & Noteworthy: This will help get your child’s attention. Comment

Fashionable overalls for your toddler

New & Noteworthy: Forget blue denim. Comment

Your child’s vision

Vision screening is a very important way to identify vision problems. During an exam the doctor looks for eye disease and checks to see if the eyes are working properly. Children with a family history of childhood vision problems are more likely to have eye problems themselves. Comment

Healing homesickness

As summer begins, millions of children head to summer camp — eager, excited, and … homesick? Research indicates that homesickness is the norm, and not the exception. It is common for campers to feel a tinge of homesickness at some point during the camp session. So, how can parents help? By exercising a little preparation and patience, parents can ease any homesickness in their otherwise happy campers. Comment

Nourish your music lover

Most parents know by now that Mozart is food for the brain and that learning musical notation can help develop abstract thinking. Comment

‘Tooth Fairy’

Cinematters: All those years of piano lessons are in jeopardy when your daughter fails to win admission to a prestigious music school. She is crushed. The starry-eyed girl you once knew seems to be gone; her dream of performing in the world’s great music halls, abandoned. Comment

Grab bags pefect party favors 

New & Noteworthy: Looking for the perfect party favor for your little girl’s next birthday? Livi.Lu.Lu’s gift sets have you covered. Comment

Bloom county! Sakura Matsuri back at the Botanic Garden

Opinion: Break out your kimino — Sakura Matsuri is back. Comment

Stop brain drain!

With summer just around the corner, our minds begin to wander to our most cherished seasonal distractions. We daydream about sleeping in each morning, walking barefoot on a beach, fireworks lighting up the sky. We think about grilling with friends, catching up on news with relatives, and eating fresh, seasonal produce. You can practically smell the barbeque in the air! Comment

Not enough time - and too much sugar

Twice the Advice: My husband and I have two small children ages 2 and 4 in daycare as we both have full time jobs. By the time we pick them up after work, feed them, bathe them, try to spend a few “quality” minutes with them, then cook something for ourselves, it’s time for us to go to bed. There are just not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need to be done — even with both of us working at it. When to shop, do laundry, clean, change the beds, etc, etc? How do other parents manage?— Exhausted Comment

A family vacation even teens will love

Lions and Tigers and Teens: My teens usually start asking about our summer vacation right after Christmas. This is music to my ears because it tells me that they actually still want to go on vacation with us! Comment

Boys will be boys

Newbie Dad: Boys will be boys. Don’t you just hate that phrase? Ugh. It gives me the heebie-jeebies. It sounds so… so… unrepentant. So smug and irresponsible. Typically, you hear it coming out of a parent’s mouth when they’re defending their son who just wounded the neighbor’s dog with a slingshot. Or worse, it’s the lame defense offered by the attorney for a 50-year-old father who started a brawl at a youth football game. Comment

So what’s in a number?

What’s in a number? For those of us on a weight-loss plan, plenty. And it’s funny how that number on the scale can affect us in odd and unexpected ways. In a perfect world, a less-than-expected weight loss would motivate us to “work the plan” more effectively the next day, week or month, right? Comment

Maria Montessori led the way

At the beginning of the twentieth century, educating young children was a far more grim experience than what we know today. Schools at that time were designed to drill and discipline rather than grow and nurture young minds. Classrooms were often dirty and crowded Dickensian places where children were deposited to memorize lessons and wear dunce caps. Schools of today are vastly different, with sing-alongs, magic carpets, and class pets. Comment

Art Apron necessary for any little artist

New & Noteworthy: Budding Picassos need a place to keep their tools of the trade. Comment

Cute tees for you little one

New & Noteworthy: You’ll want to catch this bug. Comment

Long Island Family’s first Annual Camp Fair!

Long Island: LONG ISLAND FAMILY held our first Annual Camp Fair on Sunday, April 18th at The Walt Whitman Mall. Comments (2)

Cellular phone advice for kids

Growing Up Online: Cellphones present unique challenges for parents. In a wired world, they seem essential for keeping kids safe and connected. They also make it much harder for parents to monitor where kids are and who they’re talking with much less what aps and media they are using. Comment

Excited about camp?

Parents want their children to experience an important rite of childhood — camp. Comment

Benefits of home gardening

Good Sense Eating: Whatever your political leanings, you may have cheered Michelle Obama last year when you heard about her White House kitchen garden. Area children learned how to prepare the ground, plant seeds, water seedlings, pull weeds and finally enjoy the garden’s bounty. Comment

Fostering families in the Bronx

Bronx: There is a great need for loving foster homes in the Bronx. May is Foster Care Month and the Children’s Aid Society, located at 1515 Southern Boulevard, is stepping up recruitment efforts. Comments (1)

Happy and gay in Jackson Heights

Queens: When gay couples commit to a life partner and choose to bring a wee one into the world, they then face the toughest decision of all: where should they live? Comment

Heart-smart get the red lowdown for a healthy life  

Queens: Visitors to the “Madison Square Garden of Queens” were seeing red — and glad of it — when Astoria Sports Complex hosted a heart-smart seminar in recognition of “National Wear Red Day.” Comment