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A new way of learning for children with special needs

Special Child: A mother creates iPod apps to help her daughter learn Comment.

Dangerous book for boys

Brooklyn: One-on-one with Barry Lyga, author of ‘Archvillian’ Comment.

Have a jolly, stress-free holiday

Here are some tips to having a stress-free holiday if you and your child with special needs will be visiting friends and family. Comment.

Powwow wow!

Experience Native American culture on Nov. 24 Comment.

Being an effective, affectionate communicator

Our Relationships: How to talk about what’s bothering you without falling into traps Comment.

Feed the beasts!

Featured Event: Zoo animals — and humans — get a special treat on Nov. 21 Comment.

Reach the roach

“La Cucarachita Martina” at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. Comment.

Taking the fear out of peer pressure

Family Health: How you can prevent your children from falling under the influence of negative peer pressure. Comment.

Get baked

Pastry Chef Newton Pryce has some tips for you at Wave Hill Comment.

When texting replaces talking

Teaching your texting teens public speaking skills can give them the edge they need for job interviews. Comment.

Talking to your teenager about her sexual orientation

Parents Helping Parents: Ways you can make your teen comfortable about opening up to you. Comment.

Dating and the single parent

Dating can be complicated - especially when there are children involved. Here are some ways to get yourself out there in the world of dating. Comment.

Youth in revolt

From the time children are babies they are trying to break free. As soon as toddlers can stand and take their first wobbly steps, they start to run. Invariably, they run away, racing out into the world, arms outstretched — not to brace for the inevitable fall, but to grab the world in their hands. Kids are like that: craving independence, every step of the way. Comment.

Children, adolescents, substance abuse and the media

Family Health: You may be working to get your children to “just say no” to drugs, but movies and television are working against you - to get them to “just say yes.” Comment.

The healthy side of Thanksgiving

Good Sense Eating: Thanksgiving dinner may be healthier than you realize Comment.

Pulled from the pages

Featured Event: At the Brooklyn Public Library, some of the best material isn’t on the shelves — it’s on the walls. Comment.

Nine websites to help you spend less on making merry

Growing Up Online: Knowing you got the most out of every dollar is a little gift for yourself in Decemeber. Comments (2).

Is the baby sitter too close? 

Twice the Advice: Next-door-neighbor’s kiss on the mouth has this mom worried. Comment.

Sounding the Trumpette

New & Noteworthy: This winter, warm up those little toes with socks from Trumpette. Comment.

Ready, set, teach!

New & Noteworthy: As your child grows, Teach My Toddler’s products grows with him. Comment.

The giraffe you just gotta have

New & Noteworthy: This little guy — well, girl — is hardly new, but for brand new mothers, she’s a must-have. Comment.

Your favorite new toy

New & Noteworthy: Don’t let the name fool you — Jellycat isn’t about jelly, or cats. Comment.

Anything but boring bookends

New & Noteworthy: This bookend is wildly cute. Comment.

Theater that floats!

Featured Event: Catch the wave at Kingsborough Performing Arts Center! Comment.

Clowning around

Featured Event: Clown around with Irondale this month. Comment.

Bufferflies a-flutter

Featured Event: The butterflies are back! Comment.

Red, rhythm, and rhyme

Featured Event: Little Red Riding Hood gets re-imagined at Queens Theatre in the Park. Comment.

Daring literature

Featured Event: “I’ve left some clues for you. Comment.

Fall, the flu and your child’s health

Family Health: Get vaccinated now to protect against winter’s pain Comment.

Thankful for my mother-in-law

Newbie Dad: I’m not afraid to admit that I love my mother-in-law Comment.

Transition brings trying times for treasured toys

Cinematters: Have a family movie night with “Toy Story 3” Comment.

Sing along with ‘Auntie Mame’

Bayside’s Bay Ridge Jewish Center presents the classic musical. Comment.

The benefits of yoga for children

Yoga for children? It can help your child in more ways than you think. Comment.

Learning about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

L.I. Special Child: You may have noticed that your child’s grades are inconsistent, and after the usual nightly conflict, his homework is only partially done. Everyone is frustrated and you’re convinced he’s lazy and not meeting his full potential. Comment.

Giving thanks this holiday season

Letter from the Publisher: Every society has a designated day for giving thanks. Our day, in November, is perhaps my favorite holiday. It’s truly a national holiday and, while celebrated on different days in different lands, an international holiday in spirit. It’s a day on which we count our abundance, whatever that amounts to. Comment.

Finding the right school for your child

Brooklyn: Parents must take the time to explore all the school options and deem which fit their child. Comment.

Supernanny comes to Brooklyn

Reality star Jo Frost gets A+ from Bed-Stuy students Comment.

Bet your bottom dollar ‘The Butt Book’ is a lot of fun

Author Artie Bennett really gets to the bottom of things in his children’s tome, “The Butt Book,” a clever and unique work that’s sure to delight both kids and adults. Comment.

Can you be seen with your teen?

Lions and Tigers and Teens: Your teen doesn’t want to be seen in public with you - is this normal? Comment.

Consider foster care adoption

Adoption is easier than you think. You can give a child a safe and loving home. Comment.