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Ghosts and ghouls: Keeping Halloween safe for youngsters

Family Health: Halloween has become a special concern for parents during the past decades. Unlike other holidays in which children celebrate with relatives and friends, the Halloween trick-or-treat ritual exposes children to strangers, the hazards of nighttime traffic and food from sources that cannot be easily traced. Despite these hazards, children can have a fun and safe Halloween Comment.

Halloween can be a treat, even with diabetes

Good Sense Eating: Here’s how to keep some kid’s favorite holiday fun — and safe. Comment.

Bracing for the future

Early, preventative measures can make braces a thing of the past. Comment.

The Facebook facts

Growing Up Online: When is the right time to let your child join a social network? Comment.

Save the bandages for the mummies!

When my son, Matt, was younger, my husband and I seemed to have the same conversation every year: “How much of the pumpkin carving can Matt safely do?” A kid’s dexterity gets better with each passing Halloween — but that doesn’t always seem to come with an increase in common sense, as any ER doc will confirm. Comment.

Teens are changing the world, one difference at a time

Queens: Teens can help change the world, and some have started to do so right in their own community. Comment.

Celebrating ‘The Dead’

Featured Event: Dia de los Muertos is celebrated at the Socrates Sculpture Garden Comment.

Ghouls in flight

Featured Event: Oh, a haunting we will go. Comment.

iTeens: Teaching teens Internet safety

Twenty-first century teens face a threat that older generations never had to deal with — the Internet. Comments (1).

Guidelines for successful couples’ communication

Unfortunately, marriage partners are not always on the same page, as we are different people who see things differently. In young families, conflicts over how we handle children, money, intimacy, housework, extended family or our visions for the future come with the turf. Sometimes we hold things in, but these issues need to be discussed in ways that lead to positive outcomes. Comment.

How smart is my child?

Many parents wonder how their child compares to other children and are curious to find out if they are raising the next Einstein, or whether she is just on par with other children her age. Comment.

Seeking help when you believe your child has a problem

Parents Helping Parents: What should you do when you think your 17-year-old is using drugs? Comment.

Innovations in education

Brooklyn: One year in, Sunset Park High School going strong Comments (1).

Past is prologue

Lions and Tigers and Teens: We all have taken some risks in our youth, but do our kids need to know about them? Comment.

Extreme pumpkins

Featured Event: Would you love to have the most spooktacular carved pumpkin on your block this Halloween? If so, visit Hicks Nurseries where artist Andrew Gertler shows you how to create pumpkin extreme pumpkin art. Gertler explains how he carves a relief into the pumpkin flesh and does not rely on carving all the way through. Comment.

Boooo-gie Down Bronx

October is the spookiest month of the years. Here’s some things that will scare you and your family silly this month. Comment.

Know what your child is feeling

Long Island: I’ve been a teacher for 21 years and feel fortunate to have been allowed into the lives of so many children. Having witnessed their public and deeply felt private joys and sorrows, I’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned about my students’ feelings and the ways they are expressed. I hope that you, as a parent, will benefit from these insights in your parenting. Comment.

Blast from the past

Step back in time with the Historic Richmond Town this month. Comment.

Pee-wee and friends live on stage

Featured Event: Pee-wee’s back! Comment.

Reading comes to life

New & Noteworthy: Here’s a little gadget that makes learning to read fun for the little technofile in your house. Comment.

Fall into fun!

Here’s some things to do with your kids this autumn. Comment.

This fall, take a walk and rub a leaf

Here’s some simple, fun autumn activities for you and your kids. Comment.

He left his heart in Queens

Queens: High marks for Tony Bennett’s Sinatra school. Comment.

A nice quiet block

Staten Island: I’ve always wanted a suburban life for my children, like the one I experienced on Staten Island. Comment.

What to look for in a car seat

Family Health: Trying to find a car seat that fits your needs can be a challenge. Here’s what to look for. Comment.

Halloween events roundup

Long Island: Gadzooks. Comment.

October it figures

Percent of U.S. pumpkins that are available in October: 80 Comment.

See all Huntington has to offer

Long Island: The greater Town of Huntington is located on Long Island’s North Shore and encompasses a number of hamlets, including the hamlets of Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor, as well as the villages of Northport and Lloyd Harbor. Comment.

Queens screams!

Here’s a round-up of Halloween excitement from across the borough! Comment.


Have fun with your child this Halloween — and before — at these great Staten Island events! Comment.

Smashing pumpkins

Featured Event: Jack-o’-lantern’s give you the heebie-jeebies? Then you’d probably enjoy watching pumpkins fly through the sky and go splat during “Catapult Month” at the New York Hall of Science. Comment.

Drs. Jekyll and Messrs. Hyde

Newbie Dad: At home and at school, the two sides of my boys Comment.

The tall and the short of it

Twice the Advice: Heading to school for the first time, a mom worries about her short tot. Comment.

The bleedin’ truth

Family Health: Nosebleeds are common in children during the fall and winter months. Here’s how to treat them — and keep them in check. Comment.

Simply a-maize-ing

Featured Event: Get lost in the Queens County Farm Museum’s 3-acre corn maze! Comment.

Peter Pan comes to life

Featured Event: Travel to Neverland this month. Comment.

Monkey around with this fun word game

New & Noteworthy: Bananas … split! Comment.

These items are tooth-rific

New & Noteworthy: Here’s a way to make losing teeth fun. Comment.

‘School House Rock’ for Generation Z

New & Noteworthy: “The Body Rocks” merges modern pop music with biological science, using lyrics that answer children’s burning questions about the functions of the human body. And it’s set to music performed by people you’d never expect — but are happy to find — on a kid’s album, from Liz Phair to Pete Yorn to Minnie Driver. Comment.

BOOO-KLYN! Check out these Halloween events

Fall is here and that means gourds of diabolical fun for the whole family — especially on that day. You know what we’re talking about, that day when the brrr-ave venture out to press flesh with devilish, fanciful, costumed critters for a rollicking revel. Halloween is peeking around the corner, folks, but rest assured it’s not the only star in our fall line-up. Comment.

C is for colorful with this bright mosaic

New & Noteworthy: Brighten up a wall, and help your child learn the ABCs at the same time. Comment.

The lessons of ‘Dragon’

Cinematters: How to watch “How to Train Your Dragon” with your kids. Comment.

The Bronx Zoo — boo-tiful this time of year

Featured Event: Call it the boo-gie down Bronx, all October long. Comment.

Halloween ‘Carnivale’ at Brooklyn College

Featured Event: You’ll be oohing and aahing this Halloween — and not over any costumes. Comment.